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Francesco Esposito - Tennis Coach


Francesco Esposito

My name is Francesco, I’m 37 years old and I’m an Italian tennis coach. I started my career when I was 10 years old and I grew up in the tennis Academy that my father founded in the north of Italy. I’m a performance coach with PTR and I’m graduating as a Professional sport coach at the new Research University of Miami. All my training Is structured to help the growth of players who are trying to achieve very important goals, to allow the players to express their full potentiality. I firmly believe that a true professional should be as a person both on and off the tennis court. I would like to make a career in an academy where these principles are recognized and I dream of being able to follow a player to take him to the top of the world rankings.

  • Newport Research University – PROFESSIONAL SPORTS COACHING
  • Global Professional Tennis Coach Association (GPTCA) – Professional ATP Tennis Coach
  • International Sport Mental Coach Association (ISMCA) – Tennis Mental Coach
  • Professional Tennis Registry (PTR) – Performance Tennis Coach/Instructor
  • Italian Tennis Federation (FIT) – Tennis Coach
  • Professional Tennis Registry (PTR) – Tennis 10&Under Tennis Coach

Coaching times & fees
  • Please contact Francesco direct via email or WhatsApp.
  • He can be contacted via WhatsApp on +393428094200
  • Or you can contact him using email on francesco@ilcorpodentro.it



Further information

Park Tennis Villorba

Francesco is a great professional on and off the tennis court. His most important qualities are certainly determination, precision and punctuality towards the commitments and objectives decided. With a person like him, a young talent can certainly reach the maximum potential. Francesco is not interested in working to have a commitment, his interest is to push the person who trains with him to the highest possible level. Francesco is also extremely competent in communication skills. I was a professional player, observing how Francesco works I am sure that his skills can be put at the service to help the growth of players who aspire to important goals in tennis.

– Testimonial from Massimo Valeri, Former ATP Player & Director and Coach for the Italian Tennis Federation


Open Park Tennis – Villorba (Tv) – Italy


  • I have grown up within this sports club since I was little. My father, when I was a child, managed the club by completely renewing it and investing very large sums of money to transform it from a “normal” tennis club into a professional “Academy” of international level. The Tennis Coaches we hosted and who also taught me to play were professionals in ATP tennis up to the world top 20 ATP. The most important was the Italian Renzo Furlan (best ranking ATP singular n ° 19), as well as Massimo Valeri (best ranking 137 singles ATP and 116 doubles) and many others. We have also hosted international ITF and ETA circuit youth tournaments within our Academy.
  • In 2005 I ended my career as a player by achieving excellent results in the youth, I toured all of Italy and all of Europe for tournaments with my team and alone; I was at 16 in Algeria (Africa) for international tournaments, Belgium, Slovenia and many other countries. My best ranking was the B series of the Italian ranking. After my competitive career I earned the title of Tennis Coach in Italy through the Italian Federation and PTR (Professional Tennis Registry).
  • I taught tennis to both adults and children, followed and accompanied players to tournaments and helped a lot of people for focus and mental concentration to achieve their goals both in sports and in life. I have been married since 2008, I have a 14-year-old son named Pietro who from August 2023 will be enrolled in IMG ACADEMY for the career of BASKET which is the sport he loves.


  • Management and organization of human resources, implementation of new activities such as: yoga courses, pilates courses, physiotherapy and massages with highly specialized staff.
  • When my father retired with his main job he asked me to help him also with the management of the Academy. It was a very important training experience as it allowed me to develop an important capacity for responsibility, to manage the people who worked in the sports circle and to optimize economic resources for the optimal functioning of the structure. The Academy has 6 tennis courts, restaurant, gym and swimming pool.



I recommend coach Francesco Esposito as a qualified and professional person. He has a special empathy towards his customers and players.

Gianluca Carbone - Carbone Tennis


Alberto Castellani, ATP coach and Mental Trainer, declares that Francesco Esposito is a very precise and attentive person. He is a GPTCA coach, he is studying to graduate as a PROFESSIONAL SPORT COACH and he also was a good tennis player. It has the right characteristics to coordinate the many needs that a professional tennis player requires. I am, therefore, happy to advise and recommend Francesco: collaborating with him was a pleasure.

Alberto Castellani - ATP Top Players Coach/GPTCA President/ISMCA President


Francesco is a very dear friend. I saw him grow up on the tennis courts. Later we also started an interesting professional collaboration. Francesco is an exceptional person with high human values and professional qualities. Kindness and friendliness at the service of our wonderful Sport. I strongly believe in Francesco's technical and communication skills. International tennis would certainly benefit from its professionalism.

Fabrizio Caldarone - Tennis Consulting Founder/Director of ODEA SPORT