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Joao Paulo - Tennis Coach

Brabant Wallon

Joao Paulo

Enthusiastic and motivated instructor, with several years of experience and passion for coaching people from different nationalities across different countries and, watching them climb the ladder of success. Dedicated to helping children and adults of varying abilities to understand and practice primary/professional tennis fundamentals, improve their technique and learn the most up-to-date game strategies.



  • ITF Worldwide Coaches Conference “Certificate of Attendance” (Thailande, Bankon)
  • ITF Play e-stay: Tennis 10s and Tennis Express (Angola-Luanda)


  • ITF play tennis course introduction to tennis 10s
  • ITF play tennis course introduction to the play e stay campaign
  • ITF play tennis course introduction to equipment
  • ITF play tennis-introduction


  • Capacity Building Seminar – Club de tennis de Luanda (Angola –Luanda)


  • Federal Tennis Initiator – Comité d’Isère de Tennis (Grenoble France)

Coaching times & fees
  • Please contact Joao direct via email or WhatsApp.
  • He can be contacted via WhatsApp on +32467680608
  • Or you can contact him using email on pauloluleca@hotmail.fr



Further information

Associated with Waterloo BATD tennis school (Belgium–Waterloo): Follow-up of the BATD Tennis Program (Mini tennis, advanced tennis, competition and hobbies)


  • French: fluent
  • Portuguese: fluent
  • Spanish: upper intermediate
  • English: intermediate


2020-2023: Tennis Club Waterloo, BATD (Belgium–Waterloo)

  • Follow-up of the BATD Tennis Program (Mini tennis, Advanced Tennis, Competition and Leisure)
  • 1- Baby Tennis 2- Mini tennis red ball 3- initiation orange ball 18 metres 4- Green ball 21 meters 5- Tennis adult and teen leisure activities 6- Competitions-Accompanying children between these stages 7- Ladies Leisure Tennis Manager 8- Tennis Ladies Gathering 9- Racket string

2015-2020: French School (Angola – Luanda)

  • Follow-up of the School Tennis Program (Tennis 10s and Tennis Express)
  • 1- Mini tennis 2- Red ball 3- Orange initiation 4. Green balls 5. Leisure tennis for adults and teenagers

Kizomba Condominium Resort ( Angola-Luanda)

1. Mini tennis ball red 12 meters
2. Initiation orange ball 18 meters
3. Green balls 21 meters
4. Leisure for adults and teenagers
5. Tournament organization

Hotel Tropico: Luxury 5 Stars ( Angola-Luanda )

  • 1- Mini tennis 2- initiation 3- adult leisure 4- Organization of the tournaments and gathering tennis leisure all worlds 5- Racket string

Angolan Tennis Federation

  • National Coach for 10 and 12-year-olds; Accompaniment of players in international competitions (African Championships and Circuits).

Club de Tennis De Luanda (Angola -Luanda)

  • Programme Tennis 10s and Tennis Express.
  • 1. Groups and private lessons for young people, teenagers, and adults. 2. Extracurricular activities. 3. Tournament organization 4. Tennis gathering

2010-2014: Caju School (Angola-Luanda)

  • Follow-up of the Tennis School Program and Junior Club
  • 1- Baby tennis 2- Competitive tennis 3- Accompaniment of children between these stages 4- Initiation red ball 12 meters 5- Initiation orange ball 18 meters 6- Improvement green ball 21 meters 7- Leisure tennis

2008-2010: Resort Alfagar Village (Portuguese)

  • 1- Tennis leisure 2-.Tournament organiser 3- Racquet cordage



I started tennis lessons with coach Joao Paulo just over a year ago and I'm delighted with the progress he is making with me. Joao notices every little gesture that needs to be corrected to improve my technique, and he never tires of repeating as long as necessary. He also knows how to use various techniques and explain in several ways until something clicks. He is also a passionate teacher who is proud of his learners’ progress and encouragement with motivation. The coach is very professional and friendly at the same time.

Cathrine Dumascath - Belgium


Joao is a rigorous tennis teacher, invested in his constant concern to help his students’ progress. He is attentive and his comments help us to be more precise in our game. He can be "tough" but always benevolent. I really like having lessons with him.

Caroline Laurent - Belgium


Coach Joao is very dedicated, respectful and passionate about tennis. Since I became his learner, have developed my skills and ability as well as my passion for this sport, because he never gives up on his learners. He is very attentive to little details which makes a good difference in the learning style of each learner regardless of age or gender. I am grateful to him for his hard work and the improvements he has made to me.

Adrien de Surlemont - Belgium