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Hamza Mahdi Junior National Tennis Player

Saudi Arabia

I am 13 year old boy who is competing nationally and international tours. i started playing when I was 7 years old but tool it seriously at 10 years of age. I jouned yearly summer tennis camps to learn more and play more. Recently my patents hired a family Tennis coach to train me and teach me advanced tennis skills. I started competetinn in the ladt 1 and half years livally and nationally.

I recently played in January at the Ten Pro in Dubai and reached the semifinals. I aspire to advance and learn more with a personal coach to build a professional tennis player profile to compete successfully. Unfortunately our personal coach is leaving due to family reasons.i live in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Education & Rankings
  • Education grade 7
  • Ranking nationally 14-16

Playing experience
  • Plays moderately advanced level but needs more experience and skills and tactics

About you
  • To compete nationally and internationally at advanced levels.

  • My name is Hamza
  • Born December 1 , 2010
  • I like  to play Minecraft and Fifa

Current and Previous Coach, Club & Academies
  • I have a Private coach and played in the saudi Tennis federation.