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Anthony Marshall Tennis Coach

Castelldefels. Barcelona

Anthony Marshall

I am Anthony and I have more than 20 years of experience as a player, coach/coach in the world of tennis. This sport has been my passion since I was very young and during my professional career I managed to compete at a professional level and Davis Cup, futures, challengers, Club leagues in France and among others.

This sport has given me the opportunity to travel to more than 35 countries accompanying both national and international players and live in places like Barbados, the United Kingdom and Barcelona (where I currently reside).

  • Comprehensive RPT Tennis Course, issued for RPT TENNIS.
  • RPT qualification Spain, Europe and International
  • APE tennis Spain
  • SPTA Professional
  • Director of Professional Tennis RPT and Head Professional
  • PTCA Certificate of Recognition
  • Estess Trainer, Instr. Tennis at Estess Athletic University Seefeld – Luxembourg, Stockholm
  • GPTCA Level B, ATP Certification.

Coaching times & fees
  • Please contact Anthony direct via email or WhatsApp.
  • He can be contacted via WhatsApp on +34610994314
  • Or you can contact him using email on privatennispain@gmail.com



Further information

4 Slam Tennis Academy

My areas of expertise:

  • Travel International coach. Initiation. Formation. Advance.Transition. Elite.
  • Training and Development. Team Supervision
  • Developing Training Modules for assistant coaches. Improving Quality of Players
  • Coaching and Mentoring. Team Building
  • Budget Management. Institute Maintenance

My main qualities as a coach:

  • Understanding, tennis coach awareness, organization, a responsibility, interpersonal skills, stability, and always positive mood


  • Turned Professional 2006
  • ATP highest World Singles Ranking #1484 (01/10/2007)
  • ATP highest World Doubles Ranking #1281 (07/07/2008)
  • Nationality Great Britain (GBR)
  • UK Ranking Highest #90 (2010)
  • County Cheshire, UK Highest #2 (2012)
  • Playing national -15 (French League) for Tennis clubs, France.
  • My DAVIS CUP RECORD 9-7 (9 wins – 7Losses)
  • I played in the French league where I was ranked -15 (French ranking) over 2 years
  • I had 30 atp points, made 2 finals in future level and won 1 future level doubles.
  • I played Davis cup for Barbados for many years where we went up and accomplished from group 4 to group 1 over the years for the first time in their history.

  • Ex Davis Cup player
  • Tennis coach of European players and ITF ranked players
  • I’m working for several tennis clubs in Barcelona for all categories and levels
  • Hitting partner of several ATP & WTA players
  • I do travel coaching and I’m available to travel as a travel coach worldwide,  itf, atp, wta, tennis Europe etc. also as private coach
  • I have experience coaching kids and adults at all levels, basic, intermediate, advanced and I focus on doing a lot of dynamic drills on the court depending on the level and what the goals and objectives of the players would be.
  • Likewise, I accompany anyone who wants to enter this sport in their physical, technical and tactical improvement and I prepare training routines and programs that allow the body and mind to be aligned, which is essential to be able to progress.
  • I coached several players top 200 atp, like Liam Broady highest ranking number 116. hitting partners of wta players top 50 Maria Alejandra vento from Venezuela, Fabrice Martin best ranking 22 atp in doubles from france.
  • I was head pro coach and director in the uk for several years and clubs, like David Lloyd club, where i coach junior players Road to Wimbledon.
  • I can do fitness programmes, as well as mental preparation programs for all levels of players.
  • I work as a private trainer with students of different age categories Individually. Organization and planning training process, sports events and competition. Improving the skills and the ability of students, control of the correct implementation of technical elements in tennis, summing exercises.
  • Travelled to Ukraine as a private coach of several junior players, and also helped tennis programmes over the country.
  •  I worked in Sanchez Casal tennis academy and had experience with the Spanish system, in Barcelona several years where ATP & WTA players such as: Kuznetsova (2), Sánchez V (1), Ivanovic (3), Murray (1), Dimitrov (9) y Mónaco (8).
  • Travelled as a coach with several players to Wimbledon


He is a great person who has a lot of experience and knowledge about this sport. Depending on the player he knows exactly what to add to their game.

Kaita Odani


Anthony is extremely committed and puts in a lot of effort for all his students, to make sure they get the most out of every session. He has a unique coaching style and has a lot of experience both as a player and a coach. I definitely improved my tennis after training with him and started getting better results. Highly recommend it!

Sasha Ramani


Anthony is a spectacular coach. He is very patient with his students and always has a positive mindset, which makes training both extremely fun and productive.