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Ulf Lindberg talks Tennis,Padel and social media for athletes

Good morning Ulf Lindberg, its great to have you here today… For those that do not know, please introduce yourself and your career to date? I was born in Sweden, I started with football and ice hockey, but at 10 years old i got stuck with tennis. My favourite players back in those days were […]

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Kris Soutar speaks about his career to date

r                     Good morning Kris Soutar, its a pleasure to have you here today. For those that don’t know you, please introduce yourself and what you have done in the tennis world?  I’m now half way through my 27th year as a tennis coach. At the start I […]

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How Badri Narayanan has changed sportsmens lives!!

                     Good morning Badri Narayanan, great to have you here…  First of all, please explain to our viewers who you are and what you do as a job? Thanks Mark. I am a mental conditioning and a high performance coach and work with players on the ATP […]

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