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Diego Martins - Tennis Coach

Miami Dade

Diego Martins

I have over a decade of experience in recruiting and training athletes for academies, individual players, and college teams. As the founder of CrazyXTennis High-Performance Tennis Academy in Buenos Aires, I have a proven track record of success.

In 2020, I achieved the top ranking in the Argentina Tennis Association. Although I no longer compete professionally, I continue to travel with groups of players and provide private services for ITF and ATP tournaments worldwide.

  • Physical Preparation for tennis players level 1 and 2 – IAT Instituto Argentino de Tenis August 2015
  • Workshop “The Game of Doubles” – Profesorado Sudamericano de Tenis (June 2017)
  • Biomechanics applied to tennis – ITF Expert Elson Longo. AAT / ITF course (October 2019)
  • PTR Argentina International Symposium – (Professional Tennis Registry) (November 2019)
  • Course: “Strength training to children and adolescents” – NSCA SPAIN (April 2020)
  • English for Tennis Coaches – TEACH GLOBAL (April 2020)
  • Neuroscience applied to tennis – INFLUX TENNIS ACADEMY (May 2020)
  • SafeSport Trained – U.S CENTRER FOR SAFESPORT (February 2021)
  • PTR (Professional Tennis Registry)

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Coaching times & fees
  • Please contact Diego direct via email or WhatsApp.
  • He can be contacted via WhatsApp at +54 1162240722
  • Or you can contact him using email on diegomartins67@hotmail.com


My unwavering passion and boundless energy for training and motivating others are ingrained in every aspect of my work. It’s a driving force that resonates with the individuals I encounter, helping them unlock their full potential. I specialize in developing players’ strengths, honing their technique, nurturing their mental game, and guiding them toward success in tennis or any sport they pursue. Through my guidance, athletes gain confidence, actively participate in tournaments, climb the rankings, and experience personal growth both on and off the court.

Drawing upon my experience as a professional player and my background in sports science, I possess unique qualities that enable me to provide explicit and effective instruction. I am fluent in both Spanish and English, which allows me to connect with athletes from diverse backgrounds. Furthermore, I am studying French and have a solid understanding of Italian and Portuguese, further expanding my ability to communicate with a wider range of players.

By combining my linguistic abilities, extensive knowledge of the game, and unwavering dedication, I am committed to bringing out the best in athletes and guiding them toward their goals.

Feel free to contact me to discuss how I can contribute to your team or organization’s success, or to explore exciting opportunities within the realm of sports coaching and development.


Diego Martins


For over a decade, Diego Martins has been dedicated to the recruitment and training of athletes for academies, individual players, and college teams. His extensive experience includes establishing and managing the highly acclaimed CrazyXTennis High-Performance Tennis Academy in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Diego’s remarkable skills and passion for tennis have led him to achieve the top ranking in the Argentina Tennis Association in 2020 as a player. Although he no longer competes professionally, his love for the sport continues to drive him, and he eagerly participates in tournaments whenever the opportunity arises.

Recognizing his expertise and accomplishments, Diego was appointed as the tennis team manager at FNU (Florida National University) in 2020. His exceptional leadership and coaching abilities have garnered him recognition, receiving the esteemed Coach of the Year award from the university in 2022.

Diego’s extensive network encompasses connections with both tennis facilities and businesses around the globe. He actively mentors players and provides valuable assistance to various tennis enterprises, leveraging his knowledge and experience to contribute to their growth and success.

With his remarkable track record, expertise, and international connections, Diego Martins is a sought-after professional in the tennis industry. He is poised to make a significant impact on the development of athletes and the advancement of tennis businesses worldwide.

For further information or to explore potential collaborations, please do not hesitate to reach out to Diego.


My name is Esteban Palombo, I am the founder and the director of the South American Tennis Faculty and I declare that Mr. Diego Ezequiel Martins, Former student (Graduated with honors) and currently coordinator on leave, of my South American Faculty based in the Club Banco Nación, located at Calle Zufriategui 1231 - Vicente Lopez, Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina. He has carried out tasks with total success, effectiveness and responsibility as a manager and sports director in various areas, all related to sports, administration and training. Diego, he is a good person, he always plays the role of leader and problem solver. In the year 2020 he obtained a full scholarship, awarded by Florida National University. This fact speaks of his qualities and gives prestige to our institution. It is worth noting that in parallel with his academic development, he was appointed by said university as "Team Manager", a designation that forces him to put the best of his knowledge to justify his scholarship. Having concluded this informative note, we are pleased to greet you with all our respect.

Stephen Palombo, Director of the South American Tennis Teachers Faculty


Please be advised that the above mentioned student has been awarded as the "Team Manager of the Year" in 2022 due to his excellent performance within the team. His behavior and work have been a role model for our staff and our students. Mr. Martins has played several tasks in our program; and all of them have achieved successfully. Since he has started at Florida National University, his work has become very important and essential for our institution, helping to improve and grow our athletic and academic program. Please do not hesitate to contact me for any questions or concern that you may have. Sincerely;

Federico Palombo, Head Tennis Coach Florida National University


I am completely aware of what is expected of a modern manager and coach, including the need to safeguard and ensure the wellbeing of those being coached in addition to conveying the right advice and using the coaching ethos. Diego and I shared a seat on the local tennis and racquetball courts' board of directors more recently, and I was really pleased by his professionalism, his kind and personable demeanor, and his capacity to take in information and use it to make fair comments and decisions.

Marcelo Meneo, Head Coach Haedo Sur Tenis Club