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David Talon


I am a Spanish professional tennis coach and fitness tennis coach with over 10 years experience coaching from beginners to high performance tennis players (ATP, WTA and ITF), working all over the world.

I hold a bachelor degree in Sport Science and Physical activity and an official Postgraduate master degree in Development, Performance and Innovation in Tennis by Camilo José Cela University, one of the most recognized college programs in Europe.

My philosophy is prepare and educate first the person, then the player. My method is base on creating the right atmosphere between coach and player, build the best communication, help the player to develop their fundamental skills and strengthen their potential game style to allow them to become their best competitor version.

My strongest human values are commitment, respect, positivity, discipline effort and passion.


Coaching Qualifications

  • Tennis Coach Level 1 by Spanish Royal Federation (RFET) 2015


  • Tennis Coach Level 1 International Tennis Federation (ITF) 2015


  • Global Professional Tennis Coach Association (GPTCA) Level C   2021


  • Global Professional Tennis Coach Association (GPTCA) Level B  2022


  • Professional Tennis Director by International Registry of Tennis Professionals (RPT) 2022



  • Head Professional by European Registry of Tennis Professionals (RPT) 2022


  • Director de Tenis by Registro Profesional de Tenis (RPT) 2022


  • Professional Tennis Director by International Coaches Institute 2022


  • Level III Coach by ESTESS Athletic University 2023


  • Tennis Coach by Professional Tennis Coaches Association (PTCA) 2023


  • Elite Professional Coach by United States Professional Tennis Association(USPTA) 2023

I am passionate about psicology, about how our mind works. We must understand first that we have thoughts and these thoughts generates emotions by images and these emotions produce mental strategies causing behaviours that will conclude in a final result.

If I translate it to tennis, our sport, as a tennis coach I will create positive thoughts in my player, bringing on positive emotions and giving us the famous confidence, indispensable to make a player with a solid mental and emotional structure, managing them in the correct way to reach the highest performance in my player during an extended time.

The confidence is the result to be able to manage most of the situations that appears in a match. The confidence comes from work, from the identity of work, the routines between points to be able to relax and continue performing with his/her game style. The result is a consequence of a job well done.

We must comprehend that tennis is a long process, hard and tough but at the same time with full of learnings and excitement. I consider very relevant to do a very solid and consistent base to make the player keep growing personally and professionally in the upcoming years and he/she can maintain in the highest level.

As a coach, I instill the tennis player to manage the calm and the relaxation in stressful game situations to reach high tennis levels in his game style.

The tennis player has to be balanced on the tennis side and on the human side, considering that the welfare is the base of everything. And definitely you have to believe in your player, because is not possible for me to work with someone who you don´t believe and you want the best for him or her.

I really love to work with my player mindset. For that, I always recommend the player reading useful books, and enjoy time together off the court to create an strongest tie between coach and player.


  • Native languagues in Spanish and English


  • Implementation of tennis programs for juniors, seniors and pro players
  • Expert in analysing technical, tactical, physical and mental aspects of tennis game
  • Management of competitions, tennis clinics and promotion of tennis through social tennis
  • Liaison with club/federation members related to memberships, tournaments and client relationships.



  • Developing training manuals for competition players with activities on-off court with specific tournament preparation strategies
  • Ability to choose high performance tennis players based in their hard work, attitude and tennis skills
  • Developing coaching plans for minitennis, beginners, advanced, junior, senior and social players
  • Experience in designing, implementing and running a club7federation coaching program involving tennis coaches, parents. sponsors and club members



  • Skills to lead a team of coaches and encourage them day by day
  • Skills to manage multi-tasks in the business environment
  • Exceptional communication skills in dealing with different people and circumstances



  • Training in fitness for a tennis player by GPTCA
  • Powerexplosive coach
  • Masterclass in fitness for a tennis player by Horacio Anselmi
  • G-SE (Grupo Sobre Entrenamiento) course about fitness and injury prevention in sports



  • 3rd World Tennis Conference by GPTCA SI    March 2023
  • 2ndWorld Tennis Conference by GPTCA/SI   March 2022
  • ITF World Coaches Conference by BNP PARIBAS   November 2021
  • I Simposium Online by Spanish Royal Federation (RFET)     November 2020
  • Conference at ATP Valencia Open500 by Spanish Royal Federation  (RFET)   October 2014 and October 2015



1.  Head Tennis Professional Coach & Strenght and Conditioning Tennis Coach at Probuddy (Singapore)   December 2023- Currently

  • Head tennis coach of Singapore Cricket Club U12, U14,U16 tennis section
  • Coaching and supervision of competition program with all the categories of Singapore Cricket Club tennis section.
  • Private tennis coach and fitness tennis coach of Singaporean tennis players U12/U14/U16/U18 and accompany them to tournaments
  • Development of specific tennis and fitness programs for the same tennis player accordingly to his/her needs


2. High Performance Coach of Tennis National Federation (Doha, Qatar).     January 2020- December 2023

  • High performance coach of Tennis National teams U12, U14, U16 and Davis Cup team (ITF junior players and ATP)
  • Preparation Davis Cup for National team Jordan 2021
  • Individualized program according to the player goals
  • Travelling to European Summer Tour for training and competition
  • Promotion and recruitment of special talented kids from Qatari schools
    for tennis development and preparation for next national team
  • Ball kids member for the ATP and WTA tournament in Doha


3.  Tennis Coach at Shunshine Tennis Club (Shanghai, China)     October 2019-January 2020

  • Coaching individual and group lessons for all the ages and levels (beginners to competition players)
  • Tennis coach for minitennis programs in schools
  • Coaching competition program players U14 and U16
  • Accompany players to regional and national tournaments


4.  Tennis Coach and fitness coach. Independent  (Valencia, Spain)   November 2018- August 2019

  • Develop competition tennis program for national players U12 and U16
  • Establishment of goals based in development and performance
  • Develop exclusive competition fitness program coordinated with the
    tennis program
  • Accompanying the players to regional and national tournaments


5. Tennis Coach at Pancho Alvariño Academy (La Eliana, Valencia, Spain) July-August 2018

  • Tennis coach for U14 Malaysian players
  • Coaching ITF/WTA woman players
  • Travelling and supervision in regional and national tournaments


6.  Head Tennis Coach at Ramapo (New York, USA) June 2016-August 2018

  • Head Tennis Coach in Ramapo Summer Camp
  • Managing tennis group lessons and organising tennis tournaments
  • Supervising and coaching tennis trainings from 8 to 16 years old


7.  Assistant Fitness and Tennis Coach at Tenisval Academy (Silla, Valencia, Spain)  June 2014-June 2016

  • Coach at the academy with daily tasks and program planning
  • Coaching ATP/WTA players as Paula Badosa (27WTA), Carlos Taberner
    (94 ATP), Ricardo Ojeda (170ATP), Ricardo Rodriguez (200ATP)
  • Coach at the summer camps with international players coming around
    the world


8.  Head Professional at Sierramar Tennis Club (Picassent, Valencia, Spain) September 2013- June 2015

  • Coaching advanced tennis players
  • Tennis coach at weekends running beginners and intermediates
    groups tennis lessons
  • Club team coordinator for the tennis club league


9. Strength and Conditioning Head Tennis Coach at Valencian Tennis Federation (Valencia, Spain) June 2013-June 2018

  • Head S&C coach of competition program in Valencian Tennis
    Federation (FTCV)
  • Developed individual fitness training programs
  • Created individualized plans that supported the goals of athletes
  • Elaborated season fitness plan according to the competition and
    school calendar with potential tennis students-athletes to obtain an
    scholarship and play NCAA college tennis


10. Tennis Coach Captain at Valencian Tennis Federation (Valencia, Spain) June 2015-June 2017

  • Supervision of valencian tennis players at Spanish Championships
    Captain tennis coach for Spanish Championships by regions U14 in JC
    Ferrero Equelite Academy winning gold medal with the female team in
    both years: 2015 and 2016
  • Travelling coach with the Valencian team for the winter tennis
    assessment for the best tennis players U12/U14/U16 in high
    performance center (CAR, Barcelona) supervising and making reports
    to be selected for the international tennis competitions with Spain
    national team (Winter and Summer cup, Davis Cup junior)
  • Coach for the province annual assessments in and out the courts for
    the best tennis players U12, U14 and U16 of Valencian region in


11.  Tennis Coach at Valencian Tennis Federation (Valencia, Spain) June 2013-June 2018

  • Tennis coach of competition players U12, U14 and U16
  • Tennis coach of tennis programs for minitennis, beginners and
    advanced groups of all the ages in the tennis local schools by
    Valencian Tennis Federation
  • Supervision in regional and national tournaments with my players
  • Elaborated season tennis plan according to the competition and
    school calendar with potential tennis students-athletes to obtain
    scholarship and play NCAA college tennis


From the first day I met David on court I saw on him something very special I had never seen before in my life: passion for his work. He is an extraordinary coach who cares every detail in his trainings and is always willing to help the tennis player out with an efficient communication: he loves listening the player and how the player feels, and afterwards he always finds the right methodology to support the player and use very effective mental strategies to make the player perform his or her 100% on that day, not only focusing on the score or the result, but focusing on the process, creating the right motivational atmosphere and emphasizing the values that depends on the player as effort, commitment, positive attitude and fighting spirit. I would highly recommend David coaching to anyone!

Predrag Nedeljkovic/ QTF Coach. Ana Ivanovic coach


David is an exceptional and outstanding tennis coach and fitness tennis coach who I have seen growing, progressing and developing himself as a professional and as a person in my academies. I stand out from him, his capacity of learning and his motivation to be better day by day, to be always updated with the last scientific advances related to tennis and his ambition and love for the tennis, using always the best methodologies and tools on and off court to develop their players and make them to reach their maximum potential. From the first week we worked together I saw that he was going to succeed in tennis, considering that his hard work, respect and communication skills were excellent. I really recommend David to future employers,you will never regret to have him on your team

Pancho Alvariño /Director of Tenisval academy and Pancho Alvarño Academy


As a coordinator of Valencian Tennis Federation I have been working with David for five years and he is a fantastic tennis coach who has worked with all kind of levels, from Mini tennis and recreational groups to high performance competition players. He knows perfectly how to work with each profile and level of tennis player and he has a wide knowledge and experience to improve each level technically, tactically, physically and mentally using his own coaching philosophy. He is a demanding coach who always provides creative, innovative, and specific tennis practices with goals in each exercise as well as he is very affectionate, involved and charming with their tennis players. And as a human being, he is exactly same as how he is as a coach, a delightful person willing to improve the life of others.

Francisco Mastelli/ Coordinator Valencian Tennis Federation