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Andrew Reed - Tennis Coach


Drew Reed

I have been a touring coach for over 20+ yrs, I have always enjoyed the 1:1 challenge that tennis brings! I love to get the most out of my athletes mentally and physically. I believe in Hard work, discipline, self driven motivation!! The most important attribute is resilience!! I have spent 26+ weeks each year on the road helping athletes to be the best versions of themselves. This is the part of the sport I enjoy most!

  • Tennis Australia coach qualified
  • GPTCA level B qualified
  • level 3 master trainer Fitnation

Coaching times & fees
  • Please contact Drew directly for more information on his availability and costings
  • He can be contacted directly via email on ptc_services@hotmail.com
  • Or by call or message on WhatsApp +61 404 844 159

I believe trust is something you have to earn and this is something I pride myself on growing a connection with each player to get to understand their needs and mindsets! I want to see growth on and off the court for the long term and towards the goals.

Skills and Competencies:

  • Further study for Advanced Conditioning Scientific Core,
  • shoulder, back and rehabilitation Studies,
  • Advanced lower limb Tendinopathy C.H.E.K. institute, Functional Patterns.
  • Served time in Reserves Army, 1St Commando regiment.
  • Languages: English (Keen to Learn new languages)


Social Skills and Competencies:

  • Biggest asset I enjoy being on the road as much as possible.
  • 18 years working with the players 1:1 Ranked 240-2600ATP on Future/ Challenger/ATP events.
  • 26-32 weeks of the year

Organization Skills:

  • High level of organisational skills
  • Using programs & apps to stay up-to date for Stats analysis, tele-conferencing, match debrief
  • Apps for body management and program design for S&C.
  • Self designed report sheets for the player. I believe in an individual approach to each player. Finding their strengths and weaknesses.

  • DATES:  January 2007 – 2020
  • POSITION: Self employed world wide
  • RESPONSIBILITIES: Touring Coach on road, S&C at base tennis club AUS
  • TYPE OF BUSINESS: Tennis high performance. Primary Role S&C, Touring coach on road. Current player began at age 7; 2 national championships and number 1 ranking in age group multiple age groups. Picked up first ATP points aged 16yrs


  • DATES: January 2002-2006
  • POSITION: Self employed world wide Touring Tennis coach/conditioning
  • RESPONSIBILITIES: Adam Draper, Clinton Thomson, Rubin Statham, Gero Kretschmer, Digby Baer, Riccardo Lemos. ATP tennis players, D1 College players


  • DATES: January 1998-2002
  • POSITION: Head Pro at POW NYC, USA
  • RESPONSIBILITIES: Head of tennis program reporting to Director of Tennis – Help run tennis program – Oversee staff, court maintenance, program schedule


Peter Dellavedova; Former Player, Current employer WhatsApp: +61 413 586 859 Email: blueyrs5@hotmail.com


Gero Kretchmer; Ex tour player WhatsApp: +49 163 333 0364


Bernhard Goerlitz; Talent Operations Manager Tennis Australia Email: BGoerlitz@Tennis.com.au Mob: +61 478 479 447