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Aaryaman Kumar - Tennis Coach


My name is Aaryaman Kumar, I am 25 years old. I am a passionate and aspiring young tennis coach. I was born in India and raised in Singapore. I grew up playing tennis since I was 8 years old and it has been a huge part of my life ever since.

Through tennis I have been able to grow as a person and meet some wonderful people along my journey. My goal as a coach is to help enjoy and hopefully even fall in love with tennis. I love working with enthusiastic beginners as well as talented players who want to compete seriously.

  • ATP GPTCA Level C certified coach
  • LTA Level 1 coach
  • First Aid training & Safeguarding and protection in tennis (LTA)

Coaching times & fees

Please email or whatsapp me to get further details.

Tennis is a big part of my life, so along with coaching I love to take time to also play for my own fun as well as to watch lots of tennis. I have been religiously following the sport for over a decade.

I am a huge sports fan in general so I enjoy watching football, F1, and the UFC. I have a big appetite for travelling and want to continue to go explore new parts of the world.

I love food! And so I’m always on the lookout for new dishes and cuisines to try out.


I have 2 years of coaching experience in total. I was coaching part time at a university during my time as a student. Working with Junior Brit Tour players.

Worked with young beginners as well as intermediate/advanced level players as a freelance coach for 1 year.


I took some tennis coaching lessons with Aaryaman Kumar a year ago and I had a great experience in the 3 months that he worked with me. His enthusiasm for the sport is infectious and he creates a fun atmosphere to enjoy and learn the sport. His focus on the technical aspects of the game were also quite helpful as I was able to improve my overall tennis significantly in that time. I would highly recommend Aaryaman, especially since he is a young coach who can not only give you drills but also help you as a match practice partner.

Tom Bowman


While looking for a coach to help me prepare for some tournaments I decided to have tennis lessons with Aaryaman. He was able to help me sharpen my game and engage me in drills which were specific to my needs of matchplay situations. He was also able to push me in match practice when we played a few sets of tennis to recreate match situations. I would highly recommend him as a coach as he is not only capable but also passionate about what he does.

Bhuwan Bansal