Obtaining a Domain Name for Yourself

Some coaches would prefer to use their own domain name, for example www.johnsmith.co.uk rather than use a sub-domain such as sportsprosconnect.com/johnsmith

The advantage of using a sub-domain with sportsprosconnect.com is that your website can be set up instantaneously and there is no charge for hosting. However you may decide it woudl be more professional and may be advantageous, for you to have your own domain name.

To set your own domain name simply register with one of the many domain registrars and register your chosen name e.g. www.johnsmith.co.uk. You can then go into its control panel and ‘point’ to sportsprosconnect.com/johnsmith. Your sportsprosconnect.com Website or Online Notice Board will be found instantaneously by anyone typing www.johnsmith.co.uk into their browser.

To see an example please visit www.doretotley.co.uk

For convenience we have included below a link to EasySpace one of the leading companies who register Domain Names. Just click below to check whether your preferred domain name is available.

domain registration from 2p a day

Once you have your preferred domain name, Login to the Control Panel, click on Website Management , click on Web Forwarding and type in sub-domain name sportsprosconnect.com/johnsmith
Anyone typing www.johnsmith.co.uk into their browser will then be sent instantaneously and seamlessly to your sportsprosconnect.com Website.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries on the above.


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