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Glenn Oliver - Strength & Conditioning Coach

West Sussex
United Kingdom

Glen Oliver

I’m the co-owner of a small Strength and Conditioning Gym based in Crawley, West Sussex. I started out in the fitness industry within something called CrossFit which combines elements of gymnastics, Olympic weightlifting and other movements combined into short intense workouts. Our gym has been open for nearly 5 years and my passion for all things fitness has grown into becoming a full time strength and conditioning coach.


CrossFit Level 1

CrossFit Level 2

British Weightlifting Level 1

Opex Program Design and Assessment


Coaching times & fees

Please contact me direct for more information on our fees.  You can join various classes within the gym or in fact take one on one coaching from myself or another of our experienced coaches.

Here is Chris Sprague with a testimonial on why he goes to CrossFit classes at Route 1 Fitness.

Here is Glen in his gym with some of his staff and class members.


I coach athletes at all levels within a number of sports  including Tennis, endurance sports, strength biased sports and mixed modal sports such as CrossFit. Within all sports and types of fitness I would say that my main interest is developing balance within the body and getting athletes into a place where they can complete their chosen pursuit to the utmost of their abilities.

I have been a certified CrossFit Coach 5 years

Olympic Weightlifting Coach 4 years

Strength and Conditioning Coach 2 years.

Glen is also in the process of writing a free e-book which will give instruction to tennis coaches about the importance of warming up and cooling down  before a students lesson.  It is still in the creation stages, however please click here link if you would like to be sent your own free copy once completed!