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Bas Coulier - Tennis Coach

North Holland

Bas Coulier

I am Bas Coulier, 51 years old, married, living in Amsterdam Holland.  I am energetic, positive and hardworking tennis coach. I have been working 28 years full time as trainer coach with the Elite and top junior players both Men and women in Holland.

The last 3 years I was the responsible National Trainer Coach for the elite players at the National Training Center(KNLTB) in Holland.  I stay open for a new adventure full time or a project based outside Holland.

  • 1991 – 1992 KNLTB, Nieuwegein, the Netherlands KNLTB Tennis Coach B
  • 1991 – 1992 KNLTB, Nijmegen, the Netherlands KNLTB Tennis Coach A
  • 1986 – 1990 Deventer, the Netherlands MEAO/MMO
  • 1981 – 1986 Deventer, the Netherlands HAVO

Coaching times & fees
  • Please contact Bas direct for more information on his availability and pricing structure
  • He can be contacted via email on bas.f.coulier@gmail.com
  • Or via WhatsApp on +31 686 359 486

Further information
  • KNLTB – Dutch Tennis Federation


Every year my wife and I spend holiday time in the Gambia and every day i help the kids and coaches with a few sessions on court.

Every time this is a very grateful and fulfilling experience!!


With more than 25 years of experience on court training/coaching with the Top Elite and ITF top juniors both men and women, girls and boys in Holland and abroad.

  • Hourly rates. ( use to ) 65 Euro, private or group an hour.
  • Training week: 1400 or 1500 Euros per week

  • 2018 – 2020 KNLTB, Amstelveen, The Netherlands Headcoach National Training Center Full-time
  • 2017 – 2018 KNLTB, Almere, The Netherlands Headcoach National Training Center & Juniors Full-time
  • 2008 – 2017 Amstelpark Tennis Academy, Amsterdam, The Netherlands Headcoach Full-time
  • 2006 – 2008 Gary Weber Breakpoint Team, Halle, Germany Travelcoach men Full-time
  • 2003 – 2006 Amstelpark Tennis Academy, Amsterdam, The Netherlands Headcoach Full-time
  • 1995 – 2003 Tennis Academy Tijs, Doetinchem/Doesburg, The Netherlands Headcoach Full-time
  • 1992 – 1995 LTC Vorden/Zutphen, Vorden/Zutphen, The Netherlands Tennis coach Full-time


All the years I know Bas(25years), and the years I worked with him(3years) he is himself. Under stress or under success he stays the same. Down to earth but not scared to say his opinion. He is listening well. His knowledge on court is great, there is always a high intensity in his trainings. He has a good eye for talent. Nice personality and no ego.

Dennis Schenk ( coach 25 years of several Dutch top players) including 7 years Robin Haase


My name is Peter Wessels and I am an ex top 100 ATP player. Bas Coulier used to be my coach during the Dutch club matches between 2006-2009. Bas is a coach/trainer with a lot of knowledge and experience and is very strong both tactically and technically. Bas has the ability to read the game of tennis very well, to understand a tennis player, understand his/her game and improve it where needed.

Ten years later (2018) I became his assistant for 2 years at the Dutch tennis federation where Bas was the Head Coach of the National Tennis Centre. During these 2 years as his assistant I have learned a lot from him such as organizing practice sessions, dealing with different personalities on court, when to work on technical adjustments based on the personal abilities of our players, improving the tactical game and so on.

Besides being a very experienced and knowledgeable coach, Bas is a very reliable and humble person who is great at working 1-on-1 with a player as well as working in a team. He makes sure all is very well organized and he keeps the team sharp and motivated.

I would sincerely recommend Bas to any tennis organization / academy or club anywhere in the world.

Peter Wessels ex top 100 ATP player