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Henrik Hakansson - Tennis Coach


Henrik Håkansson

  • High Performance Tennis Coach
  • Founder/Owner Scandinavian Tennis Academy.
  • hakanssonhenrik@hotmail.com
  • Tel:nr: +47 94146446



  • Mentors and Leaderships education SISU
  • Have been education leader for the Swedish Tennis association,
  • Södermanlands Tennisförbund following courses:
  • GTU-Grundlæggande trenar education.
  • TLK 1-Tennisledarkurs 1
  • TLK 2 – Tennisledarkurs 2
  • TK 1 – Trenar kurs 1

Have done all Swedens educations.

  • Stage 1
  • Stage 2
  • + Swedens Highest educations:
  • TK 2 Tränarkurs 2
  • TK 3 Tränarkurs 3

Further educations:

  • Førbunds domar kurs
  • Distrikt tävlings ledar kurs
  • Førbunds tävlings ledar kurs.

Been participating:

  • All Swedish Tennis Symposiums & Norwegian Coaching Conferences during last 15 years.

Coaching times & fees
  • PT lessons
  • DUO lessons
  • Group lessons
  • Dropin lesson
  • Consulting lesson, arrangement of tennis trips, Camps, weekend Camps. 



Further information
  • Norwegian Tennis Federation
  • Swedish Tennis Federation
  • FIR-Racketlon International Federation of Racketlon

I have always been passionated and loved racketsports, expecially tennis. I was as highest ranked 10th in the world in Racketlon (Tennis, Squash, Badminton, Table tennis)
Im 2 time world champion for teams & 1 time Runner up in the world championships for doubles. I
My hobbies & Interest: love to travel and keep developing and Improving my knowledge and skills as a professional tennis coach.



Have been participated at hundreds of speakers’ lectures last 20 years often focusing on: training methods, mentoring and leadership, periodization & create training plannes, Mental training, How to Perform, Children’s sports, Girls’ sports, diet (nutritional physiology), speed & strength training. From minitennis-tennis elite, tennis specific physical training. Marketing & Sponsor development, Sales, club development, etc


Has been mainly responsible for 18 years in total for the preparation of clay courts for outdoors season, Responsible for preparation in Karlshamns Tennis club 3 years, Tennis club Hobby Eskilstuna 5 years, Ronneby Tennis club 7 years. Bergen Tennis Club 1 year. South Angby Summer Tennis Club 2 Years.

Different Project:

Was part of a 3 years project together with:

Stefan Edberg former top 1 in the world. Stefan was tennis coach in the same time 2 of this 3 years as we had this project for Roger Federer.
Magnus Larsson former top 10 player in the world and former Davis Cup captein.

Carl Axel Hageskog former Davis Cup Captein 19 years for Sweden and coach for Mats Willander Wr 1. , Anders Järryd Double wr. 1. and Magnus Larsson Top 10 in world.

Integration project:

Sports injuries: The beginning of the 1990s. Practiced at a sports injury clinic.
Worked as an hourly employee at a physiotherapist bath (rehabilitation).


1989-1992 Nurse Nursing line 3-year Karlskrona.

1994-1995 Educated Airport Fireman F17 Kallinge, Ronneby. HH got highest grades of all firemans that got educated during that period.
1996-1997 Was playing full time tennis in United States  in Auburn University. Did not study only practise tennis 6 days a week 2 times a day+ Physical training.
1997 Full time Practise at Karlskrona Tennisclub, worked with all kind of players, Minitennis, Tennisschool and junior Tournament players at highest Swedish top level.
1998. Worked 13th hours a week in Halmstad, Söndrums Tennisclub during a period then I was studying Natur-Tekniskt basår . Did work as a tenniscoach and was a sparring partner to a several of the top juniors players in the club. For an example Sofia Arvidsson sweden number 1 and Junior Grandslam finalist 2001, Sofias best world ranking 29th place in the world among ladies seniors.
1999 Worked in Kalmar Tennisclub. Studying to gymnasium teacher Mathemathic + Chemistry. But finished after 1 year of studying to work with professional tennis full time.
2000 Tennis coaching 1 year in Luxembourg, was teaching players, language English & German.
2001-2004 Tenniscoaching fulltime was coaching the best juniors in Olofström, Karlshamn and Ronneby,. In Kalle Anka Cup 4 of 6 players from Blekinge representing Kalle Anka come from the team Henrik was responsible for.
2004 Was trying proffesional as a racketlonplayer best world ranking 10th in the world. Has become 2 times world champion in teams and 1 time 2nd place in the world doubles. One of very few player that was undefeated representing the national team of Sweden. Was coaching adults and juniors in Enskede Tennisclub and practising racketlon fulltime 6 days a week 2 times a day. Was having tenniscamps for juniors summer times.
2005-2007 Education responsible for Södermanlands Tennisfederation 2005-2010.  Was working fulltime as a tenniscoach in TK Hobby Eskilstuna.
Was coaching all kind of categories and also all the top juniors players in the club.
2010-2017 Was headcoach in Ronneby Tennisclub.
2016- started Scandinavian Tennis Academy www.scandinaviantennisacademy.com and www.tennistravels4you.com.
2018- Tennis coach in Stockholm. Working with several eliteplayers and combinating this with helping different tennisclubs as a tennis consult.
2018 April get headhunted to Norway by a tennis agent that did contact me,
2018 13 Augusti – 2021 31 Juli  Headcoach for Nestun Tennis club, Bergen.
2021 1 Augusti – 2023 1 October Scandinavian Tennis Academy
Have been a personal coach and mentor for several top juniors in the county and in Sweden.
Short about myself as a tennis player: Have been playing in the highest league outdoor in Swedens div 1. As best 2:nd place. Have been playing in the German leaugue, Erste regionallige.
Has long experience as a tennis trainer/coach. been involved in developing a number of Swedish champions, ATP ranked and WTA ranked players with both Davis Cup and Fed Cup experience, as well as finalists and

I can work with tennis at ATP, WTA level. Building up a great fundamentals at ALL levels, juniors, adults and competitive players. Everything from happy amateurs to more hard-working elite players

Have been putting a lot of effort on studying and analyzing High Performance Tennis: Self Development. Have been studying the best players, coaches, Academies  18000 hours last 15 years.
One of my biggest strenght is to see details and working individual with each player. And founding details that makes the difference between Good and Great.


I was Head coach Ronneby Tennis Club 2010-2017

Staffan Sundås, President Ronneby Tennisclub, Tel:nr: +46733202085


I was Head coach at Nestun Tennis club 2018-2021

Tine Eike Nilsen, Centre leader Aktiv 365, Nestun TK.Tel:nr: +47 91626388


I was Head coach at Bergens Tennis Club 2021-2022

Clus Gundersen, Former Preseident Bergen Tennis Club Tel:nr +47 90166005