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Aleksa Djordjevic


My name is Aleksa Djordjevic, I am 24 years old, have been playing tennis from 6 years old up to 19 and than i started to work like a coach and I am looking for the next step in my coaching career. I am interested in long term opportunities

I trained in Novi Sad when I was 8 years old, I started playing tournaments, then I played ETA, ITF junior and senior tournaments, then I continued to work in Novi Sad at TA Conkic, first as a sparring partner for 2 years and then as a coach. I liked to watch sports basketball and tenis the most 


I had experience in work with a cild under 10 to work with a competition players between 10 and 16 and also to work with a juniors and seniors players and follow them to tournaments

Won some ETA tournaments with my player work with a best in Serbia under 12 and 14 i top 10 on ETA under 14

Like a player i was first in Serbia under 16 and 18, won ETA under 16 and player 50 professional matches