Providence Nyoni's Journey to Becoming SPC's 400th Coach Placement

From Zimbabwe to Neom:

Providence Nyoni’s Journey to Becoming SPC’s 400th Coach Placement


Mark: Good afternoon, Providence Nyoni! Welcome! Can you introduce yourself and your tennis background to our readers?

Providence: Hello, Mark! Thanks for having me. I’m Providence Nyoni, a tennis coach from Zimbabwe. Coaching became my passion since I started playing at 17. For the past 12 years, I’ve run summer camps in the US as Tennis Director. I played college tennis, earned my ITF Level 1 certification, and coached all levels, even professionals at the US Open!


Mark: Congrats on becoming SPC’s 400th Coach Placement! Where are you now and what do you do?

Providence: Thanks! Getting the visa took time, but I’m officially in Neom, Saudi Arabia! This mega-city is under construction, and I provide tennis and padel lessons to people from over 100 nationalities involved in building it. It’s diverse, challenging, and the first time I’ve coached 40 people in one group lesson!

Mark: How did you land this amazing role, and how was the recruitment process?

Providence: It came at the perfect time for seeking diversity and adventure globally. Thanks to you and SPC connecting me, the process was easy!

You marketed my profile, knew the employer personally, and they trusted you – they mentioned seeing my profile on SPC and your endorsement, instantly deciding to hire me.

Mark: Why did you join SPC initially?

Providence: Honestly, I doubted it would lead to opportunities. But after seeing you post amazing jobs for years, I decided to try. From the moment I joined, you connected me to potential employers, interviews, and job offers in various countries. Saudi Arabia offered the best package, and I never regret joining SPC!

Mark: What’s your experience with SPC been like? Any improvements you suggest?

Providence: It’s been fantastic! You and your team constantly connect me to opportunities, and potential employers still reach out. The video calls for planning and support feel like VIP service. For improvement, I’d like a gold membership profile for wider exposure.

Mark: What are your predications for the Grand Slams?

Providence: It’s exciting! My picks are Medvedev, Sinner, Rublev, and Dimitrov. I hope one of them wins a title!

Mark: Thanks, Providence, and congrats again! We wish you the best in Saudi Arabia and aim to connect more coaches with similar opportunities!

Providence: Thank you, Mark! This opportunity is incredible, and I hope more coaches get the same chance.


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