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Braimoh Musa - Tennis Coach


Braimoh Musa

I’m a tennis player, coach and fitness instructor. I also organize tennis events like tournaments, grassroots training and tennis clinic. I’m the owner of New Vision Sports Development.

  • Tennis coaching certificate from heirricher tennis verbad Offenbach Germany 1998
  • Certified PTR coaching certificate 2019

Coaching times & fees
  • Please contact Braimoh direct via email or Whatsapp.
  • He can be contacted via Whatsapp on +9728033022998
  • Or you can contact him using email on afro_boris@yahoo.com


Further information
  • TV Ashafemborg Professional Tennis Tennis Club
  • Grune Wiess Fulda
  • Germany Tennis Club Abstard
  • Germany British International School. Lagos Nigeria
  • Lagos Lawn Tennis Club
  • Mainland Tennis Club
  • Police Officers Mess Tennis Club Onikan


Swimming, Music and Football

  •  1991-1992: Sweden Embassy: Post held: Tennis Coach
  • 1992-1994: Garman Embassy: Post held: Tennis Coach
  • 1995: TV Ashafemborg Professional Tennis, Germany: Post Held: Tennis Instructor
  • 1995-1997: Tennis Club, Grune Wiess Fulda, Germany: Post held: Tennis Instructor
  • 1998: Tennis training Certificate from Heirricher Tennis, Verband Offenbach, Germany: Post held: tennis Instructor
  • 1998-1999Tennis Club Abstard, Germany: Post Held: tennis Instructor
  • 2004-2006German International, lagos Nigeria: Post held: Tennis Instructor
  • 2006-2009: British International School. Lagos Nigeria: Post Held: tennis Instructor


This is to confirm and to reference that Mr Braimoh Musa is well known to me. I have known him for over period of fifteen year. He is a professional colleague as a tennis coach and a very good friend. He has being a very good coach who is contributing to the development of tennis in Nigeria. He owns his tennis training arm. He is very passionate with impacting knowledge to kids and adults. This passion makes him to be giving tennis training to the kids from humble background for free. He is very good and knowledgeable. He trains three of my kid in Nigeria of which they are doing excellently well at the national level in the 10 Under and 12 Under category respectively. Aside from my kids, there are other kids under him that are doing well. He is a very good resource to the Professional Tennis Coaches Association of Nigeria (PTCAN) of which I am a member. I can vouch for his hard work, trust, efficiency and effectiveness. I will recommend him for any assistance that can be rendered to me. Please, feel free to contact me if there is need for any other information about him

Abel Ubiebi, AMNIM ITF / PTR Certified Tennis Pro & Tester


I herewith declared that the bearer Braimoh Musa has been known to me for over a period of more than ten years. He is a humble and a committed personality with passion for grassroots tennis development. He has been very resourceful to tennis development in Afemai Recreatino Club and Etsako west Local Government Area all in Edo state. Also, he is very acquainted with the official language of her country, Nigeria, which is English. I hereby recommend him for any possible assistance.

Yekeni Oshomah Sadoh