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Fernando Segal - Tennis Coach


Fernando Segal

Is a leader well recognized as International expert on Tennis Development. Philosopher, writer, innovator, and creative person in several fields of our sport. Fernando is a Mentor. He has trained more than 3000 coaches and many players.  He has had plenty of experience leading and helping with his concepts to countries such as: Argentina, Mexico, New Zealand, Brazil and Australia, and is currently an official member on the ITF Coaches Commission.

Transform your career to the next successful level. Fernando and his team will help you to close the gap between where you are today and where you can be!!


Fernando has studied many courses including, Organization Process, Marketing, Master PNL, Psycologhy and Coaching and several Tennis Degrees. (Argentina Professional Coach, International Tennis Master Coach, and others)


Further information

He is owner, founder and CEO of International Development Tennis Center (IDTC) which has  interest in several countries such as: Argentina, Mexico, Brasil, USA and Asia.

With Gabe Jaramillo, Fernando  has integrated a Business Partnership to develop GJ&FS Tennis Projects around the world to help tennis coaches, players, tennis organizations and clubs to reach their potential with more of 40 years of successful experience and knowledge.

Fernando has produced several tennis videos with recommendation for coaches in several crucial aspects of the development of the game. Topics like: National Development Program, High Performance, how a coach have to implement his HP program, Tennis Schools recommendations, and many others.


Fernando is one of a few coaches that have worked closely with ITF.  He has produced and directed 5 ITF Regional Workshops (2 in Argentina y 3 in México) and also the 18th ITF Worldwide Coaches Conference on Cancun 2013. This was elected as the best organized in the history of the ITF by Development Director at that moment, Dave Miley.

He has also presented more than 100 tennis courses in many countries speaking about different aspects of tennis on subjects such as developing clubs, organization and the game.

Also, Fernando has project managed several ITF Teams, task-forces and Commissions.



Fernando has had several experiences as National Tennis Director, consultant, coordinator and tennis producer of:

Argentine Tennis Association 1991-1994/1996-2001

Mexican Tennis Federation 2009-2016,

New Zealand Tennis Federation 2004-2005

Brazilian Tennis organizations

Australian organizations and others organization of different countries

He has written 11 books within different areas of tennis (High Performance, School Tennis Programs, Minitenis, Management, Marketing the Game, etc.), some of them focused in the improvement of the Tennis Organization at club level, regional and National level. The ITF took his book: Tennis Concept 6/90, to change and promote new programs in 2001/2.

Also, is Founder of IDTC International.  They are taking a wide approach to develop tennis in different countries doing a network of development of tennis clubs and events.

With Gabe Jaramillo, Fernando  has integrated a Partnership to develop GJ&FS Tennis Projects around the world to help tennis coaches, players, tennis organizations and clubs to reach their potential with more of 40 years of successful experiences and acknowledge.

Fernando is currently a member of the ITF Coaches Commission 2015-2017.

Is a true leader and example for our sport



"Fernando Segal has made a wonderful impact on Argentine Tennis, producing several programs which help to develop a big number of high performance professional tennis players and better organization to develop tennis in our country"-

Ing. Enrique Morea - Former President Argentine Tennis Association 1996-2009 (Official letter) ITF Honorary Lifetime Vicepresident - Head and member of different ITF Committees


"His books and ideas, show an extraordinary capacity to cover all aspects of the development of our game, from the grassroots to the top"

Dr. Eduardo Moline O´Connor - Argentine Tennis Association Vicepresident - Former ITF Vicepresident- Former ITF Head of ITF Development Committee


"We had witnessed his tremendous potential of development as a tennis leader in Mexico, showing his professionalism, commitment, management skills, right behavior, leading a great staff of people improving our tennis in México"

Dr. Gastón Villegas Serralta- Former President Mexican Tennis Federation 2008-2016 (Official letter) - Former Vicepresidente AIT