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Joao Felipe De Oliveira Pires

São Paulo

I\’m an agronomic engineer who rediscovered in a new tennis coach career a way to make possible a dream of becoming a professional player.Having a long list of injuries and 2 surgeries, sharing tennis lessons with training for returning playing ITF tournaments after concludig tennis coach course at USPTA – level 2. I have a great commitment to helping people progress with the technical, physical and mental side of tennis, and also Inspiring people to be better version of themselves adding values in society.


USPTA Professional Coach

Barcelona Tennis Academy coaching Course

Agronomic engineering degree – University of São Paulo

Financial Management Masters degree – Insper

As a tennis player I have trained in different academies around the world and I’m glad to share this experience to all clients that I am coaching so they can raise their game faster. As an Christian I am Also willing to help people surround me so we can build a better society.


St Joseph Tennis – Santa Monica – California – Owner – Septmeber/2021 – April/2022

Westside Tennis – Santa Monica –  California – October/2021 – April/2022




“ I have played tennis my entire life. I have been working with Joao for the last 7 months. Since the beginning he brought a fresh perspective to my game, its strengths and weaknesses and how I could best improve. he always try to get the best of me whether through drills to work on specific aspects of my technique or exercises to bring together different ideas that we’ve worked on. His passion for tennis and teaching it’s apparent every week. Joao is one of the best tennis coaches I’ve had since I started playing tennis.”

Mr. Matthew


Joao has been my tennis instructor for several months and it has been an absolute privilege to leam from this professional. In 30 years of playing tennis,I have never found an instructor or coach that teaches with such integrity and passion. Joao's teaching style is indicative of his culture and background. He delivers his craft and has an immediate impact on his students. I'm in a group with four friends that train with him for 90 minutes every week. Joao immediately raised the level of our game in so many ways. His lessons provide a strong balance of physical training, tennis skills and sports psychology which is something we've never had before with our previous tennis instructors. Since I started training with Joao, my skills, playing level and love for tennis have increased tenfold. I genuinely look forward to my lessons with Joao every single week. Joao loves what he's doing. I've seen him teach other students and he It is so apparent he's passionate about each and delivers a personal touch to each student and it's clear that every student's personal growth.

Mr. Robin