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George and Leo Sims - Junior Tennis Players

United Kingdom

Leo and George Sims

Leo and George are twins aged 9, with their birthday in January. They have been training seriously for 2 years. They started playing tennis tournaments in May 2021, initially red ball and have progressed to orange and now have started green ball. The boys have made good progress in their tennis and both perform at a good level. They are roughly equal in terms of performance and results although they have different strengths and weaknesses and very different styles.

Education & Rankings

They are currently the number 1 and 2 in Hertfordshire at U9 level. They are top 6 regionally and top 30 in the UK.

Playing experience

Leo has won four grade 3 tournaments and George has won two. They have played in several grade 2 tournaments with mixed results. They have been having two 2 hour squad sessions (at Letchworth in Hertfordshire) and two 1 hour private lessons each week, but I am looking to reduce the squad sessions and increase the private lessons.

About you

Date of birth: 15/01/2013
Hand Used:
Height: 138cm
Racket: Head gravity
Any Sponsors:
Favourite Player: Alcaraz (Leo), and Zyrev (George)
Career Aspirations: Continue winning tournaments
Favourite Tournament:
Best Surface: Clay and Indoor acrylic
Best Win:
Goals for the coming year:
Favourite Quote:

Current and Previous Coach, Club & Academies

Their main coach is Fran Lopez who has coached them from the start. He continues to coach the boys regularly and performs an overseeing role when other coaches are involved. The boys have access to an AstroTurf court at home.