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Christian 'Kiko' Fernandez - Tennis Coach


Christian Fernandez

Tennis coach since 1992 training players of all levels, from beginners to ATP Challenger-level including female and male players. As a highly motivated and proactive coach, and having worked with both high-level and beginner-level kids and adults, I consider myself to have the necessary experience and skills to ensure different tennis programs


1994: “National Tennis Teacher”. Universidad Nacional de Buenos Aires. Certification issued by Ministerio de Educacio n y Cultura de la Nacion

1998: “AAT Internationational Congress – Technical Training”. Lecturer: Richard Schonborn. Argentina

1997: “Biomechanics Applied to Tennis”. Lecturer: Daria Kopszyc / Fernando Segal

1997: “Tennis players and coaches Argentinian Symposium”. Several lecturers. Buenos Aires Lawn Tenis Club, Argentina

1998: “Tennis players and coaches Argentinian Symposium”. Several lecturers. Asociacio n Argetnina de Tenis AAT, Argentina

1999: “Tennis players and coaches Argentinian Symposium”. Several lecturers. Tenis Club Argentino de Olivos, Argentina

2000: “Tennis players and coaches Argentinian Symposium”. Several lecturers. Club Vilas, Argentina

Coaching times & fees
  • Please contact Christian direct via email or WhatsApp.
  • He can be contacted via WhatsApp on +5491159973103
  • Or you can contact him using email on kikofernande@hotmail.com




  • 1999: Astrid Bowl U-14 Boys Team (Belgica)
  • 2001: Captain of Argentinian Boys U-14 Team in COSAT Tour (tournaments in Venezuela, Colombia, Peru , Ecuador, Bolivia)
  • 2002: Saint Polten and Villach U-18 Boys Team (Austria)

‎‎‎‎Travelled around the world for 20 years, accompanying players while coaching them, having visited 44 countries in a time where you had to switch from one country to another to keep playing tournaments (different as today, where there are series of tournaments in Resorts like in Tunez, Greece, Egypt, Turkey, etc. and you can play them while staying in the same place for several weeks). I used to travel with men and women players, from the lowest Junior Skill level to the professional level including Challenger level.

  • 1992 – PRESENT: Coach – Club Atletico Defensores Unidos (Zárate)
  • 1994 – 1998 and 2018 – PRESENT: Coach – Tenis Club Zárate, (Zárate)
  • 2006 – 2016: Coach – Casco Country Club (Zárate)

Players Coached:

Antonio Pastorino (Argentina): Tennis coach from 1992 to 2002, worked with him from his formative stages until professional level. Actually, he is Hugo Dellien’s Coach (Bolivian ATP Player Ranking 84). I coached him during his junior stage, when he was ranked national number 1 junior tennis player from Argentina during several years, and in his professional stage in the ATP Tour. My work with him includes:

  • Under-14 (1996): participated in South American Tour (U-14) also in the European Junior Tennis Tour, achieving championship title in Paris (France). That year we also qualified and represented Argentina in the ITF Junior World Tennis Cup 1996 in Nagoya (Japan), winning the title alongside Guillermo Coria and David Nalbandian.
  • Under-16 and Under-18 (1998): participated South American Tour (U-18) also in the European Junior Tennis Tour (U-16), winning titles in Italy and France including the tournament in L’Avvenire d’Italia, considered the most important tournament in U-16 Tour. Also participated and achieved second place in Orange Bowl in Miami (USA), losing Tommy Robredoin the final.
  • ITF Junior (1999): Was ranked top-25 in the ITF Junior Tennis Ranking, with highlights of reaching semifinals in Paraguay and in the Banana Bowl (Brasil). Also participated and reached Round of 16 in Roland Garros Junior.
  • Professional: Participated and won several Futures tournaments both in Singles and Doubles, and also played several Challengers Tournaments. Was ranked 317 on the Singles ATP Tour Ranking

Micaela Morán (Argentina): Tennis coach from 1998 to 2005. Ranked top-400 WTA ranking and former national number 1 junior girls tennis player in the U-14, U-16 and U-18 Argentina Junior Ranking.

Jhonatan Medina-Álvarez (Venezuela): Worked with him from 2004 to 2006, travelling to several futures and challengers tournament around the world, winning several futures in singles and doubles and also participating in the Davis Cup Venezuelan team.

Ornella Garavani (Argentina): Tennis coach from 2012 to 2017. Ranked 81 in ITF girls Junior ranking while being ranked number 1 in the U-14, U-16 and U-18 Argentina Junior Ranking.

Santiago Rodriguez Taverna (Argentina): Tennis coach from August 2020 to March 2021, currently ranked 206 in ATP Tour ranking.


My name is Martin Alund and I´m a former tennis professional and actual tennis coach. I have the privilege to be currently on the position of Head of Professionals and Juniors Elite at IMG Academy located in Bradenton, Florida. As a tennis professional I´ve reached the position number 84 in the ATP singles in 2013. Under my guidance as a coach I have the responsibility to keep the name of my academy in the highest as it always has been. IMG is known as the best academy in the world with many former #1 players in the world both juniors and professionals. I was asked to give my expert opinion on whether Mr. Christian Fernandez meets the definition of extraordinary ability in professional tennis instruction. I can confirm that Christian Fernandez requires the extraordinary ability that is needed to build the future champions. Christian is in the select group of people who are considered “top of the field”. I´ve known Christian for 25 years I can confirm that in the past, he has helped many different players around the world to achieve their dreams, helping them to be not only top professionals players but also better persons. As a coach of the one the best tennis academy of the world and as a former professional I know how important is to have an expert like Christian to be on the top of the field. That’s why I would like to give my support to Mr. Christian Fernandez to achieve his VISA to work in United States.

Martin Alund


To whom it may concern, My name is Micaela Moran from Argentina and I am writing this letter in support of Christian Roberto Fernandez, a former tennis player and ITF coach from Zárate, Buenos Aires, Argentina, who is current professional coach since 1992 travelling for many years around the world in different levels passing through juniors to ATP challengers. I am a retired professional tennis player from Argentina, where I was the top player for several years in juniors under 14, 16 and 18. As a junior tennis player, I was ranked #61 in the world ITF Ranking. I played on the ITF and WTA Tours, achieving a high ranking of #430 in the world WTA Ranking. I also represented Argentina in Junior world Cup under 14 and under 16 play and other international events, such as many futures and other ITF tournaments. During the period of 1998 / 2005 Christian Roberto Fernandez was my coach, training and traveling with me in the junior and professional circuit. I achieved my best results during the period that I worked with him. I can attest that Christian Roberto is an extraordinary coach at the international level. Christian Roberto has also worked with other players, who went on to play tennis in the Junior and professional international tour, and is currently working with several top juniors at CADU and Tenis Club Zárate premier tennis facility, where he is the Director of Tennis. His experience as a player at the highest National levels of the sport and his experience with international junior and professional ATP Tours make him a very desirable tennis coach. He has proven to be an extraordinary international tennis coach. In Argentina, he is highly regarded and has been named to coach the most prestigious teams in the country, after turning professional, I sought Christian Roberto tennis experience and motivation and benefited from his tennis skills. Due to his vast experience in the international tennis circuit, he was able to provide an inside knowledge of the sport that most coaches lack. That familiarity, awareness, and understanding of the sport greatly motivate the students. I very much support Christian’s efforts to obtain an O-1 visa to work as a coach in the United States. As a former professional tennis player and someone who has been involved in tennis all my life, I can state that Christian Roberto is a coach of extraordinary ability who will succeed anywhere in the world. He will be a valuable asset to any club in the U.S.

Micaela Moran


I am David Nalbandian from Argentina, former professional tennis player, I played on the ATP Tour from 2000 until my retirement in 2013. I reached the highest ranking in singles of world No. 3 in March 2006, was runner-up in the singles event at the 2002 Wimbledon Championships. During my career, I won 11 singles titles, including the Tennis Masters Cup in 2005 defeating Roger Federer in the fifth set and also I won two Masters 1000 tournaments. I am the only male Argentinean player in history who ever reached the semifinals or better at all four Grand Slam tournaments and reached the men's singles final at Wimbledon. I was a member of the Argentinian Davis Cup team who reached the finals of the World Group in 2006, 2008 and 2011. As a junior, I have reached as high as No. 3 in the world in December 1998 (and No. 5 in doubles in 2000), soon after winning the US Open boys' singles final over Roger Federer. In 1996 I won the ITF World Junior Tennis for players aged 14 held in Nagoya, Japan, this was the most important team competition, in this team played Guillermo Coria and Antonio Pastorino. In South America I reached the ranking No. 1 in categories 14 and 16 and in my country, I won every category as a junior since my 12 until 18 years old, reaching the highest ranking in singles No. 1. I have known Christian Roberto Fernandez since my childhood when I was 11 years old, and I got to know him very well because we traveling all around our country and South American Tour also the North American tour in tournaments like Orange Bowl and Eddie Herr. He and I have kept in touch ever since. One thing that strikes me the most about Christian Roberto is the amount of dedication and work ethic that he puts into his work, he is very passionate and personable and always went out of his way to help everyone he works with, not to mention he is also a great person to hang out as well. I know that Christian Roberto was very instrumental in developing some of the best tennis players that came out of Argentina such as ATP tennis player Antonio Pastorino former 329 ATP and Santiago Taverna currently 163 ATP singles ranking and many others that went on to play high College level in the US. Christian Roberto mentioned to me that he will get the opportunity to work in the United States at the Louisville Tennis Club in Kentucky. With all my experience and having been in the high spheres of world tennis I can strongly and confidently say that Christian Roberto would be a great addition to any program, and they would be very fortunate to have him on their staff. Please feel free to reach out to me if you need any additional information in regards of Christian Roberto.

David Nalbandian, Former No. 3 ATP Player