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Stefano Rieti - Tennis Coach


Stefano Rieti

I’m Stefano, I’m 27 and I’ve been working as a tennis coach in Milan for 5 years. I have worked in any sector from beginner to pro level, kids to adults. Currently I manage the competitive sector of the Junior Tennis Club Milano.
I got a high level Italian. (Top 150 Italy) I am also a hitting partner and I take care of private lessons. I am very ambitious with a strong character and I empathize a lot with boys. Before coaching a player I know the person in front of me, communication and relationship comes first. Hope to see you on the pitch with me soon!


Professional Italian Graduation level 2

Coaching times & fees
  • Please contact Stefano direct via email or Whatsapp.
  • He can be contacted via Whatsapp on +39 3314464705
  • Or you can contact him using email on Stefano.rieti@outlook.it


Further information

Junior Tennis Milano

I like the idea of gaining experiences abroad and seeing other training realities

  • Director of tennis school kids in sporting club Paderno d’Adda
  • Hitting partner for Tennis Club Bergamo
  • Assistant coach Sporting Club Malaspina
  • Master of competitive sector Junior tennis Milano
  • Hitting Partner Junior Tennis Milano
  • Private Coach Junior Tennis Milano


I met Stefano as a player and as a coach, He has a strong character, during the championship he was the one who created team spirit. Unfortunately, due to his injuries he was unable to give the best of his potential but the determination and intensity with which he faces a match also passes it on to his students. he is one of the hitting partners who has managed to convey something to me more than others. He is a very simple guy who knows how to entertain and at the same time he has the seriousness to make you work properly.

Matteo Battaglia (training partner)


I am writing this letter to recommend Stefano Rieti as tennis coach. I have known Stefano since 2019 when I became his supervisor as Head of the Professional Sector. Stefano is very talented and ambitious, highly motivated and with a great passion for his job - working with him is definitely a privilege. He is very organized, committed, and professional in the way he handles his lessons. He is a tireless worker and stands out for his philosophy and practice preparation - through his positive attitude and creativity in continuously inventing different and fun exercises the young athletes are always stimulated and never bored of the intense workouts. He has played a key role in helping many of our most promising players grow to the next level not only from a technical point of view but also by working with them on team building and attitude on the court. All our athletes are extremely satisfied of his training method and in general I can say Stefano is a point of reference for all our staff.

Fantasio Piscopo (responsible for the competitive sector)


To whom it may concern, I have had the pleasure to have Stefano as my tennis teacher for the past four years. Since I started taking lessons with him my tennis improved significantly – his method of teaching is very effective as he not only pays attention to improving the technique and the elegancy of the movement but also to the tennis game as a whole, working on tactical awareness and strategy. Thanks to him, my passion for the game has increased and I have also reached a level where I am now able to enjoy myself alot more. From a technical point of view my ground strokes are more consistent and accurate thanks to the exercises he makes me carry out regularly and also, I have changed my way of engaging my entire body and moving more my legs. My game has definitely benefitted from all of this. Stefano is very passionate about his work, and he is able to transmit this to his students in a nice, friendly way, making you "sweat" through the lessons in an enjoyable manner. Every time I finish my lesson, I am already looking forward to the next one!

Camilla Bagna (student)