Here is the list of dates when the courts WILL be in use by members for match play/practice/tournaments…


… the season has now finished. The courts are now free most days.

Wednesday afternoon’s from 4.30pm – 6.30pm –  we have Junior coaching and Sunday afternoon 2pm – 4pm during term time.

Friday mornings 10-12, the ladies use the North Court for a social hit.

2018 End of Season Handicap Tournament

Annual Meeting of Members – Minutes from 01/03/18:

  1. Welcome from the Club’s President, Dr Richard Moore

Richard confirmed that he has since last year’s Annual Meeting become the Chair of the Leisure Centre and he confirmed that there is a new entity called Bubwith Leisure & Sports Centre which is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO).  He explained that previously the entity was an unincorporated Trust.  The CIO has a Charity Number and a new Constitution.  He invited members to look at the website which has a link to the Tennis Club website, a list of user groups and a link to the calendar.  He stated that there is also a Facebook page.

He confirmed that the Annual General Meeting is on Monday 26th March at 7pm in the Centre and all our members are welcome.

He explained that Lizanne is on the Centre committee and Shaun is on the refurbishment committee.

He commented with regard specifically to the Tennis Club that he feels it is a fantastic example of a well run organisation and we should be proud of how good and well run it is.  He feels the Tennis Club leads the way and is often held up by him as an example to others.


  1. Persons present

Richard Moore (President), Claudia Nisbet (Chair), Margaret Denness, Lizanne Southworth, Chris Cobley, Anna Airaksinen, Shaun Pinchbeck, Andy Corfield, Ailsa Pemberton and Tristan Pemberton.

  1. Apologies for absence

Gill McGrory, Helen Cobley, Ann Wottge, Matt Ward, Diana Longthorp, Rob Jackson, Liz Bramley and Liam Moore.


  1. To approve the minutes of the Annual Meeting on 16th February 2017

The minutes of the Annual Meeting on 16th February 2017 were approved.


  1. Matters arising from those minutes:


  • Maintenance contract for the courts/responsibility for the courts

Claudia explained in Diana’s absence that as agreed at last year’s Annual Meeting the Tennis Club now has a maintenance contract for the courts and all considered that this was going very well.  Thanks were expressed to Diana and also to her husband Richard for all that they have done.

Chris also commented that the neighbour had done work on the west boundary of the west court so he felt that was extremely helpful to the Club.

With regard to responsibility for courts, Shaun explained that he had been asked by the committee to put this on the agenda so we could get a feel from members as to the level of responsibility that they would be prepared to take for looking after the courts.

However, because of the very bad weather we obviously have a very low turnout so it is not realistic to obtain such feedback.

There is a particular issue which it was agreed the committee will have to consider as to whether we invest money in a better brush; the hope from the committee is that members will actually use it.  This will be discussed at the next committee meeting.


  1. Chair’s Report

Claudia’s report had been provided to all members and so she didn’t intend to go through it but wished to endorse thanks to the committee and thanks were also expressed to Claudia for all she has done as Chair.

Claudia wished to specifically welcome Tristan Pemberton onto the committee as Junior Rep and to thank him for his initial report.


  1. Treasurer’s Report (Accounts and 25 Year Financial Plan)

Chris commented that although the accounts showed expenditure was higher than income, this seemed to include capital expenditure.  Shaun confirmed that that is correct and that if you take out capital spend of £7,155.00, then the profit is almost £5,500.00 which is our target (the precise figure is £5,453.13).

Shaun explained in that regard that the 25 Year Financial Plan shows an annual profit of £4,000.00 but that is after £1,500.00 is spent on the courts so in reality is it still a £5,500.00 target, it is just that it has been agreed that we should allow out of that profit around £1,500.00 for annual spend on the courts.

The 25 Year Financial Plan was duly approved.


  1. Election of Officers/Committee Members:


(a)        President – Richard

(b)        Chair – Claudia

(c)        Vice Chair – Shaun

(d)        Treasurer – Diana

(e)        Membership Secretary – Lizanne

(f)         Meeting Secretary – Shaun

(g)        Bubwith Centre Representative – Lizanne (she has been elected as a Trustee of the Centre)

(h)        Publicity Director – Lizanne

(i)         Clubhouse Director – Liz (but Anna explained she could do this if Liz preferred) Update: it is Anna

(j)         Courts Director – Diana

(k)        Junior Representative – Tristan Pemberton

(l)         Clubnight Director – Liz

(m)       Tournament Director – Shaun

(n)        Coaching Director – Shaun

(o)        Mens’ First Captain – Rob

(p)        Mens’ Second Captain – Andy

(q)        Ladies’ First Captain – Lizanne

(r)         Ladies’ Second Captain – Claudia (though Claudia explained this may change to Tracey Howbridge)

(s)        Mixed First Captain – Liz

(t)         Mixed Second Captain – Liam

(u)        Social Events Director – Liz

(v)        Child Protection Officer – Anna

(w)        Welfare Officer – Anna

(x)        Committee Members – Margaret


  1. Review of Mission Statement

Shaun very speedily reviewed the Mission Statement of the Club which had been approved at last year’s Annual Meeting namely:-


  • Provide and maintain three quality courts and facilities for the enjoyment of tennis by people of all ages and standards at affordable prices

Shaun expressed the view that it seemed to him the courts and facilities had probably never been better and the decision to have a maintenance contract has proved to be a wise one.  The age range of members is from 4 to 83, we continue to encourage members of all standards including people who have not played before.  He continues to consider the prices to be affordable.


  • Make an average annual contribution of £5,500.00 in accordance with the 30 year financial plan

This was almost achieved (£5,453.13).

  • Encourage people to start playing tennis


Most of the junior members have started their tennis at Bubwith, we have an increased number of parents of children who have not played tennis before and have been encouraged to start.  Shaun stressed that anyone is a potential member of the Club, it does not matter that they have not played tennis before.


  • Aid a sense of community spirit and social camaraderie

This is certainly done by the Beer Festival and periodic other social events.


  • Assist improvement in playing standards

Junior, men’s and ladies coaching have all taken place.


  • Provide competitive play for those who want it at as high a level as possible

We do not any longer have any teams in division 1 but still we are playing at a high level for a village club and are aiming to get higher.


  • Have 105 members by July 31st 2017 and 115 members by the date of the Annual Meeting of Members 2018

We did achieve 105 by the end of July and are now at 117.


  • Increase the active participation of members in the management of, and fundraising activities for, the Club

Shaun stated that we have a high number of people on the committee but given the range of tasks, he believes this to be necessary and we are constantly looking out for new blood and keen to encourage others to get involved.


  • Promote social play on and around Club Nights

This has continued to happen in respect of the weekly club nights and the handicap tournaments at the end of each month.  We did not have barbecues in 2017 after the tournaments that is something which depending on the wishes of our Social Events Directors Liz could resume.

With regard to the Mission Statement for 2018, it was agreed that we should adopt the same Mission Statement as 2017 save that we should increase the target membership by the date of the Annual Meeting of Members of 2019 to 120.


  1. To approve 2018 sponsors


Proposals are:


  • Eye Deal Opticians, Goole

Claudia explained that Matthew Horrocks confirmed his willingness to sponsor again this year.  He offers a 10% discount for our members.  He will make a payment of £150.00.  Claudia wished to stress therefore that we want to try to give publicity and support him as much as we can to try to secure this for future years as well.


  • The Jug & Bottle, Bubwith

Shaun explained that The Jug & Bottle had been a sponsor for many years not on the basis of making a cash payment but on the basis of its support for the Club largely in relation to the Beer Festival and last year Lou provided a hamper which led to a profit of £150.00 and The Jug & Bottle is helpful in selling tickets for the Beer Festival.

These two proposals were both approved.

Chris raised a query with regard to The White Swan.  Shaun explained that there had been some concern expressed about the quality of food, also there was an interest from the committee in supporting the Centre and that is the reason the decision was made to seek the mixed post match suppers at the Centre.

The committee had not reached any decision as to where it would have the end of season supper and the January supper.  The White Swan was still an option for either or both.

It was agreed that the committee will consider this issue further at its next meeting on 12th March and then Shaun will speak to Clare at The White Swan as it was thought possible that Clare would still be willing to be a sponsor even without the post match suppers there.


  1. To approve mixed post match supper venue – Bubwith Centre/Cinnamon

Shaun explained that it was the wish of the committee to have all post match suppers at the Bubwith Centre but it was recognised that there were two possible issues namely the occasional evening when there would be bingo and the risk that the Centre is unavailable because of building work.  Richard agreed that we have no certainty as to the latter.

Shaun said he felt that the solution to the issue would be to leave it to the captains, Liz and Liam, if there was any issue as to whether they wished to use the Centre or the Cinnamon.  He had understood from talking to Liam that Liam’s overall preference was to use the Centre if possible.

An option would be to eat in the Cyril Wiles’ Room if there was any concern about disturbing the bingo.

Andy mentioned the possibility of eating outside and Richard thought that that would be possible if the weather permitted.

Shaun stressed therefore that the Centre will be used when possible but if not possible the Cinnamon can accommodate the teams at short notice.

He raised the issue that the Cinnamon could provide food for around £35.00 (the Centre cost is £36.00) however the committee had some concerns that there simply wouldn’t be enough and more would have to be ordered.  It was agreed that the captains would be able to order up to another £15.00 worth if that was necessary and claim the cost back from the Club.  This will be kept under general review.


  1. To agree 2018/19 subscription and other charges

 Shaun explained the committee’s proposal is to keep all the same as last year.  This was approved, namely:


  • Under 10s – free
  • Junior – 10 to 17 years – £25.00
  • Concession (student or unemployed) – £25.00
  • Family – £135.00
  • Adult – £80.00
  • Over 65s – £55.00 (this rate also applies to anyone over 60 who has already had the benefit of the concessionary rate)
  • Parents of under 10s members playing with their under 10s children – free
  • Temporary member – a maximum consecutive period of 2 weeks at any time between April 1st and September 30th – only one such temporary membership per person per year – £5.00
  • Clubhouse key – £5.00
  • Visitor fee – £3.00
  • Match fee – £3.50 (save for under 18s who pay £1.75) plus sufficient to cover the post match supper
  • Floodlights – £1.00 for an hour
  • Use of west court fee – £3.00 with a £5.00 deposit payable via McColls, Bubwith


  1. To agree subscription for, and date for commencement of, winter membership

 Shaun confirmed that the committee’s recommendation is also to keep these the same and this was approved, namely:

1st September 2018 to 30th April 2019:


  • Adults – £16.00
  • Family – £31.00
  • Junior/concession – £6.00


  1. To confirm membership of the Yorkshire LTA

Shaun explained that membership was renewed.  This gives us public liability insurance.  The cost was £330.00 however recently as a result of efforts of Lizanne, Diana and Anna we have been able to obtain a 50% rebate as a result of evidence of good welfare practice.


  1. To decide what balls need to be ordered for match play/handicap tournaments

Shaun explained that the committee’s recommendation is to stay with the RS balls.  He stated Rob is happy to organise this and that the cost for 6 dozen which Rob has obtained is £64.24 and VAT plus £3.50 postage cost.

It was agreed that we should order 48 dozen, Rob please to order these and then they can be distributed amongst captains/Tournament Director.


  1. Autumn/winter tournament 2018

Claudia wished to obtain feedback from members but clearly in the light of the low attendance because of weather this was not possible.

Andy mentioned that he could organise something on a Sunday morning.

It was agreed that further consideration would be given to this.


  1. Social events/fundraising

This was also on the agenda to try and obtain feedback from members.

Chris raised the possibility of having another marathon.  Richard mentioned that Sunday 24th June is the Great Get Together for Jo Cox.  This raised the possibility of a marathon running from Saturday afternoon 23rd June to Sunday afternoon 24th June.

It was agreed that the social events committee – Liz, Lizanne, Margaret and Anna will meet to discuss.  Chris indicated that he and Helen would be willing to assist.

It was left that the social events committee will report back to the main committee with recommendations.

Shaun mentioned that Liz has come off the Bubwith Beer & Cider Festival committee so there is a vacancy.  Andy agreed to join that committee.  Shaun confirmed that the next meeting is on 6th September and he confirmed the event itself is on 13th October.


  1. Any other business


  • Reminder re subs afternoon Sunday 8th April 2pm

Hopefully all can attend.  Lizanne indicated she will be away.


  • Shaun explained that Lizanne had forwarded to him and Claudia details of a grant application to encourage new members aged 35 and over. There is the potential to claim £500.00.  It has to be completed by 11th March thus could not be left till the next committee meeting.  He was going to refer to the subs afternoon, our free membership for parents of under 10s, club nights, press articles, posters, and website.  Chris suggested that potentially we could claim for the cost of rackets and it was thought that costings for posters etc. could also be sought.

Shaun gave thanks for these tips and will complete the application.


  • Richard pointed out that as a consequence of the establishment of the CIO, the dissolution clause in the Constitution needed amending to show assets being conveyed to the CIO as opposed to the now defunct charity. Shaun will accordingly update the Constitution to reflect this.
  • To confirm date, time and venue of next committee meeting
  • It was confirmed that the next committee meeting will be on Monday 12th March 2018 at 7.30pm at Lizanne’s, Meadow Farm, Spaldington, DN14 7NJ.


SP 06.03.18


Bubwith village has an excellent Tennis Club. Three well maintained artificial grass courts, floodlights on the North Court and a recently extended clubhouse with toilet facilities.

Winter membership starts on 1st September 2017 until 31st May 2018 –

Family £31, Adult £16, Juniors 10- 18 on 1st Sept 2017 – £6 , unemployed / student £6 , Concession – over 65 – £12

Under 10’s free!

As a member of the public you can play on the West Court for a small fee and a £5 deposit for the key. This is obtained by popping down to McColls in Bubwith. Please bring you own balls.



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