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Ali Abbas - Tennis Coach


Ali Abbas

I am from Argentina and Originally from Lebanon, I am married with one daughter. I am a tennis instructor and player,  I started playing tennis since the age of 16, along with Football which was my major sports game since I was a kid, I shifted to Tennis because I simply love tennis sports, it maintained my health, fitness, strength and agility. Since 2009 I am a tennis Instructor giving tennis classes to all age categories (Kids, Women , Men , and mainly advanced Tennis players).

I am looking forward to join one of the big clubs/academies in the world, mainly in the middle east region as a tennis instructor.


Achievements and Trophies ( 2009-2017) , Jeddah , Saudi Arabia

  • Winning the championship of the tennis team cup challenge ( ASTEC tournament) for the category mix title in 2010
  • Winning the title of best single player in single games at the tennis team cup challenge ( ASTEC tournament ) in 2010
  • Reaching the semifinalist for the tennis team cup challenge group for B level category ( ASTEC tournament ) in 2011
  • Runner up for the doubles category in Raymes Sports challenge tennis tournament in 2011
  • Reaching the finalist for the tennis team cup  challenge group for B level ( ASTEC tournament ) in 2012
  • Winning the mix double category for Raytheon sports challenge tennis cup in 2013
  • Reaching the quarter final stage for Men singles division in the Saudi Arabia federation tennis cup championship in 2014 and that was one of my biggest achievements.

Achievements and Trophies ( 2018-2021) , Beirut , Lebanon

  • Participating in the ITF ( International tennis federation) veterans tournament for senior level age  ( 35+ till 40) in DCC ( Lebanon ) , reaching  the semifinal stage and  losing against the tournament champion ( ranked number 1 in Lebanon ) for the same age category.


  • Certificate of National play tennis coach level, earned from the Lebanese tennis federation in association with ITF ( International Tennis Federation) in 2022.
  • Attended in “National Play Tennis” course held in A.G.B.U – Antranik Youth Association
  • Completed the ITF Play Tennis course  (May, 2022)

Coaching times & fees
  • Please contact Ali direct via email or Whatsapp.
  • He can be contacted via Whatsapp on +9613897626
  • Or you can contact him using email on ali.ismail.abbas@gmail.com



Further information

Member of Renaissence sporting club in Beirut.

In my tennis career life I have participated  in a lot of tournaments in KSA and Lebanon I had great achievement and results in all categories as single, doubles, mix doubles and team group challenge tournaments. For example, Winning the championship of the tennis cup challenge (ASTEC tournament for the category mix ) and had the title of the best singles in single games for the same category for the same tournament in 2010. Also another great achievement for me lately  is participating in the ITF ( International tennis federation) veterans tournament  for senior level age  (35-40) in DCC ( Lebanon ) and reaching to the semifinal stage losing against the tournament champion (ranked number 1 in Lebanon) for the same age category.

After I graduated in 2004 I traveled to Saudi Arabia to start working there and I dedicated most of my time towards playing and started coaching tennis to my close friends and colleagues. In 2009 I joined the ABG group and got introduced to my Head coach (Mr Meloti), I have gained so much experience from him in terms of academic coaching, I also joined the group team to play in a lot of tournaments sponsored by the ABG (American Business Group), In 2013 I built up my network and started to give tennis lessons under the super vision of my head coach.


Jan 2013 –present: Tennis Coach in Jeddah KSA & Beirut Lebanon

Major Responsibilities:

  • Assisting students in developing and improving various tennis skills
  • Assessing students tennis skills to determine areas in need of improvement.
  • Coordinating and conducting individual and group tennis lessons.
  • Developing suitable training program for students based on their age , objectives , and individual skillsets.
  • Developing innovative ways to assist beginner or younger students in learning and remembering the rules of the game.
  • Identifying the learning styles that work best for each student and adapting all coaching methods accordingly
  • Providing a secure and productive learning environment for students
  • Scheduling meeting with students parents to discuss their progress
  • Attending students tennis matches , competitions , and tournaments as required.


Ali was introduced to me and the American Business Group of Jeddah (ABJ) Tennis Team in 2009, by another member of the AB]. After trying out successfully for a spot on our team, Ali immediately joined ABJ and since 2009 has played weekly with our team and in each annual competition that is held between AB) and our British counterparts, the British Business Group of Jeddah (BBG). In the time Ali has played on our team, a team I captain, he has lost only one match, winning all matches with a steadily improving doubles game. Ali is first and foremost a Singles player, but he has learned to become a solid doubles player, Mixed Doubles in particular. He and his Mixed Doubles partner, Nadia Abu Elsaud, have been undefeated in tournament play for the past 4 years, having also just won the 2013 annual Raytheon Tennis Sport Challenge. In the time I have known Ali, he has also become interested in coaching and has taken on some students to teach and train the past 2 years. If Ali were able to stay in Jeddah I would gladly undertake to mentor him into the United States Professional Tennis Association. All of us on the ABJ Tennis team of Jeddah will be sad to see Ali leave Jeddah, and it is our hope he may one day relocate back to Jeddah. In the meantime, | am sure Ali will be looking for a tennis club or group to join. I respectfully request that you afford him every courtesy and consideration. He is an excellent player and a wonderful person. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me on momelotti@yahoo.com

Morris V. Melotti, USPTA Tennis Professional