Why promote yourself as a tennis player with SportsProsConnect

We are excited to be re-launching Tennis Player Profiles as of now and getting ready for our full SportsProsConnect re-brand in Q4 2023 / Q1 2024…

Simply put in brief we just want to broaden your horizons as to the reason we feel Tennis Player Profiles can benefit anybody whether playing Pro tour events or just simply aspiring to be a professional Tennis, Padel or Pickleball player.

Why Purchase a Tennis Player Profile?

  • Put your name out there to the sport that you love for potential sponsorship and endorsement deals
  • Apply for Academy Scholarships through the SportsProsConnect Platform
  • Apply for College Scholarships to the US or other Country University Systems
  • Find yourself a great touring coach or team member to travel with you to tournaments
  • Find hitting partners or somebody you can team up with and travel with to reduce costs
  • Many more reasons…

In November 2022, Mark Wylam founder of SportsProsConnect wrote this article explaining the reasons and more benefits…


What benefits do you get as a player?

  • Become advertised in our worldwide directory of tennis players looking for sponsorship
  • Access to apply for anything within our ‘classified’ section
  • Apply for Academy Scholarship / Sponsorship
  • Find yourself an accessible Coach
  • Leave yourself open to be headhunted by sponsors and investors
  • Ability to promote yourself via social media
  • Look professional with own website and goals as a player
  • Have the ability to add domain to all social media, business cards & email signatures
  • Create a profile in order to help show your qualities to US College Coaches
  • All for an annual rate of €150 per year


How will our TPP Classifieds help our Players?

At the beginning of March 2021 we launched our brand new TPP Classifieds section.  Our aim is to help tennis players worldwide with whatever aspect of their game needs fine tuning.  We believe that every young aspiring tennis player in the world will be looking for something in our classifieds section.

We have devised an extremely popular and successful tennis coaching jobs platform and our classifieds will work in a similar way.  Every player will have to apply for the benefit which suits their needs.  This will open up tennis players to opportunities to help their career, opportunities they never knew existed…

We will be accepting benefits from all members of the platform included in their annual fee or you can advertise for on a one off basis for 100 Euros at a time.  If advertising multiple opportunities at once, you will be charged, 100 Euros for 1 advert, 170 Euros for 2, and 220 Euros for 3…

Below is a list of categories:

  • Academy Sponsorship / Scholarships
  • Training Camps
  • Sponsorship Opportunities
  • Brand Offers
  • Coaches for Hire
  • Online Coaching
  • Tournaments
  • US College Sponsorships

Register your classified ad by clicking this link now: