Aphrodite Hills Tennis Academy - Paphos, Cyprus

It was back in November 2017, at the BTCA Coaches Conference in Northampton that I met Head Coach of Aphrodite Hills Tennis Academy, Scott WakefieldScott was exhibiting his Academy in Cyprus, and we were doing the same trying to promote sportsprosconnect.com.  So, as the presentations were going on, all exhibitors were networking with each other.  It seemed a natural fit since we were selling Tennis Holidays and they were looking to promote their academy to coaches and players.  After a short initial conversation we agreed to keep in contact to see how we could help each other.
Over the coming months we shared a few pleasantries via email, however it was totally out of the blue that I received an email from Academy Manager Nicole Efstathiou inviting us to a ‘familiarisation trip’ to view the Academy in early March.  I jumped at the opportunity.  The place looked fantastic and it really looked like the sort of place that sportsprosconnect.com could partner with.
I arrived back from Aphrodite Hills on Sunday evening with a much better idea of the resort.  I absolutely loved the place and I cannot recommend it more.


A group of 9 of us took up Scott and Nicole’s original offer and there was a mixture of tennis coaches, a strength & conditioning coach and 2 representatives from the same tennis club back in the UK.  We all got on really well and in fact a few of us will certainly be staying in touch.  This sort of trip was always going to be a success for sportsprosconnect.com as we are just looking to network with other coaches and resort owners in order to build on a project we will be announcing in the future.


The resort itself was stunning, the scenery beautiful with the resort near the beach but set on the hills and mountains.  The accommodation was great.  We were staying in the lower end of the villas, however 2 of us still shared a 2 floor villa with our own swimming pool.  It wasn’t warm enough to swim as really it is the first week of the summer season there in Paphos, however the pool would have been perfect in a few weeks.
The resort has 290 villas, and its own 5 * hotel, so accommodation isn’t really a problem.  We were able to look around the hotel and we even had dinner there one night.  If you are coming for the tennis academy, you can book the hotel, however they do encourage the use of the villas as the hotel is owned by a separate company.  If it was me I would prefer to stay in one of the villas anyway.

The Tennis Academy and Golf Course:

So, the academy itself is located a very short walk from most of the villas.  It has 9 courts (4 clay and 5 hard courts) and a mini artificial football pitch where Rio Ferdinand has been known to run a few clinics over the years.  Scott and the coaches are very aware it is a holiday resort and will do anything to keep their guests happy.  There is one on one coaching, group coaching and coaches can even come and do their own coaching with their groups.  We were lucky enough to be able to play twice, once on the hard courts and once on the clay courts and they were both fantastic surfaces to play on.
Next to the tennis Academy there is also a golf course.  Not being a golfer myself, playing on average once every 2 years, I have to say the course is amazing.  We only played the first 9 holes but some of the scenery is nothing short of sensational.  It is the first golf course I have ever played where hiring a buggy is essential.  I will always remember the Par 3 Number 7 where you are hitting over a ravine.  My hitting partner hit 3 lost balls straight into the valley.  I hit mine straight onto the green just 20ft away and 2 putts for a par!  Of the 4ball behind us, each and every one of them hit into the bunker at the end of the green…  If only we had been playing nearest the pin on this hole!


Eating out:

We ate out every evening, and the food was fantastic at each restaurant.  There were several restaurants in the main village which were being refurbished ready for the summer season, and I was told that each restaurant was as good as the other!  The prices were reasonable too, in the restaurant in the village, in the 5* hotel and what an evening we had in one of the local Greek / Cypriot restaurants in Limassol near by!  We even had a session of plate smashing!  Drinks were also reasonably priced, and I can even say cheaper than in Ireland, even in the 5* Hotel!


Overall I had a great trip to Aphrodite Hills!  Everything about the resort was fantastic and I will definitely be out again in the future.  The tennis, golf and spa / gym were first class, as were the food, drink, accommodation and company!  If you are looking for a tennis holiday, somewhere new and in the sun, please consider Aphrodite Hills, Paphos, Cyprus.


Scott Wakefield is the Head Coach and Nicole Efstathiou is the General Manager at the Academy and can be contacted for further information via their emails scottwakefield50@gmail.com  and nicole.e@aphroditehills.com.  Thanks very much for the invite over you two!  It was a memorable visit!

 Mark Wylam (Owner sportsprosconnect.com)



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