“We train tennis players and contribute to forging better human beings” 

After a long career of more than thirty-five years in the world of tennis as a player and as a coach, I have come to the conclusion that I would like to put all of this experience together in a qualitatively different way.

It is not a matter of varying norms that are peculiar to the sport of racket, but it is a matter of approaching the tennis player´s training with a more complete vision and also with a greater degree of self-demand and elaboration; both for me, as the managing director of the academy, for the professionals who accompany me at all times, and, of course, for the athletes who put their trust in us.

With regard to this, we have had another re-think together about each and every one of the facets that makes a player a tennis athlete and we have added a dose of up-to-date tendencies on how to implement the transmission of knowledge, so that idea and implementation, theory and practice go hand in hand.

We are aware that this way of transmitting our ideas will result in the challenge of keeping us on the track of sustained innovation, and it will undoubtedly help us to strive for excellence in teaching, and also strive for a superior aspect of learning and motivation for our tennis players.                                                                                                                                                         

                                                                                                                     Juan Carlos Báguena – Director and Head Coach


The first few days of training at Barcelona Tennis Training Center

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