Here is Alex with several of his clients in Italy


05/2018: MTMCA Tennis Teaching Professional

06/2018: Diploma in Fitness

09/2018 – Present: Diploma in Nutrition in Process

Coaching Times and Fees

Please contact me directly for more information on my availability and costs.

Associated Club/Schools

Coaching Experience

Professional Work Experience:

06/2017 – 02/2018: Tennis Coach at Tennis Academy Sauerland

03/2018 – Present: Junior Coach at European Tennis Academy in Naturno, South Tyrol

07/2018 – Present: Online Coach for tennis-specific Fitness

Volunteering Work:

11/2017: PinoyPro Sports Tennis Scholars in Manila, Philippines

11/2018: Workshop for Wheelchair Tennis and Blind Tennis in High Schools in Manila

Why I chose MTM as my certification:

For now I am gaining as much knowledge as possible in the different fields of the game such as teaching, mental aspects, fitness, etc. That’s how I got to know about Oscar Wegner and his method because I absolutely agree with his principles and I love the idea of teaching Tennis in a more natural, “feel-based” way. MTM is a very simple approach making teaching and also the learning process much easier cause the attention is focused on the main actions and doesn’t get distracted at all. It’s very interesting to see player’s progressions through it.

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