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El Kaysy Najib - Tennis Coach


Najib El Kaysy

My name is El-Kaysy Najib, I have played tennis since the age of 12, I have been a tennis coach since 2004, over time my experience has grown, I am a head-coach and club-director in a club in the south from Morocco, as well as a federal supervisor for the southern region within the Royal Moroccan Tennis Federation. My passion for tennis and the sense of sharing has always pushed me to seek better horizons, my motivation is big. To work on big club projects and to promote tennis, my experience of all these years allows me to achieve a very good results as much as a coach and as much as a human being.

  • Baes 1 & 2 ( Tennis Instructor Level 1 & 2 / Federation Royale Marocaine De Tennis ) .
  • Cadre Sportif Adeps Initiateur ( Tennis Instructor Level 1 / Belgian Federation – Association Francophone De Tennis )

Coaching times & fees
  • Please contact Najib direct via email or WhatsApp.
  • He can be contacted via WhatsApp on +212687899655
  • Or you can contact him using email on rtcainfo2@gmail.com



  • French: Fluent
  • English: Good
  • Dutch: Basics
  • Arabic: First language

Strong Player’s Coaching orientation | Ability to fulfill time-critical tasks on time |Problem solving competence | Support for young tennis players


2020 – Present: Federal Head-Coach | South Region

  • Organize Tennis Events .
  • Coordinate between the Federation and the Tennis-Clubs
  • Visit and assess the quality of the clubs tennis-Academy

2016 – Present: Tennis Head-Coach | Royal Tennis-Club Agadir , Morocco

  • Coaching Young Beginners (4 to 9y old players)
  • Coaching Junior Competitors ( 10 to 18y old Players)
  • Coaching I.T.F Junior Players ( 14 to 18y old )
  • Coaching Junior Players in international Tournaments ( Tennis-europe / Tenpro / I.T.F J5 J4 J3 )
  • Organization & Supervising Annual Training for Competition-Groups and individuals , Academy-Programs Organization
  • Organization of National Junior & Adult Tournaments ( FRMT ) and International Junior & Adult Tournaments ( I.T.F )

Main achievements: 

  • I developed the tennis school based on my training and the Evolutionary Tennis system
  • I created various teams that compete at the national level after 3 years of work (UNDER 12 – UNDER14- UNDER 16 – UNDER 18 )
  • I increased the number of young tennis fans at the club by 70% in the 1st 2 years then 80% in the 3 years after
  • My players have a Total of 41 Titles in various Categories on the National & international level
  • I Coach a 16-year-old player who has an ITF JUNIOR & ITF WOMEN Ranking
  • I have an UNDER 14-year-old player who is vice-champion of Morocco
  • I organized ITF 15,000, 25,000 DOLLARS and Senior Tournaments at the Club.
  • I organized several trips and Camps in Belgium, France, Spain and Tunisia:

2009 – 2016: Tennis Coach | Primerose Royal Tennis Club Brussels

  • Coaching Young Beginners (4 to 9y old players)
  • Coaching Junior Competitors ( 10 to 18y old Players)
  • Preparation , Organization & Supervision of Annual Training and Competition Groups and individuals Academy-Programs

2004–2006: Tennis Trainer ( Initiator ) | Moundir Tennis Academy Morocco

  • Provide individual coaching and classes
  • Coordination of the group initiations
  • Organisation of tennis groups