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András Szabó - Tennis and Padel Coach


As a tennis coach, my passion for the sport extends far beyond the court. I enjoy the transformative power of tennis in individuals, fostering not only athletic skills but also discipline, resilience, and teamwork.

My coaching philosophy revolves around creating a positive and inspiring environment, where players refine not only their skills but also develop as individuals. Assisting athletes in unlocking their full potential and witnessing their growth is not just a professional goal for me, it’s a life purpose.



  • Master of Science Physical education-Physiotherapist- Healthpromoter teacher Degree
  • Hungarian University of Sports Science-Budapest


  • Bachelor of Arts Tennis Coach Degree
  • Hungarian University of Sports Science-Budapest


  • ITF Certificated tennis coach


  • Certificated Padel Coach

Coaching times & fees

Please feel free to contact Andras directly in the following ways:

I was born into tennis through my father, as he placed a tennis racket in my hand at our own tennis club when I was just 4 years old, and I have not let go since. I grew up on tennis courts, with my father as my coach since childhood, both for me and my twin sister, who also became a successful junior player, winning the national championship 8 times.

Despite excellent results in junior tournaments, I never aspired to be an ATP-level player; instead, I found my true passion and long-term path in coaching and helping others achieving their goals and dreams.


As a Player:

  • As a tennis player
  • Former Hungarian Junior Rank top3
  • Competed and played with players such as Marozsán Fábián ATP 37.
  • and Piros Zsombor ATP 109.
  • I participated in several Junior European Championships as a nationally selected tennis player.
  • Hungarian Champion
  • OrangeBowl third round
  • TE top250

As a Coach:

  • As a tennis coach Coached several junior national champion and national players
  • Players such as- Lujza Beviz-TE top20
  • Vencel Fazekas-TE Festival SF
  • Padel player
  • Hungarian Championship Bronze Medalist


2020-Current – Tennis Coach at Tenisz Műhely, Budapest

  • Hungary’s number one youth development club. Over the years, I have had the privilege to work with several Hungarian champions, and I have nurtured numerous national team players. Our players consistently achieve prominent rankings and results in international competitions.

2017- Current –  Head Tennis Coach at Savaria Tennis Club Szombathely, Vas

  • Savaria Tennis Club is our family-owned business ran by my father, brother and me. In the countryside, it is the region’s premier club, featuring 10 tennis courts and a two-story clubhouse with a restaurant and fitness area. Our primary focus is on amateur and school tennis, as well as organizing events.

2022 – Tennis Coach Roberto Costa Tennis Club Number one tennis club in Madeira , Portugal

  • Effectively coached, trained and instructed athletes by analysing performance and
    developing tennis abilities.
  • Helped students increase their tennis skills by demonstrating and communicating
    best game practices.
  • Improved student abilities in tennis by confidently and smoothly demonstrating


I am pleased to write this letter of recommendation for András Szabó, who is a good friend and former tennis competitor of mine. As junior players, we have played tennis together for several years and had the privilege of competing in various European championships together.
Andris is an incredibly talented tennis coach with extensive experience both as a coach and as a player. He is reliable, dedicated, and passionate about coaching, always able to bring out the best in his students. Additionally, he possesses excellent interpersonal skills, enabling him to communicate effectively and collaborate with players and teams. Overall, András Szabó is someone I highly recommend for any opportunity where his coaching talent and experience can be utilized.
If you have any further questions about Andris or any related inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Fábián Marozsán - ATP Top 40 Player


András became acquainted with his sport during childhood and strengthened various age-group teams of the Hungarian national team for many years. As a player, he participated in the European Championships, won numerous domestic competitions and tournaments, and as a former coach of the national team, I personally witnessed his effectiveness and diligence.
His passion for sports and tennis persisted during his university years. For several years, he has been successfully coaching at the Tennis Workshop, one of Hungary's most successful youth development clubs. His positive personality and professional expertise are immense assets to the club.
Throughout his university theoretical and practical classes, coaching sessions, and examinations, his thirst for knowledge was evident, setting him apart from his peers. His thesis topics are innovative within tennis literature. András Szabó's professional dedication, preparation, pedagogical sensibility, and attitude qualify him to excel at the highest level of coaching. I wholeheartedly support his international employment.

Mr. G. Nemes -Former Hungarian Federation coach


I am writing you this letter of recommendation for the benefit of András Szabó, who is seeking to continue his tennis coaching career abroad. I have known András for multiple years now and have been following his career and work with a close look.
He has been an excellent player as a junior, competed against the best juniors players, and has been member of the Hungarian National Team in his junior career. András belongs to the group of coaches who are passionate, enthusiastic, and willing to dig deep for the success and development of his players.
He has been very reliable, communicative, and worked really well with the younger generation of upcoming players. He has shown his ability to successfully engage and motivate players across all ages, which we all know is not an easy thing to do.
I would highly recommend András as a coach and teacher to your program. He would be someone that I would have beside me on the court working with the next generation of players. I am sad to see him go and bring his talents abroad, but he has my full support wherever his future will continue. If there is anything I can help with please do not hesitate to reach out to me.

Dr. L. Zsiga -Former Hungarian and Bavarian, Germany Federation coach