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Passionate and highly motivated coach. I’ve been teaching in France for more than 10 years.
Recently started an academy with two friends, in Bois Guillaume, France. It’s one hour and half drive from Paris.


DEJEPS and DESJEPS Tennis at Ligue de Normandie de Tennis in Honfleur.

  • Run a training system in tennis (biomecanics, strategy etc…)

DU in psychological and mental training from University of UCA


  • I’m on a mission to understand my self, learn and experiment.
  • I try to solve the questions and problems I have as a human being and tennis player. I’m the kind of person to have a lot of ideas at the same time.
  • I goes from the technical/tactical side of tennis, to philosophy, psychology, mental training and anything that I can find useful.
  • I use this practical knowledge to share, advice and mentor the players I work with.


Started teaching to various people, beginners and intermediates players in 2010.

From there I made differents experiences, including traveling coach, head coach, and performance coach for French Federation.

I also studied mental training at university, and help differents athletes in their projects.