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James Corden-Lloyd - Tennis Coach, English Teacher and Sports Entrepreneur

United Kingdom

James Corden-Lloyd – Tennis Coach, English Teacher & Sports Entrepreneur
James is a PTR certified Performance Instructor, certified Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL)(TESOL) founder of Corden Tennis Academy and Corden English Academy. James also had the privilege of serving as an assistant trainer for racehorses in two different continents: South Africa and the United Kingdom. Gave me valuable insights into equine and athletic performance while simultaneously honing  my organizational and managerial skills that have been fully utilized within my Tennis Journey.

  • PTR Certified Performance Instructor
  • Cardio Tennis certified Instructor
  • Accredited English Teacher Teaching English as a Foreign Language(TEFL) Teaching English to speakers of other languages(TESOL)

Coaching times & fees
  • Please contact James direct via email or Whatsapp.
  • He can be contacted via Whatsapp/Mobile number +447554948019 or +350 54091068
  • Or you can contact him using email on coachjcl@cordentennisacademy.page

James Corden-Lloyd is an Independent Tennis Coach (ITC) since 2022/2024 he has been the Head Coach & Head of English for Jonathan Markson Tennis for the UK summer seasons.

Jamie Corden-Lloyd is a widely respected figure in the realms of sport and education, and his unique blend of abilities and talents sets him apart from others in his field. An accredited English teacher, professional tennis coach, and sports entrepreneur, Jamie has successfully bridged the gap between academic education and physical training. In the first phase of my career, I had the privilege of serving as an assistant trainer for racehorses in two different continents: South Africa and the United Kingdom. Gave me valuable insights into equine and athletic performance while simultaneously honing  my organizational and managerial skills that have been fully utilized within my Tennis Journey.

Teaching Career

Corden-Lloyd’s journey as an accredited English teacher began after he underwent rigorous training to earn his teaching certification, and since then has devoted himself to inspiring students to appreciate the beauty and intricacy of the English language. He prides himself on his ability to make complex linguistical concepts easy for his students to comprehend, using innovative methods to engage and educate. Especially within his own creation of Tennis Related English, a hallmark of his career.

Jamie successfully cultivates an atmosphere of curiosity and engagement in his classroom and online.  His unique teaching methods have earned him recognition and respect in the field of Tennis language learning with foreign players. His dedication to teaching has not only enabled his students to excel academically & in Tennis but has also fostered a love for learning that permeates beyond the confines of the classroom.

Tennis Coaching

In addition to his academic pursuits, Corden-Lloyd is also a certified PTR professional tennis coach, a role he commits to with equal enthusiasm and diligence. He uses his in-depth understanding of the sport gained over two decades of experience  to being a  mentor & leader for tennis enthusiasts of various skill levels. His leadership at the multiple tennis camps is testimony to this.

His exceptional ability to break down complex techniques into manageable lessons has resulted in his students making steady progress. Beyond technical skills, he emphasizes the importance of discipline, resilience, and strategic thinking – qualities pivotal to the game.

Sports Entrepreneurship

A continuous evolution of passions and talents gifted Jamie’s a new venture Topball CIC.  As a sports entrepreneur, using his educational background and sporting expertise, Corden-Lloyd launched a successful startup that combines Tennis, English language tutoring & Equestrian Sports. His unique business model offers an integrated approach to Tennis, education and performance related products.

Jamie’s venture exemplifies his insight into modern education’s needs, with Tennis Related English at the forefront.  Overall, his entrepreneurial spirit substantiates his vision for a future where learning, tennis and equestrian sports coexist harmoniously, thus nurturing well-rounded individuals.


James Corden-Lloyd stands out as an embodiment of versatility and dedication, effortlessly synthesizing his passion for teaching, coaching, and entrepreneurship. Whether he’s on the tennis courts, with his customers, or in the classroom, he is driven by his goal to inspire, educate, and mentor the future generation. Not only does he make a meaningful impact in each of his areas of expertise, but he also sets an inspiring example of how one can create a unique career path by marrying their passions and skills successfully.

Please take a look at what James has been up to in recent times.

  • Director of English Language Training Jonathan Markson Tennis.( James has developed his own tennis related English language training materials & courseware.)
  • July 2023: Head coach for Jonathan Markson Tennis.
  • 2022 present Agent for Tech Stirrups (Polo Stirrups/Equestrian) in over 12 Countries.
  • 2010 till present Owner and Managing Director Top Ball CIC ( A Community Interest Company)
  • 2022: The Performance Head Coach Jonathan Markson Tennis.
  • Currently Owner / Founder of Corden Tennis Academy:
  • Head Coach/Director of Tennis.
  • Intercontinental Hotel Jakarta.
  • Four Seasons Hotel Jakarta.
  • GM of Admiralty Sports and Business Club.
  • Head Coach Mercantile Athletic Club.
  • Touring Coach Philippine Tennis Academy, Cagayan de Oro, Davao.
  • Touring Coach, Sichuan Province, China
  • Assistant Racehorse Trainer (South Africa & UK)

James is currently owner of Corden Tennis Academy and independent distributor of ASEA  Agent for Polo Stirrups ‘Pisa’ by Tech Stirrups. Please contact him for more information.

Owner of Top Ball

  • Most recent July 2022- present (seasonal) The Performance Coach for Jonathan Markson Tennis
  • Independent Distributor Asea
  • Agent for Polo Stirrups ‘Pisa’ by Tech Stirrups.
  • Managing Director & Owner of Top Ball a Community Interest Company

Check out my full CV by clicking here


James is a detail orientated professional. His advice was fundamentally important to me during my practice. Extremely professional, James gives a lot of confidence which helps to buid trust during our moments together. He is by far the best tennis coach i have ever had. The combination of great technique, patience and charisma makes him an excellent partner.

Charlie Maynard, Co-founder and CEO at Going Merry


I worked with James at the Four Seasons Hotel in Jakarta on several occasions. What sets him apart from other coaches is his holistic approach to teaching which covers everything from technical aspects of the game to fitness and nutrition. By putting this kind of a balanced program into action students of the game are guaranteed to improve.

Jon Wagner


I am sending you this email in regards of goingto the Jonathan Markson Tennis camp in Brighton, and also in terms of the amazing experience I had. First of all, I hope this message finds you well, I just wanted to say that I was in this camp for two weeks and I chose the performance plus program out of the English program, I focused more on developing my tennis skills. I wanted to shout out specially to one of the couches that taught me in the performance program named James, he motivated me a lot and I really liked his engagement and in teaching tennis. Besides that, when we did the video analysis of some of the foundational throws in tennis, James highlighted and explained to me one-by-one the weakness I had and the things I had to work on. Thanks to James car, he kindly took several students to the sports centre in the camp, an amazing coach that was very nice and always glad to help when needed, an adult which I could always rely on during the weeks I was staying. Overall, this camp has been an absolute amazing unforgettable experience in Brighton, thank you to all the staff members who made the experience the best. Being a student who has been in the University of Sussex, two years in a row it's worth to go again.

Sofia Cavada Arce


Gregory Gettinger, Ph.D. profile picture Gregory Gettinger, Ph.D.Gregory Gettinger, Ph.D. · 1stFirst degree connection Impressing to see how James coming from a traditional sport is so open minded and interested into new technology. James shares the passion of sports and fully understands the potential of true eSports. That talks by itself. We appreciate having him in our group of pioneers.

Gregory Gettinger Ph.D Founder & CEO VR Motion Learning