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Akis Amoutzas - Tennis Coach


Akis Amoutzas

Tennis always has been a passion for me! Since I started coaching I understood that, my high energy & positivity on court was the most important element to adapt on every environment, and to come up with solutions when problems occurred. I have experience on all level of players from beginners to professional wta. My methodology is to build up an environment on each academy or team that promotes the work ethic & high standards for coaches & players. When those are present things start changing dramatically. Looking forward to implement on any academy or tennis organisation that are willing to take the next leap.

  1. Qualification of on court fitness & conditioning from Swiss national tennis center on 2016 with Beni Linder.
  2. Accredited High performance coach with the level 1 from Greek tennis association.
  3. Accreditation From Finnish federation To be one of the 10 coaches as a tutor to develop the national competition system of the country on 2017.

National University of Thessaly (Greece) in the Domain of Physical Education and Athletics

  • Tennis
  • Outdoor Recreation and Leisure Sports
  • Indoor Recreation and Leisure Sports(Fitness Centers)

Coaching times & fees
  1. Please contact Akis direct via email or WhatsApp.
  2. He can be contacted via WhatsApp on +30 698 101 7699
  3. Or you can contact him using email on akistennis82@hotmail.gr



  1. Tennis & me was love at first try at the age of nine. I was so in love that for 6 months I was lending racket & ball & I was hitting on the wall till someone show me & invited to play with him. He told me to play set but on that time didn’t know the counting rules so, the other counted & out of sudden I beat him & he told me to register on an academy. And  here we are..



09/2021 – Current: Tennis Icon Academy Foivs Michalopoulos

  • Responsible coach for the competitive players of the academy.
  • On court fitness sessions
  • Administration organizing tournaments and camps

08/2018 – 06/2021: Alk Lawn Tennis Club Finland

  • Responsible coach for the competitive players of the club, physical trainer.

08/2014 – 07/2018: TVS at Turku of Finland

  • Responsuble coach for the competitive players of the club, physical trainer

09/2011 – 7/2014: Tennis Association of Magnesia (ΟΑΜ), Volos

  • Head coach in all levels, private tennis lessons

09/2005 – 07/2011: Nikea Tennis Club, Larissa

  • Competitive junior responsible coach physical education trainer, private tennis lessons

10/2002 – 02/2005: Athletic Association of Tennis, Larissa

  • Competitive junior team coach, private tennis lessons, physical education trainer

10/2001-08/2002: Iolkos Tennis Club, Volos

  • Mini tennis coach, competitive junior team tennis partner, private tennis lessons

15/9/2000-30/08/2001: Loubier Tennis Club Ekali, Athens

  • Mini tennis coach, adults’ coach, private tennis lessons


I am writing this reference letter to provide my highest recommendation for Akis Amoutzas as a tennis coach. Akis has been my personal coach for several years, and I cannot emphasize enough the positive impact he has had on my tennis skills, mindset, and overall athletic development. From the moment I embarked on my tennis journey, Akis has been an exceptional source of knowledge, expertise, and inspiration. His profound understanding of the game, coupled with his exceptional coaching abilities, has significantly transformed my performance on the court. With a keen eye for detail and meticulous observation, he identified and addressed my strengths and weaknesses, allowing me to continuously improve and elevate my game. Akis possesses an extraordinary ability to communicate complex technical aspects in a clear and concise manner. His coaching methodology is grounded in both theory and practice, ensuring a well-rounded approach to coaching. I highly recommend Akis Amoutzas to anyone seeking a dedicated, passionate, and skilled coach who can truly make a difference in one's tennis journey.

Athanasia Zachopoulou(Top national level player)


I have been working with Akis for the past two years and he has made a huge impact on my tennis game, my mindset and my overall development as an athlete. Akis values the technical, the physical and the mental side of the game equally and has been able to transfer his knowledge and expertise to me with ease. He pays huge attention to details and is very patient with his work. We have spent countless hours working on details, improving my weaknesses and strengthening my strengths. Akis' ability of understanding me and adjusting each practice schedule to my needs has helped me learn a lot about myself and my needs as a professional tennis player. His passion and dedication to the game in combination with his willingness to help me reach my goals is the difference maker. My experience with Akis has been very positive and I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a highly passionate, knowledgeable and hard working tennis coach.

Elena Christofi - wta singles ranking 695 & doubles 303.