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Aristotelis Saratzidis - Tennis Coach


Aristotelis Saratzidis

Tennis is how I Remember my Life. Being a Competition player from my first official Title in Greece in 1985 my story is a one way street into the Sport. Feel free to contact me to Help you achieve your dreams. Because I Care and I am Always Ready To Serve…


Tennis qualifications:

  • Qualified Tennis Coach 1993-present
  • Qualified Badminton Coach 2008-present
  • Beach Tennis Instructor 2008-present
  • Active ITF Seniors Tour Player

Coaching times & fees

I specialize in upbringing Competition Players to the highest possible level of their potential using my life earned specialized skills in the Sport.  Contact me direct on asaratzidis@gmail.com to find out more…

Further information

Currently  Owner of N.A. Tennis Academy in Nicosia Cyprus and Managing Director of operations

Here I am in action in some areas of my life that I am particularly proud of…


My Work and my Name in the Sport in Playing…Stringing…Officiating and Coaching are my passport

  • Owner of N.A.Tennis Academy in Nicosia Cyprus 2017-present
  • Active Travelling Coach 1995-present
  • Owner of Rackets Hotspot(exclusive Stringing Store in Greece) 2007-2012
  • Head Coach of  3 Tennis Teams in Greece over a 10 year period – 2005-2015
  • Semi Pro Player 1983-1994
  • Qualified Stringer 1990-present
  • ITF Official 1994-present
  • English Teacher Qualified by Michigan and Cambridge Universities 1993-present