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Eddy Belhaouane - Tennis Coach


Eddy Belhaouane

Eddy is working as a Performance Tennis Coach. He has been working internationally for the past six years between Germany, Italy, France, China and Brazil on numerous professional missions. He has worked with national Junior players, ITF Juniors and ATP/WTA players. The experiences of working with top, open-minded coaches, physiotherapists and great players has fostered an eagerness in Eddy to learn all aspects of the Game which he brings to his coaching. He models his coaching around the qualities and the personality of the players to best fit their improvement needs. He is available to travel and is also proficient in English, French, Spanish, an advanced Chinese, and an intermediate Portuguese and Italian.

  • DEJEPS (Diplôme d’Etat – 1st degree), Direction Régionale de la Jeunesse, des Sports et de la Cohésion Sociale, DRJSCS, Paris, France.
  • GPTCA Level B, Global Professional Tennis Coach Association, Milan, Italy. Tutor: Alberto Castellani.
  • Respirology Training Program, Association de Promotion de la Respirologie et de l’Education à la Santé, A.P.R.E.S, Paris, France, Tutor: Edouard Stacke.
  • Neuromuscular Adaptations to Strength Training, International Strength and Conditioning Institute, Beijing, China, Tutor: Carlo Buzzichelli.
  • Sport Massage Training Program, MassageSportifs – Tested To Work, Paris, France. Tutor: Marion Vander Sype.

Dual Engineer’s degree:

  • Master of Science in Software Engineering, Beijing Institute of Technology, Beijing, China.
  • Master in Information Systems and Technology, Esme Sudria, Paris, France.
  • Sports-Study Program, Lindenwood University, Saint Charles, Missouri, United States of America. Sport: Tennis – Major: Mathematics

Coaching times & fees
  • Please contact Eddy direct via email or WhatsApp.
  • He can be contacted WhatsApp on +33 650020003
  • Or you can contact him using email on belhaouane.eddy@gmail.com

Further information


  • Distinguished Student Award – Beijing Institute of Technology, Beijing, China.
  • Academic and Athletic Scholarship – Lindenwood University, Saint Charles, United States of America.


  • Additional Certifications:

– Respirology Training Program

– Neuromuscular Adaptations to Strength Training

– Massage Training Program

  • IT Science for Sport
  • Chess (ELO 1400)
  • Entrepreneurship & Value Based Investing


  • French – Mother Tongue
  • English – Fluent (TOEIC C1: 940)
  • Spanish – Fluent (DELE B2: 79)
  • Chinese – Advanced (Level HSK-4: 220)
  • Italian / Portuguese (Brazil) – Limited Working Proficiency


Working Experiences

Performance Tennis Coach @ Alexander Waske Tennis-University from Feb 2022 to Aug 2023

• Stefan POPOVIC (SRB) (2003) – 2022 Performance: NR to ATP#620
• Viktor JOVIC (SRB) (2002) – 2022 Performance: ATP#916 to ATP#777
• Mihai Alexandru COMAN (ROU) (2005) – 2022 Performance: ITFJ#179 to ITFJ#27
• Taym ALAZMEH (GER) (2004) – 2022 Performance: ITFJ#141 and 1st ATP points
• Antonia SCHMIDT (GER) (2001) – 2022 Performance: WTA#1252 to WTA#660
• Emily WELKER (GER) (2000) – 2022 Performance: WTA#970 to WTA#657
• Liisa VARUL (EST) (2004) – 2022 Performance: ITFJ#192 and 1st WTA points

Past Experiences (Private/Team/Academy)

• Wishaya TRONGCHAROENCHAIKUL (THA) (1995) – Best Ranking: ATP#395 – (Nov 2021 – Jan 2022)
• Samuel BROSSET (FRA) (1998) – Best Ranking: ATP#804 – (Nov 2021 – Jan 2022)
• Camila GIORGI (ITA) (1991) – Best Ranking: WTA#26 – (Sept 2021 – Nov 2021)
• Tomislav BRKIC (BIH) (1990) – (Best Ranking: S: ATP#212, D: ATP#48) – (Nov 2017 – Jan 2018)
• Tomislav JOTOVSKI (MKD) (1991) – Best Ranking: ATP#510 – (Nov 2017 – Jan 2018)
• Emma LENE (FRA) (1999) – Best Ranking: WTA#729 – (Sept 2020)
• FangRan TIAN (CHN) (2003) – ITF Junior (Best Ranking: ITFJ#121) – (Jan 2018 – Sept
• Yufei REN (CHN) (2006) – U12 (n1 CHN), U14 (n4 CHN) – (2018)

Highlight of Collaborations

• Singles: 1x M15k Finalist(Sarajevo – 2022)

Viktor Jovic (SRB)
• Doubles: 1x M15k Winner (Novi Sad – 2022)

Mihai Alexandru COMAN (ROU)
• Singles: 1x ITF J1 Finalist (Charleroi – 2022), 2x ITF J2 Finalist (Villach/Bruchkoebel – 2022)
• Doubles: 1x ITF J2 Winner (Piestany – 2022), 1x ITF J2 Finalist (Bruchkoebel – 2022)

• Doubles: 1x ITF J2 Winner (Piestany – 2022), 1x ITF J2 Finalist (Bruchkoebel – 2022)

• Singles: 2x W15k Winner (Cairo/Savitaipale – 2022)
• Doubles: 1x W15k Winner (Cairo – 2022)

• Singles: 2x W15k Finalist (Monastir/Cairo – 2022)
• Doubles: 1x W15k Winner (Cairo – 2022)

• Doubles: 1x W15k Finalist – 2x ITF J2 Finalist (Sharm El Cheik/Florence/Piestany – 2022)

• Singles: SemiFinal Tenerife Ladies Open WTA250 (2021)

Tomislav BRKIC (BIH)
• Singles: 1x M15k Winner (Antalya – 2017)

FangRan TIAN (CHN)
• Singles: 1x ITF J5 Winner (India – 2018)
• Doubles: 2x ITF J4 Winner (China – 2018)

Yufei REN (CHN)
• U12 National Ranking #1 & U14 National Ranking #4 (2018)
• Singles & Doubles: 1 TEJT U12 Winner (BATD La Cure Belgium – 2018)
• Team China: U12 Asian Championship Winner (Player#1) (2018)

Sparring Experiences

• Camila GIORGI (ITA) (1991) – WTA#26
• Victoria MUNTEAN (FRA) (1997) – WTA#435
• Manon LEONARD (FRA) (2001) – WTA#561
• Julie BELGRAVER (FRA) (2002) – WTA#763
• Maxime HAMOU (FRA) (1995) – ATP#211
• Nicolas ANCEDY (GUA) (1995) – ATP#1686
• Evgeniya LEVASHOVA (RUS) (1999) – U14 (n1 TE), U16 (n1 TE), ITF
junior (ITF#12) and WTA#657

Other Sports – Professional Experiences (Ballet – Track and
Field – Soccer)

• Private mental and physical coaching for a soloist ballet dancer of
Paris Opera Ballet – (Since Sept 2020)
• Pacesetter for French national ranked Track and Field athletes – (Until
March 2020)
• Private physical and recovery coaching experience with soccer
players of a China League One team – (2014-2015)


I had the pleasure of getting to know Eddy on a professional as well as a personal level. Professionally, Eddy was not just a good coach but one that was constantly evolving. His desire to learn and add more to his already vast knowledge of tennis was a characteristic that not only made him stand out but also made him a very compatible coach to work along with in a team. In terms of on court personalities, it's hard to find a coach that can bring more positivity and create a habit of practicing with passion for the sport than Eddy. He makes all of his players feel confident and supports them in any way required as an athlete and as a human being as well. Eddy offers the unique skill of developing good tennis players as well as responsible and respectful humans. Eddy would be a great addition to any team or club that's looking to grow and evolve. On a personal level, Eddy is a great friend. He makes everyone that he encounters feel at ease within moments and accepts people for who they are without judgement. Eddy is one of the few people I've met that has the ability to find the positive trait in everyone he meets. He is the kind of guy who goes over and beyond for his friends and family and I feel lucky to have known him in such a capacity.

Mangal Sriram Director of Tennis, RTG, Beijing, China


It is always a pleasure to recommend and talk about someone like Eddy Belhaouane. Eddy assisted me and devoted his time in 2017 during the pre-season with my team composed of ATP players such as Tomislav Brkić (BIH, 212 ATP – Actual Top50 in doubles) or Tomislav Jotovski (MKD, 510 ATP). He is always trying to find a solution on and off court for the benefit of the players. At a professional level speaking, his devotion for Tennis, the athletes, and his eagerness to learn the different aspects of the Game make him an asset for any professional players or teams. His background as an engineer gives him an efficient way of looking for a solution and adaptation. Even if he aspired to the high level, at a lower level, his keenness to share it with others, comes across in every word of his teaching. His empathy makes him understand more the line between coaching and teaching and he gives the best of it. I am glad that Eddy is one of my students and I highly recommend him when the opportunity comes. I remain at your disposal if you wish to contact me and I will be happy to recommend Eddy Belhaouane to you.

Alberto Castellani ATP Coach & Mental Coach GPTCA President & ISMCA Founder Bettona, Italy


I am pleased to be able to recommend the candidacy of Mr. Eddy Belhaouane. He has been a sparring partner of several professional players that I have trained over the past few years such as Evgeniya Levashova (RUS, 12 ITF junior), Manon Leonard (FRA, 561 WTA), Victoria Muntean (FRA, 435 WTA) or Julie Belgraver (FRA, 770 WTA). We also shared some training sessions with one of my players when he was coaching Emma Lene. Eddy is a superb human being, always smiling, positive, rigorous, enthusiastic in everything he is asked to do and everything he undertakes. Moreover, he is very invested in his mission, always the first to arrive and the last to leave, very curious, always looking for information or advice to understand, learn and progress in the field of coaching. The expertise of Mr. Belhaouane will certainly be useful to train and accompany players towards the high level and I am sure that you will find in him a motivated, pleasant and effective person. I remain at your disposal if you wish to contact me and I will be happy to recommend Eddy Belhaouane to you.

Yoann Le Mée Tennis Coach ITF/ WTA/ATP