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Jörg Linden - Tennis Coach

Europe, USA

I am Jörg Linden, the founder and director of the Tennis College Fuerteventura and the JL Tennis Academy. I have been working successfully as a tennis player, -coach and- manager for 25 years. I founded the Tennis College Fuerteventura 18 years ago and have managed it with enthusiasm and passion to this day. The difficult circumstances caused by the Covid-19 let me to reorient myself and to find a new challenge.

For my work and success as a coach, I have been officially awarded the title of \\\\\\\”Best Tennis Coach in Germany\\\\\\\” by the German Tennis Federation (DTB) and the German Association of Tennis Coaches (VDT). During my career as a coach I have coached world class players like ATP/ WTA pros and national junior players or e.g. beginners and kids ball school. Also I am working successfully with the federations, young people and clubs.


International coaching licenses & degrees:

  • DTB Coach Germany
  • PTR Professional
  • ÖTLV Coach Austria
  • Partner Coach Tennis Federation BTV & Tennis Association
  • Sport Manger TCF
  • Cardio Professional
  • Sport and Economics studies at the Ruhr University Bochum Germany
  • Mental Coach – Mental Practice
  • Former ranked player DTB and federation
  • Player of the highest German division and 2nd league – high performance tennis player
  • Cooperation with federations, clubs, resorts, professionals
  • Tennis expert for 20 years in Germans biggest tennis portal tennisredaktion.de
  • Languages: English, German, Spanish, Tennis & Fun

Coaching times & fees

I am very open to constructive and good offers to achieve common goals, world wide!

I can be contacted on WhatsApp or by email:

  • WhatsApp:  +491601804340
  • Email:  joerglinden@hotmail.com

Further information

Associations and Memberships:: e.g.

  • PTR,
  • VDT,
  • DTB,
  • BTV,
  • TCF

Something personal besides the tennis job: “In addition to my passion as a tennis coach, I also enjoy playing tennis myself. I play in the top league of my year in Germany. I love to watch and play as a hobby football and I play golf when time permits. I love animals and volunteer to help with animal protection. I have a 20 year old daughter who is studying veterinary medicine. I speak German as my native language, English and Spanish fluently.”

For my work and success as a coach, I have been officially awarded the title of “Best Tennis Coach in Germany” by the German Tennis Federation (DTB) and the German Association of Tennis Coaches (VDT).

Besides coaching, I develop training programs and coordinate the work of the coaches. In addition, I was several times the tournament director of the ranking tournament of the Porsche Center Cup in Ingolstadt.


I work and have worked successfully with ATP/ WTA/ ITF professionals and also with talented juniors as well as ranked and national players! Just a few examples :

Uli P. 33 ATP, Patrick Bauer 48 ATP,  Paul Wallmeier U10 number 1 Spain, Marlene Weingärtner WTA 36, Champions Bowl winner, Patricia G. national player Romania U21, ITF winner, promotion & victories with 7 teams as coach in 2024 to the highest league with youth and adults teams!

A cooperation and collaboration with the former world class player WTA 36 and number 1 from Germany Dr. Marlene Weingärtner.


I have also developed tennis concepts based on scientific methodical, mental and modern training contents. In cooperation with international tennis federations and clubs, which encourage and challenge children, young people, and adults.

With more than 25 years experience as a Tennis Coach & Teacher, I am adept in strategic lesson design, personal nutrition and fitness education, and corrective techniques. Moreover, while my on-the-job experience and time as profesional tennis player has afforded me a well-rounded skill and mind set.


As a high performance tennis coach, I was excited to discover how all my experiences, qualifications and your requirements align with what I offer as a professional coach and teacher. Therefore, I believe that I am not only an ideal applicant for the role but I am also confident that I would become a valuable addition to your team and the whole  organization, e.g. club/ resort/ federation/ players

Additionally, I am experienced in:

  • My areas of responsibility include organizing and coordinating work processes for employees, students and coaches
  • Training and trainee of trainers, students and employees
  • Quality management, leading tennis camps, organization of tennis tournaments,
  • High performance training on and off the court the court with all kinds of players: e.g. WTA and ATP Players, talented Juniors, Champions Bowl Winners, Beginners, Teams, Social Tennis, …
  • Creating lesson schedules, implementing new and more efficient teaching techniques, and maintaining outdoor and indoor courts.
  • Monitoring and supervising clients and their progress and building and maintaining strategic relationships with business partners and vendors.
  • Ensuring all-time great customer satisfaction and executing various administrative duties when required.
  • Talent Acquisitions & Training
  • Program Development & Event Promotions & Budget Management
  • Creating lesson schedules, implementing new and more efficient teaching techniques, and maintaining outdoor and indoor courts.
  • Monitoring and supervising clients and their progress and building and maintaining strategic relationships with business partners and vendors.
  • Ability to use language and examples that children of all levels understand
  • Physical fitness
  • Humor and making lessons fun, challenging, and engaging
  • Observation, evaluation, and delivering feedback constructively
  • Coordinating activities and multi-tasking
  • German, English, Spanish speaking


I am so happy for you that you have finally arrived! I just want to say thank you for the wonderful time with me! Every second was an adventure into tennis happiness! The expertise you bring with you is unique! I can only learn from you, even though I have been a coach for a very long time! During these days you proved how to deal with tennis students, what a pleasure this profession gives you! Empathy and discipline combined with humour is your recipe for success! So I would just like to say to your students: Be very proud of this Trainer jewel! You can only say: With Jörg Linden, you can find something, namely tennis at its best! Have fun playing at the Linden Academy! Jörg Linden, you know that! Stay healthy! I hope to see you again soon! Ciao Guthy and Great Dirk Guth 🎾 Thanks 🙏🏿

PRO & TENNIS father Dirk Guth -Facebook


Thanks to Jörg, we were able to noticeably improve our tennis level day by day! In addition to refining our strokes, we were also able to improve our tactical understanding based on catchy rhythm exercises. Jörg is a very experienced tennis instructor and knows how to respond to each individual, from making rough corrections to changing subtleties. But the fun is not neglected either. We would love to come back! Alain

Alain - Tripadvisor - Instagram


Thanks for a lovely week with Jörg Linden, director and founder of Tennis College Fuerteventura. Very inspirational and instructional tennis coach and great person. He has developed an original and intuitional teaching approach where the rythm, balance and direction of your strokes come naturally, In addition he teaches You to become Your own coach:-) Cheque out his new book coming soon! Great coach! Best wishes Audun

Audun Finnland- Tripadvisor - Homepage


.. if you love tennis you must absolutely join the private tennis lessons with Jörg. He is the owner of the Tennis College Fuerteventura, in early times aswell professional player. You will improve your technical skills in very few time. Jörg has a sharp eye for mistakes and keeps it simple, always with lots of fun. I learned much more than I had anticipated and I really enjoyed the lessons with him a lot! For me the best tennis coach I ever met. Hope to be back for more lessons, a huge thank to Jör

Claudia - Tripadvisor -


I have already visited the Tennis College Fuerteventura several times. Jörg the head coach is an excellent coach. The training is built up individually. Small corrections can massively improve your game. Every year I am thrilled that I have improved again after my vacation. Many thanks to Jörg! See you next year! Best regards Tony

Tony- Tripadvisor - Facebook


Incredible Tennis Teacher Jörg in Fuerteventura and worldwide - I go here just for him and his lessons. I have been already 4 times in Fuerteventura in the last 13 months because of this great teacher I found there. Jörg is a former tennis professional and he is really able to improve your skills already in the first 10 minutes!!! It is really amazing. Usually I ask him and his coaches for at least 2 hours a day for all my holidays. By far the Best Ever Tennis Teachers I had in my life. Likely he lives in Fuerteventura, a nice place to visit! I usually practice in Corralejo but I know he works everywhere.

Andrea Dusi - LinkedIn - Facebook