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James Corden - Tennis Coach

United Kingdom

James Corden

James is a PTR certified Performance Instructor, founder of Corden Tennis Academy and Corden Performance Academy.

  • PTR Certified Performance Instructor
  • Cardio Tennis certified Instructor
  • Certified International Federation of Pickleball World Ambassador
  • Accredited English Teacher

Coaching times & fees
  • Please contact James direct via email or Whatsapp.
  • He can be contacted via Whatsapp on +350 54091068
  • Or you can contact him using email on coachjcl@cordentennisacademy.page

James Corden-Lloyd is an Independent Tennis Coach (ITC) since 2022/2023 he has been the Head Coach for Jonathan Markson Tennis for the UK summer season.
James has been coaching throughout Asia for fifteen years and has tremendous experience in the region. He is based in Indonesia but travels on coaching assignments.

‘During an intensive 6 weeks period, James Corden didn’t just help me become a better player, he helped me fall in love with tennis all over again. He helped me realise that I have a talented drop shop that I was not using much and an inconsistent backhand that needed special attention. Over our time together, I felt that my tennis became more effortless and well-rounded through reconnecting to the joy of the game. Although we didn’t spend much time working on specific skills and techniques, my overall game improved considerably and I left the court feeling like a tennis champ almost every time we played. Be warned, you might turn into a tennis addict, like I did!’

Please take a look at what James has been up to in recent times.

  • Director of English Language Training Jonathan Markson Tennis.( James has developed his own tennis related English language training materials & courseware.)
  • July 2023: Head coach for Jonathan Markson Tennis.
  • 2022: The Performance Head Coach Jonathan Markson Tennis.
  • Currently Owner / Founder of Corden Tennis Academy:
  • Head Coach/Director of Tennis.
  • Intercontinental Hotel Jakarta.
  • Four Seasons Hotel Jakarta.
  • GM of Admiralty Sports and Business Club.
  • Head Coach Mercantile Athletic Club.
  • Touring Coach Philippine Tennis Academy, Cagayan de Oro, Davao.
  • Touring Coach, Sichuan Province, China

James is currently owner of Corden Tennis Academy and also works as an affiliate for ASEA.  Please contact him for more information.

Owner of Top Ball

  • Most recent July 2022- present (seasonal) The Performance Coach for Jonathan Markson Tennis
  • Independent Distributor Asea
  • Managing Director & Owner of Top Ball a Community Interest Company

Check out my full CV by clicking here


James is a detail orientated professional. His advice was fundamentally important to me during my practice. Extremely professional, James gives a lot of confidence which helps to buid trust during our moments together. He is by far the best tennis coach i have ever had. The combination of great technique, patience and charisma makes him an excellent partner.

Charlie Maynard, Co-founder and CEO at Going Merry


I worked with James at the Four Seasons Hotel in Jakarta on several occasions. What sets him apart from other coaches is his holistic approach to teaching which covers everything from technical aspects of the game to fitness and nutrition. By putting this kind of a balanced program into action students of the game are guaranteed to improve.

Jon Wagner


I am sending you this email in regards of goingto the Jonathan Markson Tennis camp in Brighton, and also in terms of the amazing experience I had. First of all, I hope this message finds you well, I just wanted to say that I was in this camp for two weeks and I chose the performance plus program out of the English program, I focused more on developing my tennis skills. I wanted to shout out specially to one of the couches that taught me in the performance program named James, he motivated me a lot and I really liked his engagement and in teaching tennis. Besides that, when we did the video analysis of some of the foundational throws in tennis, James highlighted and explained to me one-by-one the weakness I had and the things I had to work on. Thanks to James car, he kindly took several students to the sports centre in the camp, an amazing coach that was very nice and always glad to help when needed, an adult which I could always rely on during the weeks I was staying. Overall, this camp has been an absolute amazing unforgettable experience in Brighton, thank you to all the staff members who made the experience the best. Being a student who has been in the University of Sussex, two years in a row it's worth to go again.

Sofia Cavada Arce