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Bryceton LeFlore - Tennis Professional


My goal in being a tennis coach is to share all that I have learned to help all my students live happier lives and unleash their potential that lies hidden deep within.

  • 7 Years Coaching Experience.
  • NCAA Tennis Player
  • Trained by world renowed coaches Steve Smith and Jofre Porta.
  • PTR Coaching Certification.
  • Helped 100,000 people improve their tennis game online.

Further information

PTR Tennis Certificate

I am very interested and in deeply driven in tennis and its application for education. I think tennis is a great medium for personal development and inner growth and my goal is to inspire the best in all the students that I coach.

I am interested in all aspects of tennis and take great inspirtation from my time playing tennis as a junior and also my experience learning and working with great tennis coaches and players all around the world. Most notably studying the great base system with Steve Smith, working at the Delray Beach Tennis Center, and my time studying at Global Tennis Academy with former Rafael Nadal Coach Jofre Porta.

I love teaching, building a connections with students, and meeting them where they are and giving them what they individually need to get better. One quote that guides my tennis coaching is: “tennis is a mircrocosm of life”. What happens on the tennis court is often what’s happenning inside and I seek to teach the whole person and help them overcome their battles inside and out. I have specific focus on awareness, mindulfness and inner game coaching.

In addition, I love all aspects of tennis from playing to simply being around the game and I am always trying to learn more about tennis in any way I can from courses, books, and fitness/ tennis techinque classes. I also am continually working to refine my delivery and learn the secrets of effective teaching to better understand how I can be a better coach and mentor.

Furthermore, I think video is a very powerful tool for teaching tennis and I am also very interested in the art of video analysis, video editing and film making and its applicatoins for teaching people how to improve their tennis game online.

My hobbies are i love  anything related to being creative, I love to learn, travel, read, create videos, journaling, and most of all tennis!

Please Refer To My Youtube Channel With The Link Below.




Global Tennis Team Training

Was personally mentored by the coach of world-renowned, and former world number 1 player Rafael Nadal, and owner of Global Tennis Academy Jofre Porta. He taught me the insides and outsides of competitive tennis coaching, and groundbreaking methods of allowing players to develop their skills. This experience greatly enhanced my knowledge of all aspects of tennis as well as organizing practice schedules, and competitive player development as well as how to lead teams. Please Refer to my podcast with Jofre Porta Below.

Great Base Tennis Mentorship

I trained and learned from famous tennis coach Steve Smith in Delray Beach Florida. He has worked with players that have won NCAA championships, and played professional tennis. He taught me the insides and outsides of the Great Base method and this helped me gain a very nuanced understanding of developing an excellent fundamental and technical base with students. Also, this exposed me to tennis at the highest level. Please Review his website and a podcast a made with someone who studied the great base system with me for more information.

15 Love Tennis

started a tennis coaching business in my community. I created a program that emphasized all aspects of player and personal development. My program included tennis instruction, drills, tournaments, match-play, and personal development. I am very passionate about helping people but especially kids and young adults be all they can be, and my tennis program reflected that.

High School Tennis Coach- Bay High School

I was the high school tennis team coach for a high school in Bay Saint Louis Mississippi. This job was very meaningful for me because I got the opportunity to be the tennis coach of my old high school team, and we were able to turn around our tennis team from a losing program to making the Mississippi state playoffs second round. In this job we did lots of drills fitness and personal mentorship to help the kids learn grow learn and be their best. I try to meet students were they are and give them what they need to grow!

Tennis Pro- Bluewater Bay Tennis Club

I worked in all aspects of the tennis club such as club management, front desk, and court maintenance. Further, I worked as a tennis instructor. I taught students of all levels from adults to juniors, and ran the tennis club’s junior tennis academy.

Tennis coach – University of Mississippi

I worked coaching players at all different levels at The University of Mississippi tennis camp. I taught players mechanics of the serve, ground strokes, footwork, ball placement, power, and conditioning.


My son LOVES Coach Bryceton. He is young and fun but firm with the kids and very knowledgeable in tennis. He has tons of patience and takes the time to teach each student the specific skills they need. We look forward to lessons each week.

Jeni Ward / Client


This young professional is such a pleasure to work with. He is able to effectively manage groups of students of different ages, skill levels, and varying attention spans. The well-rounded lessons go beyond basic tennis, including warm-up, stretching, skill drills, and sports psychology. His great report with adults and kids makes learning tennis fun. I would highly recommend Bryceton!

Amy Thomas


Bruceton has a superb rapport with his students. He walks the fine line of being a strict coach but still a fun, inspiring leader. All of the kids look forward to his lessons, and with his guidance, they are improving in skill and confidence every week.

Laura Cordeiro


My daughter is a beginner tennis player. She's taken lessons from a couple of other coaches in the past and Bryceton has by far done the best job of explaining the proper technique to her in fun and memorable ways. She takes lessons in a group setting with 4 other kids (mostly middle school age) and I've been impressed with his ability to manage all of them. I was particularly happy to hear him address good sportsmanship when things were getting a little rowdy.

Anna Fallon