From Cricket Jobs to SportsProsConnect: An Interview with Jared Wilson

Jared Wilson, is bringing cricket expertise to SportsProsConnect

This week we talk to Cricket Professional, Jared Wilson and he tells us how he is brining his cricket expertise to us here at SportsProsConnect!

Mark: Good afternoon Jared Wilson, thanks for joining us today!

Jared: Thanks Mark! It’s a pleasure to be here.

So, tell us a bit about yourself and your background.

Jared: Sure. I moved to Ireland from South Africa in 2019 at 18 to play professional cricket. While I’m loving that, Irish cricket contracts only go to the national team and so I needed to find additional work. That’s what led me to start Cricket Jobs, a platform that helps people find jobs in the cricket industry. I’ve really enjoyed working in the tech world and using my skills to connect people around the globe.

Mark: Jared, this interview is to welcome you into the SportsProsConnect Team. Personally, I am very excited to have you on board helping us out and lending your expertise to the platform! Please tell our network what you will be doing for SPC?

Jared: Thanks! I’m excited to be part of the team. I played tennis at school and have always been a fan, so joining the team was a no-brainer for me. From a technical and marketing perspective, I helped Cricket Jobs achieve some impressive growth and I’m looking forward to using that experience to help another sport succeed.

Professional cricket player, Jared Wilson, is bringing cricket expertise to SportsProsConnect

Jared professional cricket player

Mark: How are you planning on using your cricket expertise at SportsProsConnect?

Jared: I consider myself a people person who loves meeting new people. I think SPC will drastically expand my network within sports, which could open doors in cricket and sports as a whole.

Mark: In April you made a significant impact on the team with several projects. Can you tell us more about your future plans?

Jared: Absolutely! My main focus is growing our social media reach. I enjoy this task, having grown Cricket Jobs’ following from 0 to 15,000 in just six months. This also involved building a personal brand and growing my follower base from 3,000 (mostly friends and family) to 60,000 in three months by positioning myself as the go-to guy for cricket jobs. I plan to use similar strategies for SPC.

Looking ahead, I’m also interested in potentially expanding SPC’s reach to other sports, replicating the current model for sports like cricket, rugby, hockey, and of course, football.

Professional cricket player, Jared Wilson, is bringing cricket expertise to SportsProsConnect

Jared Wilson is bringing cricket expertise to SportsProsConnect

Mark: With the Irish cricket season about to start, how will you manage your time?

Jared: I’ve always been good at managing multiple tasks and my time. I get my gym work done early mornings, followed by 1-2 hour cricket training sessions three days a week. Games are on weekends, and so I’ll have plenty of time to focus on both SPC and Cricket Jobs.

Mark: Let’s end with a quick fire round!
  • Favorite Sport: Cricket (with Tennis as a close second)
  • Favorite Football Team: Chelsea
  • Favorite Tennis Player: Rafael Nadal
  • Favorite Food: Pizza
  • Favorite Name: Eden
  • Favorite Drink: Fanta
  • Favorite Color: Blue
  • Favorite Car: Ferrari
  • Favorite Cricketer: Ben Stokes
  • Highest Score (Playing Cricket): 129

Thanks, Jared! We’re excited to have you as a valued member of the SportsProsConnect team for many years to come!
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