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Geoffroy Dupuis - Travelling Tennis Coach


Head coach specializing in the training and development of top-level tennis players, with follow-up and coaching on Tennis Europe, ITF World Tennis Tour (including Juniors) and WTA tournaments. My name is Geoffroy Dupuis. I am 40 years old. I am based in the south of France. I have over 15 years\’ experience in the tennis industry.



  • 2023
    GPTCA B-Level International Coach
  • 2021
    Biomechanics Certification specific to tennis shots (forehand – backhand – service – smash) and footwork – Cyril Genevois
  • 2015
    French Tennis Coach (DEJEPS Tennis) – French Tennis Federation and Ministry of Sports and Youth
  • Up-to-date professional tennis coach card issued by the French Ministry of Sports


  • 2015
    Graduate of Territorial Consultant of Physical and Sports Activities – Category A – National Center Montpellier (CNFPT)
  • 2009
    Master’s degree in sports training and high-level specialization – Montpellier University
  • 2007
    Bachelor’s degree in sports training with a tennis option (legal equivalence with the tennis trainer’s diploma) – Montpellier University

Mental Coach

  • 2017
    Professional title of Sophrologist practitioner

Coaching times & fees
  • I intervene either as a full-time head coach or as an honorary consultant coach in your journey to the top level.
  • My fees depend on the responsibilities, the stakes, the objectives, my investment and the training solutions implemented.
  • Contact me to discuss it together.

Further information
  • Global Professionnal Tennis Coach Association (GPTCA)
  • WTA Coach Program (Mike Anders, Director wta coach programm and member service)
  • Integrety Tennis Integrety Agency (ITIA) – Tennis Integrity Protection Programme (TIPP) Licence valid until 2026-03-01

I’ve dedicated my life to understanding tennis. I love being on the court with the players. So yes, the road to the top is a long one. Knowing how to surround yourself with the right people at the right time is essential.

That’s what I’ve managed to do as a coach. Several mentors have guided me along the way and helped me succeed. I’m very grateful to them.

Outside tennis, I like to spend time at home with my loved ones whenever I can.

I like to go to the cinema, to a music concert, or have a drink in a good bar with friends.

I’m curious and like to discover and learn new things.

As well as tennis technique, I’m passionate about biomechanics. Understanding how the player moves and balances before, during and after the shot are essential components of the game. Every player is unique, so every coach needs to make an effort to individualize his coaching as much as possible.

Using Kinvent equipment, I have developed an innovative approach to measuring physical performance. I know the players inside out. In addition to my experienced eye, the data enables me to give clear training guidelines.


2022-to-date : Consultant – biomechanical expert tennis Kinvent
1. Injury prevention for U12 and U14 tennis Europe players at the level of : shoulder using fatigability/mobility indicators; wrist using grip strength
2. Analysis of the counter-movement Jump on serve of several WTA players with determination of the optimal knee flexion angle to generate maximum explosiveness as well as the extension speed of the ankle + knee + hip
3. Determination of the strength – speed profiles of the athletes in order to optimize the physical preparation
– Delivery of a complete report within 5 days to the players and/or coaches with advice, areas for improvement and points of vigilance

September 2020-to-date : Head Coach / Coach Consultant, Tennis Europe Junior Tour (U12, U14, U16)
1. Coaching and training of young tennis players on the Tennis Europe U12, U14, U16 tour
2. Travel with the players in France and Europe.

October 2021-June 2022 : Director of the first edition of the national U10 tournament “Les Petits Hérault”
– Management of media and sponsor relations
– 9 qualifying tournaments between October 2021 and May 2022
– 1 final master with the winners of each tournament in June 2022
– 354 games played over the period. 134 players from Lyon, Paris, Nice, Bordeaux and all over France

May 2016-March 2020 : Head Coach / Coach Consultant, ITF Women’s World Tennis Tour (W15 to W100)
– Year-round or one-time coaching according to players’ needs
– Management of end of season preparations
– Experience on many W15 to W100 tournaments in France and abroad

2017-2019 : President of a tennis club with more than 500 players within the Metropole of Montpellier
– Management of the club’s general and sports policy
– Management of relations with the French Tennis Federation and local entities
– Departmental and regional titles in the youth categories in individual and team
– Management of a team of 3 coaches and 2 assistant coaches
– Creation of a staff with a physical and mental trainer and a dietetic follow-up

Tennis Coach in several clubs in the South of France – Assistant Coach at the French University