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Chinnapat Opamuratawongse - Junior Tennis Player


I have been playing tennis since 6.5 years, left-hand, born 11 Aug.2006 living in Samutsongkhram province, smallest province in Thailand ,1 -2 hours from Bangkok ,heading Southern part of Thailand.

High school graduation would be March 2025. Current UTR is 6.02.WTN is 23.2. Strength :Strong skills in development and learning Tennis sport. Forehand is my strong /power weapon.

Training with previous WTA#19 and local solid coach in Thailand.See fb:\”James Tennis Samutsonglhram\” for more details in Tournament record.

2 objectives /target before High school graduation :

find best opportunities and look for scholarship in US University 2025.

Education & Rankings
  1. Grade  11 junior high school gpa above 3.6 .
  2. Bronze medal for  Team Tennis in Student/High school National Games Jan. 2024.
  3. National Ranking 85 as Jan. 2024
  4. UTR 6.02 as Jan. 2024
  5. WTN 23.2 as Jan.2024
  6. ITF Junior Ranking  : NR as Jan. 2024
  7. ATP Ranking : NR as Jan. 2024


Playing experience

Won several tournaments as Winner and runner-up for 8 , 10 , 12 years under competition in Thailand .

  1. Last 16 boys in selection of National tennis players under12.
  2. Stop training during  mid13-mid 16 years of age (covid period and health issue and transition period in grade 7-9.)
  3. Come back for retraining in mid 2023 till now 2024 Jan.

About you
  • To pursue for full ride scholarship university in the US as Tennis athelete.

Fitness , pilates .My province is ranked top places to visit for tourists from all over the world such as old traditional train station called “Maeklong railway market or talard romhoob”in Thai language with selling raw material/ fresh food on the railway by using as shelter(big umbrella in and out on and off every time when train comes and goes along the floor of the market/ railway for a few hundred meters. And floating market as well as  temples.


Current and Previous Coach, Club & Academies

Le smash club Thailand since age 7-12 years.(Sat.-Sunday )

Several Local solid coaches. Some courses with Paradorn Atp#9 academy and summer break with Danai academy previous Atp#77.

Sept. 2023 -2024 Current Coach is WTA #19 TTA , Tammy Tammarine academy, Bangkok (Sat.-Sun.)