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Bruno Pascal Riviere - Tennis Coach


Bruno Riviere

Hello I am Bruno Riviere, pro tennis coach graduated from the french tennis federation (FFT).  I currently run my own tennis company in China.  However due to the CoronaVirus I am looking for a short term assignment that will help me along the way.

  • Graduated from the French DEJEPS in 2015 (French federation national pro coach diploma)
  • Assistant coach certification in 2012
  • Tennis initiation coach certification in 1993
  • Baby & Mini tennis
  • Beginners & intermediate players adults & kids
  • Competition coaching programmation of Advanced players of all ages
  • Private & group lessons


Coaching times & fees
  • Please contact Bruno directly via email or WeChat for more information on his availability and fees.
  • Email address:  riviereb@hotmail.com
  • We Chat:  BrunoRiviere974


Further information

Tennis Academy management :

TCMSJ licenses : –

  • 2015 : 32 –
  • 2016: 89 –
  • 2017: 112
  • Video and statistic analysis ( Dartfish &

School Program:

Baby tennis program for the international kindergartens in China. I currently contracted with 8 international schools in Guangzhou concerning the U6 kids. I implemented a tennis curriculum adapted to very young kids. The purpose is to drive them progressively to tennis, developing their coordination and motor skills , in a fun playing atmosphere.

I started the classes myself but now i have hired 3 coaches i have trained to my pedagogy who are going to these kindergarten everyday to give the class. I write down the weekly/monthly lesson content and scheduling  for them, and make sure they have everything to keep the teaching quality standards high.

beside this i also work with primary schools ( International french school of Guangzhou and international American school of Guangzhou) on a weekly basis, assisted by one of my coach.

Competitive Coaching:

I am the private coach of 2 Spanish kids of 10 and 12 years old who are targeting to play on the ITF Junior tour, for 8h a week each.

I also give private and group lessons to adults players, chinese and foreigners  from very beginners to advanced players ( level 4/6 french ranking / 5 US ranking)

I have a deep passion for the tennis game on all its aspects, and a deeper passion for teaching and transmitting.  I take the same pleasure to teach to very beginners than i do for advanced players, and i believe everyone can improve his game and tennis tennis skills. A student who feels that he is improving will feel pleasure to play and to come back.

Improvement and pleasure are not my only motto, as i give a great importance to the atmosphere i impulse on my lessons. You learn and understand better in a great friendly atmosphere.

In my life, in my business, and in my class i am solution finding oriented mind, and always start my class with an interview of my customers to set up clear goals, for my customer, for me and for us together.

I also have good knowledge on stringing and equipment.


May 2019 – Currently Founder, Manager & Head Coach Kindy Tennis plc – Guangzhou China.

  • Creation of a tennis program for kids 3 to 6 yo
  • Recruitment and training of coaches to the baby tennis program
  • Contract with international kindergarten chain to display tennis lessons coaches in their 8 Guangzhou schools
  • Private coach of 2 competitive foreign players in China targeting ITF tour.
  • Adult tennis lessons – group and private, leisure to competition level
  • Development of cardio tennis program
  • Display tennis program for the American International School of Guangzhou

Jun 2018 – May 2019 Love Sport Tennis Academy- Guangzhou China.

  • Manager and head coach of the TEN tennis studies , most important tennis program of the company.
  • Elite program group & private session
  • Adults, kids beginners, intermediate & advanced levels
  • Management and instruction of 2 Chinese coaches on the « play &stay galaxy tennis program».
  • Cardio Tennis for adults & physical conditioning for kids
  • Tournaments organization
  • Marketing promotion events

Sept 2015 – Jun 2018 Tennis Club Municipal SaintJoseph – Réunion Island / France

  • Tennis coach beginners to advanced players, private and group sessions
  • Academy founder & manager

Sept 2011 – Aug 2015 AMTSP tennis Academy

  • Senior Coach. 2013 – 2015
  • Assistant coach 2011-2013

2009 – 2012 Golf club Bourbon

  • Assistant coach


Moreover, as i graduated from a prestigious business school in Paris , and have working experience in international groups,  i have a business oriented mind.  A customer who is improving, feels it and can verbalize it is a customer who will come back for more lessons and will be happy to do so. High quality standard leads to good business.  High quality standards means good content on the the court , and also off the court.

I teach tennis in a holistic way , which means i can equally work on the technical, tactical, physical and mental leverages according to my analysis of the student needs. After validating my plan to help him/her to improve his/her game, I then propose the teaching plan and we validate together so the student is an actor of his game.

I also ran my own academy for 3 years in France before i came to China, starting with 32 students in 2015 to 112 , 2 years after (key figures available on the french tennis federation  (FFT) website.

Situation is for now idling in China, and i am ready for another experience, specially in Asia as i feel really adapted and adopted here.