Here I am in action in some areas of my life that I am particularly proud of…


Tennis qualifications:

  • Qualified Tennis Coach 1993-present
  • Qualified Badminton Coach 2008-present
  • Beach Tennis Instructor 2008-present
  • Active ITF Seniors Tour Player

Coaching Times and Fees

I specialize in upbringing Competition Players to the highest possible level of their potential using my life earned specialized skills in the Sport.  Contact me direct on to find out more…

Associated Club/Schools

Currently  Owner of N.A. Tennis Academy in Nicosia Cyprus and Managing Director of operations

Coaching Experience

My Work and my Name in the Sport in Playing…Stringing…Officiating and Coaching are my passport

  • Owner of N.A.Tennis Academy in Nicosia Cyprus 2017-present
  • Active Travelling Coach 1995-present
  • Owner of Rackets Hotspot(exclusive Stringing Store in Greece) 2007-2012
  • Head Coach of  3 Tennis Teams in Greece over a 10 year period – 2005-2015
  • Semi Pro Player 1983-1994
  • Qualified Stringer 1990-present
  • ITF Official 1994-present
  • English Teacher Qualified by Michigan and Cambridge Universities 1993-present

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