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Danniel Ruyange - Tennis Coach


Danniel Ruyange

Danniel Ruyange, Head Coach ROL TENNIS ACADEMY established in the year 2012. Coming from a family of sports persons, I was a former juniors and Senior National Champion. And as a former player who has dreams of developing and nurturing the young and the youth into future tennis stars.


I pursued a certificate in Cisco Certified Network (CCNA) at Makerere University Kampala, Uganda. My passion being lawn tennis, after I specialized obtaining Level 1 certificates from: 

International Tennis Federation (ITF)

Uganda Tennis Association (UTA)

Uganda Olympic Committee (UOC) 

Modern Tennis Methodology (MTM)

Coaching times & fees


I am looking at a monthly wage of 1000 to 2000 (Euros) depending on the hours / categories I will be working with.


To be a coach is a calling to me and it’s a career. And like I said before and will always say it, I am purposely driven by love and passion for the sport and teaching it. Therefore i would love to share my, life experience both positive and negative, knowledge and passion to the other parts of the world (Europe mainly) since I come from a third world country of Africa. Therefore I would love to promote and contribute human / player development on an individual and global scale.


Further information

I am personal affiliated to the following Sports bodies in Uganda and the rest of the world;

Uganda Tennis Federation (UTA)

Uganda Olympic Committee (UOC)

National Council of Sports (NCS)

Modern Tennis Methodology (MTM)

International Tennis Federation (ITF)



Ladies singles and mixed Club Team league coordinator

Introducing a structured development program

Physical fitness

Enhancing and developing talent

Maintaining discipline and teamwork

Coordinating and Organizing holiday school clinics

Development programmes

Producing daily, weekly and monthly reports

Coordinating and Organizing junior tennis tournaments

Identifying, selecting and training of school team players.

Scouting of talent

Maintaining discipline and teamwork

Producing winning teams


My Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) is love, passion, creating friendships, connections and cultivating lasting relationships for tennis and the urge of producing many good players as laid down to unprecedented ambition to address a myriad of problems faced by Children interested in joining sporting activities.