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The importance of being mentored as a tennis coach

By Mark Tennant, Director of inspire2coach What’s the best way to learn as a coach? Is there a perfect way to learn new ideas, develop new philosophies and strategies? Since i2c started in 2007, we have qualified more than 7000 coaches in the UK; that’s 7000 coaches who have attended one of our Level 1, […]

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The Progression of change from Social Tennis to Sports Pros Connect Its been a tough ride working on We have had our ups and downs and it will certainly be sad to have to let go after so many years in existence. The business has been active since the 1990’s in some capacity and was a legacy given to me by my late […]

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Dante Luchetti discusses his career and the newly formed GPPCA

Dante Luchetti, welcome and thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to be with us all today. Tell us a little about yourself and your achievements in Padel so far! Thank you very much for the interview. I started in Argentina, after leaving tennis about 28 years ago. We started in a […]

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Gregor Ficko talks about his world and the newly formed GPPCA

Hi Gregor Ficko, thank you for joining me here today…  Firstly could you please introduce yourself to our readers?  A little about your tennis background and what you are doing at the moment in tennis? Hello dear colleagues out there.  I am very happy to have help from Mark Wylam of to connect worldwide […]

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