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Giulia Maiorana - Tennis Coach


Hi, I’m Giulia Maiorana, an enthusiast half Italian and half Romanian tennis coach. I have played tennis for 20 years and started coaching 6 years ago. Currently working at Victor Hanescu Tennis Academy in Bucharest, Romania, and looking forward for new international work opportunities where I can show my skills on court.

  1. High School Diploma  – 2009 to 2015 – Liceo Classico “IIS Guglielmotti” Civitavecchia, Italia
  2. “Kinesiology and special motricity” University – 2016 to 2019 – Constantin Brâncuși University, Târgu Jiu, Romania
  3. “Physiotherapy in orthopedic conditions and sports traumatology” Master -2019 to 2021-Constantin Brâncuși University, Târgu Jiu, Romania
  4. Romania National Certificate assistant tennis coach – 2020 to 2022 – CNFPA,Bucharest, Romania
  5. Romania National Certificate tennis coach  – 2023 – CNFPA, Bucharest, Romania
  6. RPT Tennis Coach Certificate, level 1 and 2
  7. Massage Therapist Certificate – 2019
  8. Romania Local Tennis Umpire – 2016

Coaching times & fees

For more informations, feel free to contact me direct via email or WhatsApp:

  • Email – maiorana.giulia@yahoo.com or
  • WhatsApp number: 0040765701741

  1. I started playing tennis at 6 years old. Tennis was and actually is my passion, something I cannot live without. I honed my tennis skills in Romania, where I start my career as a coach. My interests are working collaboratively with team members to achieve goals. Fluent in English, Italian, Romanian and a little Spanish



  • Former  Tennis Player for Italian Tennis Federation (FIT) until 2015
  • Former Tennis Player for Romanian Tennis Federation (FRT) – 2015 to 2018
  • Former ITF Tennis Player until 2017
  • Tennis Coach at “ATC Elite Târgu Jiu” – Romania – 2018 to 2022
  • Tennis Coach at “Romania Pro Tour Tennis Camps- 2019
  • Line Umpire at Romania tournament events:  “WTA Bucharest” July 2018 and  “ATP Challenge Sibiu” September 2018
  • Physiotherapist for ITF juniors Grade 5 – ATC Elite Junior Cup – Târgu Jiu – 15-22 June 2019
  • Physiotherapist for ITF juniors J5 – ATC Elite Trophy – Târgu Jiu – 15-20 June 2021
  • U10 Tennis Coach at “Florin Mergea Tennis Academy” -Târgu Jiu, Romania from 2022 to 2024
  • Tennis Coach at “Victor Hanescu Tennis Academy” -Bucharest, România from 2024


"Giulia has this gift to make you feel safe and comfortable while you are on court. I started appreciating this quality of her since I was a kid, when she helped me to enjoy more playing. She combines very well both discipline and fun, and together with all the knowledge she has in this area, all of these make her a great coach"

Patricia Moldovan/Tennis player


"I know Giulia for 9 months. She's actually my coach. It's the kind of the person who if you're having a bad day she gives you a 10 vibe and mood. I can only say words of praise about her for what she does"

Alexandru Ianc/Tennis player


"I think it's been almost 6 years since I know Giulia. She isn't just my colleague,she is a very good friend. She is gentle, warm, energetic, always with a smile on her face. The practices with her are much more pleasant. The children adore her, from the little 4 years old kids to the grown-ups. They all go with open arms for a hug from her.This is extremely important for keeping children in a tennis club. She wants to evolve, grows professionally joining classes and courses for tennis side and also physical traning side. Also in her experience as a coach, she has in her portfolio the organization of U10 and amateur tennis tournaments,offering her help also in international tournaments, doing a great job and working collaboratively with worldwide tennis players due her pleasure of learning foreign languages. Whatever will be her path, she is a valuable asset to the team and they will be lucky to have her"

Patricia Armegioiu/Tennis coach


“Giulia, Good colleague and friend, I know her for 8 years, since she played in the ITF tournaments at Tg Jiu. She has been my colleague for 6 years, taking care of the children's physical training and their initiation period to tennis 10 classes. A very serious person when it comes to working with children, very empathetic, attentive and sensitive with them, being the most adored in the academy by all the children. For her, this job does not only mean teaching children to play tennis, but also educating, expressing and understanding their emotional feelings for their future in life. I don't think she ever bothered anyone in the club, being highly appreciated by me and the other colleagues. I hope that her new chapter working for another academy will be a step forward in her career and life because she deserves the best for her. With great respect and gratitude”

Romeo Radoi/Tennis coach


“Giuli is my tennis and physical training coach for 7 years. I think she is a wonderful person and as well a wonderful coach. She is understanding, kind and loving... I really enjoyed training with her”

Antonia Seliște/tennis player


“Giulia - the coach who radically changed my life. For a child who is just starting his development process, Giuli is like an angel. Always there to support you, push you from behind, pick you up when you fall. Calm and patient, a warm being that you don't want to stay away, she is the one who, as a child, made me look forward for the next practice”

Cristiana Baloi/former tennis player