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Academies are an essential part of the SportsProsConnect (SPC) Platform. We consider Academies as the key component and connector within the platform. Academies are on the look out for players to join their Academy and good quality coaches to train these players. At SPC, we can provide both these elements…

Please click the below link to view our associated Academies. If you are looking to train there, feel free to connect with them directly. If they are looking for coaches, these Academies will advertise via our jobs platform.

Why buy an Academy Membership?

The answer to this question is simple:

  • Promote your Academy
  • Find additional players for the academy
  • Become connected with high quality coaches
  • Advertise your full time programme to a new network
  • Advertise Summer Camps to prospective new students

As an additional benefit, we have built a jobs platform.

In order to take advantage of this and apply for these positions all Academies will need to be registered users of our services.

Purchase an Academy Membership

If you are an Academy Owner and are looking at additional methods to establish your Academy, and become more recognised, look no further and sign up today. By signing up today, we charge €360 per year. Included in this price you will also be able to advertise as many job vacancies for coaches as you would like throughout the year.

Make sure to remember your username and password and we look forward to working with you in the near future.


Susan Nardi

Susan was one of our first customers when we were known as ‘Socialtennis.com’. She was the first tennis coach to become ‘headhunted’ using a coach web page from SportsProsConnect. The single thing that stood out to her and the employers she spoke with was ‘the availability of her coach web page to employers all around the world 24 hours per day, 365 days per year’.

Susan has since gone from strength to strength, currently working at First Break Academy in California.

Sarah Stone

Sarah is the CEO of WTCA (Womens Tennis Coaching Association). She has a page with us (see below), and she uses her page to promote to her achievements in tennis to the rest of the world.

We have been working with Sarah for a few years and we are huge supporters of the WTCA. You will see us working closer in 2020 with the launch of an exciting project. You will also see us exhibiting at many of the WTCA Conferences in 2020.

Svetko ‘Luki’ Bjelotomic

The SportsProsConnect Jobs Platform would not have started without Svetko. Svetko was the first coach that we successfully placed in a tennis coaching job. His success was fast! You can hear more about it in the video above and also in the written testimonial below.

If you are a coach and looking tennis coaching position internationally, please watch what Svetko has to say! We managed to place him within a week of him registering with us! The visa took a while to come through, but essentially from Svetko registering to signing his new contract for Shanghai it took a week!

Ruben Herrera

Ruben is a fantastic supporter of SportsProsConnect. We first connected with Ruben via Linked In when his company Base Tennis in Germany were looking for coaches. We were able to provide Ruben with several coaches who were interested in the vacancy.

Please have a watch at what Ruben has to say about SportsProsConnect. Remember this is from the eyes of a recruiter, so if you are looking to employ a coach wherever you are in the world, please take not of what he has to say.

Wan Rahman

Wan Rahman is a Malaysian tennis coach looking for an opportunity for him to work at a higher level with his 2 daughters aged 15 and 13 who are ITF players. This is quite a unique situation and we spoke regularly about various different opportunities.

Once we were able to complete Wan’s online cv, we posted his aims and goals through our social media network. Within a week of posting, Wan had been made an offer of employment by an international employer. He was invited on trial and is currently still there as we speak.

Bill Riddle

Bill Riddle is an internationally recognised tennis coach and speaker at coaching conferences all around the world. We met at a Conference in New York just before the 2017 US Open. We spoke about all things tennis, and he saw the potential of SportsProsConnect straight away.

Bill registered with us just a few weeks later, and although internationally recognised, he uses his online cv to put himself in the limelight and promote himself as a speaker. Please have a watch of the video and see for yourselves.