Fixtures and Results: 2018/9 Season

31/10/18: The Men’s 1 in Div 3, under the captaincy of Rob Jackson, have had a very tough season with difficulties over player availability this year and consequentially they will drop to Div 4 for next season. The Men’s 2 under the captaincy of Andy Corfield are at present second from the bottom in Div 7, they still have one match to play, but they will sadly drop next season too. The Mixed 1 under the captaincy of Liz Bramley in Div 2, had 4 wins and are now safe in 6th position to stay put in this division. Thanks must go to Andy Corfield and Alastair Southworth for stepping up to get some great results for the team. The Mixed 2 under the captaincy of Liam Moore, have had 8 great wins and are comfortably in 4th position. The shining pair has been Liam and Julia Barber who are third in the statistics on the York Mixed Tennis League website  with 121 games won.

The Ladies 1 under the captaincy of Lizanne Southworth, have also struggled, despite grouping the first and second teams together. Availability for matches has been a real problem. The team will drop down to Div 4 next season. However, they have had a wide range of ladies playing this year, with good pairings, just not quite enough to make any wins. We hope that next year the standard to play in the lower division will be more suited to the ladies we have available. Thank you all for playing so well though.

31/08/18: We are coming to the end of the season now and the Mixed 2 under the captaincy of Liam Moore are firmly in mid table position and will stay comfortably in Div 7 for next year. Liam has encouraged many new players to the club to try mixed match play. The result has been a great social, friendly atmosphere each week.

The ladies team under the captaincy of Lizanne Southworth, have struggled this year despite merging the two teams we had playing in the league last year. Despite very few successes, they had a great win for their last game at home v Boston Spa. The result was 66-42, top scorers were Jill Street and Gill McGrory. They we go down to Div 4 next year.

13/08/2018: We are coming to the end of the season now and the Mixed 2 under the captaincy of Liam Moore are firmly in mid table position and will stay comfortably in Div 7 for next year. Liam has encouraged many new players to the club to try mixed match play. The result has been a great social, friendly atmosphere each week. The Mixed 1 team under the captaincy of Liz Bramley will also play in Div 2 again next season. Availability again has been an issue with the team, but luckily no matches have been cancelled due to the glorious weather for the evening matches. The ladies team under the captaincy of Lizanne Southworth, have struggled this year despite merging the two teams we had playing in the league last year. Despite very few successes, they had a great win for their last game at home v Boston Spa. The result was 66-42, top scorers were Jill Street and Gill McGrory. They we go down to Div 4 next year.

08/06/18: The  Mixed 1 had another great win this week at home to Heworth winning 71 – 37. Top scorers were Doug Smith and Jill Rounce with 26 games. Liz Bramley, captain and Rob Jackson scored 26 as well and Shaun Pinchbeck and Louise Smith scored 19, a great result.

Unfortunately, the Mixed 2 had their first loss of the season on Wednesday night away on grass against Sutton on Derwent. The final result was 62-46, a great match though with top scorers Liam Moore – captain and Julia Barber scoring 23 games. Copmanthorpe 2 are at present top of Div 7 in the York and District Mixed League with 5 wins to date with Bubwith 2 in second position.

31/05/18: Both Mixed teams at Bubwith have had success this week. The Mixed 1 in Div 2, played away to York 3, Jill Rounce and Doug Smith took 26 games, Anna Airaksinen and Rob Jackson took 18 games and Liz Bramley (Captain) and Andy Corfield took 12 games. This gave Bubwith 1 a 56-52 lead. Also, the Mixed 2 team who are in Div 7 had their fourth win of the season this week against Rufforth 3 at home. Liam Moore the captain and Julia Barber scored 21 games, Lizanne Southworth and Luke Edwards scored 19 games and Ann Wottge and Andy Corfield scored 16, giving Bubwith a 56 – 52 win. This keep the team top of the table and in a great position for promotion.

26/05/18: The Mixed 2 under the captaincy of Liam Moore had their 3rd win of the season in Div 7 keeping the team at the top with 6 points. This week a great away match to Dunnington 4 who were demoted from Div 6 last year. Top scorers were Liam Moore and Anna Airaksinen with a staggering 30 games, then Lizanne Southworth and Luke Edwards with 21 games and Andy Corfield and Ann Wottge with 16 games.

13/05/18: Bubwith Tennis Club had their first win of the season on Thursday night at home to local rivals Cliffe. Captain Liam Moore of Bubwith 2 Mixed team and Julia Barber got 28 games, Andy Corfield and Gill McGrory got 19 games and Lizanne Southworth and Steve Pinion got 15 games giving the team a 62 – 46 win. Bubwith 2 are in Div 7 and sadly missed promotion last year, but hope to have a strong season this year and get up to Div 6.

17/9/17: To end the tennis season this year – the Ladies 1 stay in Div 3 and the Ladies 2 stay in Div 6, phew both teams had a tough time towards the end of the season. Thank you all so much for playing so well, with whoever Claudia and I partnered you with and of course for being available on endless Saturday’s between April to early August. A successful result – thanks. Give yourselves a pat on the back! Now to the Mixed teams – under the captaincy of Anna Airaksinen, the 1st team has managed to stay put in Div 2 and under the captaincy  of Liam Moore, the 2nd team has also managed to stay put, this time in Div 7. Well done to both captains and all the team players throughout the season who played so well throughout. The Mens 1 still have one match to go on 24/9, but it looks like they will be relegated to Div 3 and the Men’s 2 who have had a tough season, also will be relegated, this time to Div 8.

14/07/17: Coming to the end of the tennis season the Ladies 1 find themselves in a very unsure position, despite great tennis throughout the season. At the moment, after all 14 matches, they are in 5th position. Knaresborough have two more matches to play and are in 6th position, and Rowntree Park in 7th position and Cliffe in 8th position, still have one more match to play. If those teams win, then Bubwith will drop to position 7 and then be demoted to Div 4 next year. However, the Ladies 2 team are in a strong position mid table with 10 points. The two teams at the bottom of Div 6 – Dunnington and Sheriff Hutton will be demoted as they only have achieved 2 points each. This team have included many new members to the club and offered them good competitive tennis throughout the season. However, the Mixed 1, at the moment in 5th position and 10 points and no more matches to play, are still close to demotion as Sherburn in Elmet and Bishopthorpe, both at the bottom of the division have more matches to play. Jill Rounce and Mark Harris have been a formidable pair during each match, but they have faced very strong opposition each week. The Mixed 2 will be staying in Div 7 as they are in 3rd position with both New Easrwick and Heworth in top positions with one more match each to play. At one point it seemed as though they would go up to Div 6, but the draw against Sutton on Derwent didn’t help.The Men’s 1 team are in a precarious position too in Division 2. Presently at the bottom, they need all wins now to stay secure in this division for next season. Each week, they have fought hard, with strong pairings, but it just hasn’t been enough. The Men’s 2 are currently at the bottom of Div 6 and will probably move down to Div 8 next season. Getting a strong team out each week has meant that they have struggled against fierce opposition.

30/07/17: Success this week came for Bubwith Men’s 1 team in their home match against Poppleton 2 under the captaincy of Rob Jackson pairing with Liam Moore this week. This was a previously cancelled match from the start of the season. They collected 24 games, closely followed by Rob Butler and Jon Clay with 20 games and Shaun Pinchbeck and Doug Smith with 18 games. The final result was 62-46 and 8-8 to Bubwith, this match could prove a pivotal fixture as Bubwith 1 have struggled for a win all season and need to get up from the bottom of the Division 2, they do however have five matches left to play. Let this be the beginning of their success!

The Ladies 1 had a very close match at home to Copmanthorpe, coming away with a 51-57 defeat – 6 wins 6 losses this season keep the Ladies 1 team firmly in the middle of Div 3. However, the Ladies 2 had a great win away to Dunnington 4. Trace Howbridge and Tina Smallwood came away with 26 games, the final result was 72-36. This hopefully will help the team stay in Div 6 for next year, they have one more match to play next weekend against Copmanthorpe. The Mixed 1 had a very challenging match away to Sherburn this week, coming away with a disappointing 35-73 loss. The team is lower mid table within Div 2 with one match to play before the end of the season, we wish them success on their final match against bottom of the division Bishopthorpe next week. The Mixed 2 in Div 7, had an exciting draw at home to Sutton on Derwent, the team is in third position in the table and chasing promotion with one more match to play away to Tollerton next week.

17/07/17: The season is now over half way through and the Ladies 1 and 2 teams are doing very well. Bubwith 1 won against Cliffe at home 71-37 in a tough match, sadly Emma Foster one of the first pair from Cliffe sustained an injury, causing them to concede the last rubber. Bubwith 1 is now comfortable in mid position the table in Div 3 with 6 wins out of 11 matches. The Bubwith 2 had a cancelled match this week due to wet courts at Copmanthorpe, they too are in a comfortable position mid table in Div 6. The Mixed 1 had a close match away against David Lloyd during the week – the final result was 48-60. They are mid position at the moment with 9 points with three matches remaining. The Mixed 2 are chasing promotion into Div 6 with yet another win for Captain Liam Moore and his partner Gill McGrory who top scored with 26 games. The final score this week at home to Stillington was  67-41.

09/07/17: Another week and another win for the Mixed 1 Bubwith team captained by Anna Airaksinen – this time the win was at home to Rufforth, 61-47. Jill Rounce and Mark Harris top scored with 28 games. This keeps the Mixed 1 team firmly in the centre of Div 2. The Ladies 1 had a great home win against Pocklington 2, the final result was 60-48, the top scorers with 28 games were Anna Airaksinen and Liz Bramley. This is the fifth win out of ten with three matches to go in Div 3, their position is mid range.

03/07/17: What an amazing week for Bubwith Tennis Club! Two winning Mixed teams and two winning Ladies teams. The Mixed 1 beat York 3 away – 66 – 43, top scorers were Mark Harris and Jill Rounce with 28 games, the Mixed 2 beat Copmanthorpe 55-53 at home, top scorers were Julia Barber and Liam Moore with 26 games. The Ladies 1 had a home match against a tough Knaresborough, Jill Rounce and Lizanne Southworth top scored with 24 games, resulting in a 58-50 win. The Ladies 2 had an away match to David Lloyd 4, the top scorers were Rachel Wottge and Trace Howbridge with 27 games and the final score was 60-48.

17.06.17: The Mixed 1 and 2 had great successes during this week. Firstly, Anna Airaksinen as captain of the Mixed 1 put together a great team away to Bishopthorpe, resulting in the pairings of Jill Rounce and Rob Jackson who took an amazing 33 games, Doug Smith and Liz Bramley – 21 and Anna and Jon Longthorp – 17 games. A 71-37 success, this is the second win of the season, along with one draw and four losses for the team in Div 2. The Mixed 2 had a great win at home to Tollerton 2. Top scorers were captain Liam Moore and Julia Barber with 27 games, Diana Longthorp and Chris Cobley with 23 games and finally Ann Wottge and Andy Corfield with 19 games, resulting in a 69-39 win. This is the fourth win of the season, with three losses in Div 7. And finally to the Ladies 1, who had a very tough match in tremendous heat at David Lloyd in York. The pairings were Jill Rounce and Julia Barber 33 games, Anna Airaksinen and Liz Bramley 21 and Diana Longthorp and Tracey Howbridge 12 games, resulting in a 66-42 win and the third win of the season for the Ladies 1 in Div 3! Both the Men’s team in Div 2 and Div 6 have struggled against very strong opposition. The Men’s 1 were at home to a high flying Starbeck this week, the conditions were very windy, but Bubwith managed to pick up 3 valuable points against the former Div 1 side. Jon Clay and Jon Longthorp top scored with 18 games and 1 point. And finally, the Men’s 2 had a game is tremendous heat on Sunday against Spa Tennis Club, top scorers were Chris Cobley and Steve Pinion with 21 games and 2 points, with the end score 49-59 to Spa.

11.06.17: Bubwith 1 Men’s had a tough Sunday morning at home to high flying Starbeck. In very windy conditions, Starbeck proved too strong for a fighting Bubwith Men’s 1 side who picked up 3 valuable points against the former Division 1 side. Starbeck finished by winning 62-46 and 9-3 on points. Jonathon Clay and Jon Longthorp 18 games 1pt, Rob Jackson (Captain) and Liam Moore 14 games and  1pt and third pair Doug Smith and Shaun Pinchbek 14 games  and 1pt.

The Mixed 1 team had a draw against Sherburn at home. This is the first time that Bubwith have played Sherburn in many years, so were unsure of how strong they were. Sherburn visited with a very strong team and a very exciting match was played. Resulting in 54-54. The Ladies 1 team had to cancel their match against Copamanthorpe because of wet weather, but the Bubwith 2 Ladies team went ahead and played an excellent match at home on the artificial grass courts which dry out especially quickly. Sadly, Dunnington 4 could only put forward two pairs, the result was 71-36 to Bubwith. This is the second win for the ladies 2 team this season, they are in Division 6

05/06/17: A great win this week for the Ladies 1 team at Bubwith, Fulford 2 visited on a very hot Saturday last week. Louise Smith and Liz Bramley partnering for the first time came away with a solid 26 games – 8-4, 8-4 and 10-2. The final score was 57-51 to Bubwith making this the second win in the season within Div 3. The Mixed 1 team also had a great win against a struggling David Lloyd in Div 2. The final score was 67-41. Finally, the Mixed 2 under the captaincy of Liam Moore had a brilliant win away against a very strong Stillington 58 -50. Liam partnered Anna Airaksinen for the first time and they came away with a very respectful 24 games – top scorers.

22.05.17: A month into the season find all the Bubwith teams coming up again hard opposition, but as the season progresses their pairings will settle in to a winning mode. The Men’s 1 had an excellent match against Fulford at home This was a match of real quality played in high spirits and it all came down to the last game of the final rubber. With the scores at 54-53 to Fulford, Bubwith’s Shaun Pinchbeck held serve and his nerve to pull level at 54 -54 and remarkably 6-6 on points. A real morale boosting result and a team effort. The final score was Jon Clay and Jon Longthorp 19 games 2pts, Rob Jackson and Liam Moore 18 games 1 1/2 pts and Doug Smith and Shaun Pinchbeck 17 games 1pt. The Men’s 2 under the new captaincy of Andy Corfield, have had stiff opposition so far too, but the team managed a great draw 54-54 against Cawood during the second week into the season. The Ladies 1 and 2 have had one win each so far this season, but have a very strong pool of ladies as the season progresses. A great pairing of second captain Claudia Nisbet and Rachel Wottge has been noted! Success wise, Liam Moore as captain of the Mixed 2 has brought the club to two wins out of three. Julia Barber and Liam scored a commendable 24 games in the pouring rain last week against New Earswick at home, just to note – despite the rain the courts played excellently!


15/05/17: The Men’s 1 team, this year in Division 2 had another battle this Sunday, this time at home to Harrogate Rackets who fielded a very strong team. It was a fine mornings tennis, but it proved a task beyond Bubwith 1 team this week, Rackets dropped just 1 1/2 points in a match of real quality. The highlight for Bubwith came with an unlikely victory for Rob Jackson and Liam Moore who defied the odds with some sensational play against Racquets much fancied pairing of Mark Hinchliffe and Jordan East by 7 games to 5. Overall Racquets were simply too strong by winning 68-40 and 10 1/2 to 1 1/2. The Men’s 2 in Division 6 also had a defeat away against Harlow – 44-64. The Ladies 1 team had a battle against a strong Pocklington 2 team – finishing a very close 53-55. The Ladies 2 in Div 6 played Poppleton 3 at home, but sadly lost 47-61. Now to the Mixed teams, the first team have had two losses now to Wetherby Castlegarth and to York 3, but the second team under the new captaincy have had two wins with their two matches this season – 76-32 at home to Wistow and 61-47 away to Copmanthorpe. Top scorers were with captain Liam Moore and Julia Barber with 28 games.

08/05/17: The season for the five teams is now well underway. All three courts at Bubwith have been rejuvenated in March: we are very lucky as a small village club to have such great facilities here at Bubwith. This Sunday, the Mens 1 in Division 2, under the captaincy of Rob Jackson, seemed to be pipped at the finish line, or at least that was how it felt from a Bubwith perspective. The final result was 53-55 and 5-7 loss away to David Lloyd 2. The match was played in good spirits and could have gone either way. Jon Clay and Jon Longthorp came away with 2.5pts and 21 games, Doug Smith and Shaun Pinchbeck with 1.5pts and 17 games and Rob Jackson and Liam Moore with 1pt and 15 games. The Men’s 2 this year is captained by Andy Corfield, they played against Selby, coming away with a 2.5 – 9.5 win for Selby. The Ladies 1 team under the captaincy have had one win and one loss already this season. A great win against Rowntree Park, but a loss against David Lloyd 2. Both matches were played at home. This week the Ladies 1, under the captaincy of Lizanne Southworth and promoted to Division 3, went out to Knaresborough to face a very strong team. All three pairs had long games with many deuces, but the strength of Knaresborough came through with a 71-37 victory for them. The Ladies 2 team under the captaincy of Claudia Nisbit played at home to a strong David Lloyd 4 team. All the Bubwith 2 ladies pairs scored 15 games each – coming away with a 45- 63 loss.

23/4/17: Bubwith Ladies 1 had their first match at home this season against David Lloyd York 2. Both teams went up to Div 3 in the Fulford Invitation York League at the end of last season. The match was a hard one, but very enjoyable, Jill Rounce and Louise Smith top scored with an overall 22 games. The final result was 36-72.

February 27th, 2017:

Annual Meeting of Members: A great turnout for our meeting, thank you to those who attended. Lots of decisions were made. Most importantly for the club was the decision to get the three artificial grass courts rejuvenated. The courts will be out of action from Monday 13th March for a week. Moss killer has already been applied to the surface, so by the time the contractors have done their work, around w/c 20th March, we will have three excellent courts ready for the new season. It was agreed to keep the subscriptions the same as last year, but it was noted that a new category of Temporary Membership was to be added. This would cost £5 and would allow a new member to join the club for a two week period.Subs Afternoon: Sunday, 2nd April at 2pm – a date for your diary, to allow members to renew for the season and to encourage new members to join. The Wimbledon Ballot will be held during the afternoon. If you have Opted In, then you will be given the chance nearer the time to choose from one of the pairs of tickets allocated to Bubwith Tennis Club. Jill Rounce will be doing junior and adults coaching during the day too and a bbq will be held around 3-4pm. More details will follow.New Padlocks: The padlocks on the North and South Courts have been very stiff in recent months, even after liberal squirts of WD40. It has been decided to replace and buy two new ones. These will be affixed soon.Hunter NPL Tennis Finals – At David Lloyd, Leeds: Over Easter – 14th to 17th April David Lloyd Leeds will play host to the Hunters NPL Finals. This event will pit some the finest professional players in the country i.e. Wimbledon Men’s doubles champion Jonathan Marray will be competing alongside Marcus Willlis. Marcus Willis (played Roger Federer at Wimbledon in 2016). Additional ATP representatives are also pending. The competition is a team event with Men’s doubles as the format. In 2016 Dan Evans and Marcus Willis were just two of the stars.Rob Jackson, Bubwith Men’s 1 captain attended last year as a spectator. He can vouch for a superb experience. Attendees can sit courtside and experience the action first hand. As it is an indoor event the weather in of no consequence and onsite parking is free.Tickets start from just £5. You may even see the odd familiar face with Poppleton’s Nick Turnbull featuring for the region. On top of that Rob will be representing the ERSA and will be stringing at the event. For tickets and info please contact . Rob Jackson 07739840635. Email jacko10@hotmail.comTwitter @theracketbox. Pocklington Branch of the RNLI – Ladies Doubled Tennis Tournament: This year this tennis event will be held on Monday, 22nd May between 9.30 – 3.30pm. Places will be allocated on a first come first served basis. Entry is £15. Please contact myself for more information – .Racket Restringing: Rob Jackson our very own ERSA UK Master Racket Technician, could arrange to collect your racket from the courts at Bubwith after discussing your style of play and will deliver you back a professionally restrung racket – for a good price too! We wish Rob continued success in restringing tennis, squash and badminton rackets – .Fixture Lists: All Captains will receive their Fixture Lists during March, these will also be printed and kept on display in the clubhouse. 11th Bubwith Beer and Cider Festival: We have our first meeting for this year on Tuesday, 7th March. New ideas on bands, and other exciting activities during the evening will be discussed. This year’s date will be Saturday, 21st October.

September. 2016: Great news!! Div 4 and Div 7 Ladies are going up next year. Div 4 Ladies 1, came second to David Lloyd 3 and are going up to Div 3 for the 2017 season and Div 7 Ladies 2 came top and are going up to Div 6 for 2017. Both teams will be going along to the Fulford Ladies League Presentation on Tuesday, 27th September. Also, Liz Bramley and Tracey Howbridge will receive prizes as they have top scored in games within their Divisions – Div 4 and 7 respectively.


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