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Mark Tennant talks about the employability of a tennis coach in modern times

          Welcome back to the blog, Mark Tennant.  Many of our readers will know who you are, but for the benefit of other readers, please just give a brief introduction as to who you are and what have you done in the tennis world to date? Thanks Mark ! I’m a Level […]

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The Importance of Strength & Conditioning for a Tennis Player

                     The Importance of Structured Warm Ups and Cool Downs in Tennis for Everyone! Tennis is a sport which when played at any level places massive demands on the body and in players of any level can expose them to overuse injuries and the creation of […]

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Aphrodite Hills Tennis Academy – Paphos, Cyprus

          It was back in November 2017, at the BTCA Coaches Conference in Northampton that I met Head Coach of Aphrodite Hills Tennis Academy, Scott Wakefield.  Scott was exhibiting his Academy in Cyprus, and we were doing the same trying to promote  So, as the presentations were going on, all […]

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