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Emma Doyle, her career to date and how she aims to inspire others

                    Emma Doyle, its a pleasure to have you with us today!  Please could you introduce yourself and what you have done in the tennis world so far? Hi Mark – and thank you for allowing me to share some of my insights on your blog.  […]

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Vertical throwing to develop the serve by Mark Tennant

Vertical throwing to develop the serve:  If you get your kids throwing overarm to practise serving, you might find these pictures of the developmental stages of the throw interesting. (I’d love to tell you where I got them from, and I’d like to give the author credit, but I honestly can’t remember) The problem is […]

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The Launch of iFOOTWORX TM, 'a Total Movement Training Curriculum!'

                 Good morning George Scholz, consultant / advisor of iFOOTWORX TM, please introduce yourself and your history in tennis and other sports. Hi Mark, Tennis Coaches, Athletes, Fans … We truly love and appreciate Social Tennis, your hard work, innovation, enthusiasm and passion for Tennis and Tennis Coaches! […]

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Introducing the 'R9017 Alvarez Fear & Recoil Test-Trainer' to the World

          Welcome, Neil Alvarez, as the first coach to be interviewed by in 2018.  Firstly, could you please introduce yourself and your background? Thank you Mark, for receiving me here. My name is Neil Alvarez i am the discoverer and developer of Alvarez Fear & Recoil Test Trainer R90-17. I […]

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