Adolfo giving one of his players a lesson on the leg drive in the serve.  Transcend your game to a new level of understanding with an holistic blend of core fundamentals that help you find your inner genius.  Maximize your potential on and off the court.

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Tennis Coaches Australia, Level 1 course

– completed 1st September 1997

Tennis Coaches Australia, Level 2 (Advanced) course

– completed 15th October 1998

Gyrotonic® Foundation Teacher Training Level 1 Apprenticeship

– completed 25th August 2006

Gyrotonic® Final Certification Level 1 course

– completed 15th November 2007

Gyrokinesis® Foundation Teacher Training Level 1 Apprenticeship

– completed 26th November 2007

Gyrokinesis® Final Certification Level 1 course

– completed 23rd May 2009

Gyrotonic® Application for the Rehabilitation of Elite Athletes Course

– completed with Angela Crowley Master Trainer 20th September 2009

Gyrotonic® Teacher Training Specialized Leg Extension Unit Course

– completed 2nd February 2010

Gyrokinesis® Certified Update Level 1 Course

– completed 30th October 2011

Gyrotonic® Foundation Teacher Training Level 2 Course

– completed 18th December 2011

Gyrotonic® Foundation Teacher Training Update Level 2 Course

– completed 1st March 2012

Gyrokinesis® Certified Upate Level 1 Course – “A Musical Journey”

– completed 15th September 2013


Coaching Times and Fees

Please contact Adolfo directly for all prices on all ATEAM TENNIS coaching programs and other services offered, via his mobile or dropping him an email on

Any interest around ProTenn Global Sports or the High Performance Pathway, should also be directed to the email above.  This also includes Gyrotonic(R).

For more information on Adolfo and to see his full updated cv, please click here…

Associated Club/Schools

Tennis Australia National Academies

Tennis Queensland

Toowoomba Tennis Association

Australian Pro Tour

USQ Student Guild

University of Southern Queensland

Gyrotonic(R) International Headquarters USA

ProTenn Global Sports

ProTenn International

Sporting Schools Australia

Coaching Experience

I’ve been coaching tennis almost 20 years and in that time have seen some amazing changes in tennis, even been witness to changes in other sports.

Tennis coaching and a unique exercise method called Gyrotonic(R) has always been my passion.  Understanding how you can make a player, of any age, physically better at playing tennis

but reducing the onset of injury has always been a massive pursuit for me.  As in most sports results, medals, trophies and championships are determined by fractions of a second, and if you can find that extra little piece to answer a particular question……you’ve got the makings of something amazing.

I’ve coached from tiny little kids to full blown professional athletes, doesn’t matter the age, skill level or ability, my passion and creativity always inspires them to deliver their best.  But most importantly has been my ability to create an environment that challenges the athlete in many ways, and in some instances several ways at the same time.  Being unpredictable, creating profound awareness and giving the students skills that make them think outside the box is what is most rewarding.  Too much one dimensional play kills, in my opinion, any level of mastering any sport because you can’t resolve complex problems in high level situations without being able to adapt to the situation.  I think that’s why I’m so excited about the future.

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Adolfo Garcia has been an integral part of the Hunter Academy of Sport tennis program since his arrival in the Hunter region to manage the Hunter Tennis Resort some two and half years ago. The Hunter Academy of Sport is Australia’s leading regional academy and Adolfo has contributed significantly in the development of a highly professional tennis program and his coaching expertise has given the tennis squad members the opportunity to rapidly develop their games. His work with Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis instruction to the squad has been first class, assisting the players to maximize their physical presence on the court. Adolfo has been a great asset to the Hunter Academy of Sport tennis program and will be missed. However with his passion for tennis, drive to achieve and integrity I am sure he will be successful in any venture he commits to. Adolfo is a wonderful friend and he would be a great asset to any business, be it a tennis centre, with an elite training program or with touring professionals. For further discussions please don’t hesitate to call me on 0412157757 or email me at

Keith Williams, Head Coach of the Hunter Academy of Sport

Due to the help of Adolfo's coaching combined with Gyrotonic exercises, I have made major steps forward in my tennis game and taken my body to a whole new level of performance. I used to suffer from many injuries, with them becoming an almost monthly occurrence. But after being introduced to Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis methodologies, the simultaneous strengthening and flexibility effects on the body the system encompasses have led to me feeling a new sense of looseness in my muscles and I haven't had any injuries for over 3 months. The other contributor to my recent improvement has been Adolfo's coaching. Adolfo has been encouraging me to simplify my technique to achieve maximum power in my shots with minimal effort which has proved very successful. Adolfo's enthusiastic and positive attitude has provided a great coaching environment for me to undergo these major changes in my game, both physical and mental. As a result of Adolfo's influence, I have risen over 250 Australian ranking spots in 2010 – from 416 to 165, and I believe this will keep rising if I continue to practice what I have learned from him

Jason Stewart from Gosford NSW, 17 years old, former national ranked player 165 in 2010.

Training with Adolfo and Gyrotonic exercises over the past 6 months has been extremely worth while and has provided to me with the perfect preparation to enter into an elite college tennis team at Stetson University in the US. If I had further opportunities to train with Adolfo I would be very confident in saying that his technical knowledge and extensive understanding of how the body moves (resulting from his affiliation with Gyrotonic) would enable me to be a competitive force on the ATP professional circuit

Dane Moran – Stetson University Division 1 Academic & Tennis Scholarship Holder for 2008.

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