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Chuck Volland - Tennis Coach


Chuck Volland

I am passionate about Tennis because it is physically challenging, tough to master , you can always improve with effort and like in life, you get back what you put into it . I have played for over 45 years yet I continue to work on my game and I believe I am able to pass this desire to improve on to my students by leading by example!

  • USPTA certified Pro since 1976
  • Former Hartland High Varsity Tennis Coach for the 6 years
  • Head Tennis Pro Bonita Beach &Tennis Club 2018 – present

Coaching times & fees

Lesson and clinic prices please call or mail

Further information
  • Hartland High School , Hartland ,MI.
  • South Lyon East H.S.
  • Wessen  Indoor Tennis Club, Pontiac , Mi.
  • Bonita Beach& Tennis Club , Bonita Springs , FL. Find Tennis Lessons. Com pro

  • Here is Chuck and some of his students…

  • Currently Hartland High Varsity Tennis Coach 6 years
  • Bonita Beach &Tennis Club Head Tennis Pro
  • Boyne Tennis Academy Pro
  • Former Head Pro Forest Lake Country Club
  • Former Director of Tennis Schoolcraft College


Chuck Volland is one of those rare tennis individuals who in addition to being an accomplished player, is also an excellent teacher of the game. Over the past several years, I have taken serving lessons from a number of area professionals. I was struggling with the mechanics of the serve and was not experiencing the anticipated success with my instructions. Chuck Volland spent some time helping me with addressing the apparent flaws and the transformation was almost immediate. I believe in my heart, that some people have a gift of communicating how to improve one's athletic skills. Chuck Volland is one of those people. I am always grateful for what he did for my serve and would recommend him to anyone for help in their game without hesitation.

Chuck Young


Chuck Volland has been my coach for four years and he has taught me everything I know about tennis . His teaching techniques are great and he will advise you personally in how to improve your game all while making tennis fun and enjoyable. I would recommend him to beginning and experienced players alike!

Anna Bredin